Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Can We Talk Mavs?

I keep hearing about the possibilities of a Mavs/Lakers trade including crybaby Kobe Bryant. But what would the Mavs have to give up? Possible players include Jason Terry and my favorite Josh Howard, but the Mavs would definitely have to throw in more names to make the Lakers and Jerry Buss happy. The Mavs would definately have to give up Howard, and i don't like losing Terry either. I would miss seeing Terry drain clutch 3-pointers all year.
I don't know if this is a good idea or a bad one. I think the Mavs should be focusing their attention on a more aggressive center instead of freaking Dampier, and Diop is certainly coming along nicely. Another possible stop for Kobe is in Chicago, but I really doubt the Bulls will let go of all their young stars like Ben Gordan and Burnsy's favorite Dang.
Just wanted to see what people thought about the possibility of Kobe and Dirk playing together. Might be a great combo...

GP Rumors

I've read some wild rumors regarding God, er, Gary Patterson today. My favorite would definitely have to be that once Baylor inevitably runs off Guy Morriss, they will likely come calling GPs way. HA! That's a good one. I understand it's the Big 12, but come ON! The FW Bowl is leaps and bounds better than where Baylor would ever end up. I'm not even goign to address this.

I've also seen Patterson might be on the short list once Fran is run out of College Station by those pesky collies. Fortunately for us, I'm not sure that he has the resume that they are looking for and, again, like Baylor, I don't see them competing for the Big 12 south title anytime soon.

The team the scares me the most is probably Arkansas. As they recently found out with their basketball program, the Arkansas name, so prominent in the middle part of last century, just ain't what is used to be. If the school is so far removed from a basketball championship that occured just 13 years ago, then I feel like the "Game of the Century" and the 64 football championship probably don't carry much weight. Not to mention the departure of icon Frank Broyles. Given Arkansas' dismal defensive performances this year and the fact that GP always throws out magnificent run defenses, if not complete defenses, he would fit in well in the hard nosed, run happy SEC. I would hate this as a Frogs fan, but as a back up Arkansas fan, I wouldn't hate as much as if he went to...

Nebraska! Argh, dark horse! I hadn't given them much of a thought, notably because they were supposed to be magnificent this year, but with the firing of their AD, Callahan's departure seems pretty imminent. I will let the S-T article give the details. If only Houston Nutt had taken the Nebraska job a few years ago, Arkansas wouldn't be sinking into even more obscurity, and we wouldn't be worrying about our coach leaving.

I still don't think he leaves, but I hate having to worry about it every single year.

Damn It Feels Good To Be A Gangsta

I know we aren't completely living up to the standards of our diarrhea colored bovine neighbors down I-35, but my goodness. Somewhere, Tony Montana smiles.

He-Man Woman Haters Club

Like Eazy-E before him, Walter Bryant reached back like a pimp and he slapped the ho. The funniest part about this, it mentions that the woman is his wife... yet she doesn't live with him? What an arrangement! GP furthers the South Park community stance that domestic violence is OK, as long as there's no naughty language. Hey, at least he wasn't ripping off youngsters for their Xboxes.

Receiver arrested

Junior wideout Walter Bryant was arrested and charged Wednesday night with assault with bodily injury to a family member after Fort Worth police responded to a domestic disturbance between him and his wife.

The wife, who has a child with Bryant but does not live with him, said she went to visit him at his apartment and became angry when she discovered another woman there. Bryant accompanied his wife to the parking lot, where she said he slapped her in the face, arm and leg.

Bryant, 21, admitted to slapping his wife's leg after she put her hand in his face.

He was released from jail on $2,500 bail and played Saturday at Stanford."I have gathered all the facts, and at this point Walter is eligible to play," Gary Patterson said