Monday, October 15, 2007

On The Mark

Mark Sclabach's weekly ESPN article

On The Mark
Lone Star State quarterbacks. A half-dozen quarterbacks from Texas schools combined to put up unbelievable numbers on Saturday. Texas' Colt McCoy, Texas Tech'sGraham Harrell continues to pile up impressive numbers at Texas Tech.
Lone Star State quarterbacks. A half-dozen quarterbacks from Texas schools combined to put up unbelievable numbers on Saturday. Texas' Colt McCoy, Texas Tech's Graham Harrell, TCU's Andy Dalton and UTEP's Trevor Vittatoe combined to complete 73 percent of their passes for 1,476 yards with 12 touchdowns...Dalton had 344 passing yards and two touchdowns on 23-for-34 passing in a 38-36 win at Stanford.

CBS bowl prediction

Armed Forces Dec. 31 Fort Worth ESPN Miami (Fla.)* vs. Texas Christian

Probably far-fetched, but it would be a fun one to see

Business Time

Well, it would certainly appear that my pregame prediction was incorrect once again, although at least this time it went in our favor. I wanted to doubt the Frogs. Hell, when we were down 31-17 I did doubt the Frogs. I mean, defense? Not so much. I had predicted an offensive struggle, and was obviously proven wrong. However, if it gets us a win, I'm perfectly ok with that. I understand Stanford's new QB isn't half bad, but good lord! We gave up more points in the first half this game than we had all season in first halves. What gives? Maybe we should all doubt our Frogs beforehand so that they come out with that same fire they came out with Saturday. Maybe they've been perusing Spit Blood?

First off I have to ask, where did this offense come from? I mean, we ran up more points on this team than USC, and they were playing at home. I realize that USC is heinously overrated, but, it's still something to think about. We'd take them.

That being said, at the beginning of the fourth, when we were down 31-24, I had no doubt that we were going to win. As well as Dalton, Brown, Turner, even Jimmy Young were doing, I knew there was no way we weren't going to put points on the board and, regardless of how they'd performed all game, there was no way our defense was going to let us go back down once we finally took the lead.

I listened to the game on the radio, while flipping through several other games on TV and texting pro Stephen Hodge/Henson messages with WWHD, so there's no way I can give an accurate wrap up, but I do know this. Joseph Turner. Know him. Fear Him. Talk to him at Snookies. Isn't it amazing what two quality backs will do for the team? Having Joseph Turner back gives us an entirely new dimension because when Brown is on the sidelines, they can't ignore the run game. Our seemingly anemic passing game, non-existent most of the season, absolutely ignited. Dalton threw for 340 and two TDs! Yikes! I knew he had it in him! After seeing what he did at the end of the Wyoming game, even in the loss, you could tell he's just starting to feel comfortable. Getting our backs involved in the pass game seemed to do us very well, and, although Jimmy Young's long reception could be due to blown coverage (like I said, I only heard it), it was the most exciting pass play we've had the entire season. Having our offense know what they're capable of is going to be an enormous boost the rest of the season. Yes, I was pessimistic last week, but I can realistically see us finishing 8-4 if we perform offensively at the level we did Saturday, and our defense decides to show up before the last drive. That will be more than positive considering where our season was a week ago.

Aww Yeah. That's right Horned Frogs. The game this week is Thursday night. And Thursday night is the night that we typically beat Utah. Saturday afternoon on the road is when we lose, but Thursday night is the night that we fight back into conference contention.

It's Busi-ness. It's business time! Ooooh beatin' Utah. Beatin' Utah for 60 minutes!


Unfortunately Thursday is the night that we typically lose conference games, but it didnt' work with the song.

That's all I got. Go Frogs.

Monday Night Pick

*** New York -4 vs Atlanta

Prediction: 24-13 Giants