Sunday, October 14, 2007

Let's Try the NFL

After a 2-4 day yesterday it's desperation Sunday where it's the only chance to win money until the middle of this week, unless you truly are a degenerate and bet on baseball. (guilty)

**** Philadelphia -4 @ New York Jets
*** Oakland/Denver und 44
** Cleveland -4 vs Miami

Luckily I was drunk enough last night to bet on K State -5.5, K State -3 1st Half Line and K State -1.5 2nd Half Line. I made 20 bets yesterday and when all was said and done I netted $13, what a great day.

You think I have a problem? My friend was down 400 to some bookie he's never spoken to, but I'm pretty sure has the capability of breaking knee caps. So he puts $200 on K State 1st half line, hits, and lets it ride on the second half line, hits, and now is in the black. Let's just say the K State game was intense.