Friday, October 12, 2007

Two Game Notes from S-T

#1 Senior kicker Chris Manfredini is a semifinalist for the Draddy Trophy, awarded to a player who combines success in the classroom, on the field and in the community.

--wait, wait, doesn't it say ON the field? So, missing two game winning field goals off the upright counts as on the field performance? Must be a week year for candidates for the Draddy Trophy. Who's your Draddy? Hopefully not ManFred.

#2 Sophomore tailback Joseph Turner continues to practice after missing the past four games with a foot injury. Gary Patterson is hopeful Turner will be able to play at Stanford.

--Keep hearing big things about this kid, now we might finally get to see him play. This is good because when Brown is having a poor game (such as against Wyoming, although they were very good defensively) we can't expect Christian and Watts to carry the load. Hopefully this will give us a backup threat when Brown is out of the game.

I think it's funny that I refer to Turner as "this kid" even though I'm probably no more than 4 years older than he is. Maybe I really am turning into a cliche.

Here's to the TCU defense keeping the Stanford side of the scoreboard marked 0.

Win or Lose, Stanford's Mascot is still a Tree

Albeit a tree that doesn't fuck around. Is Superfrog making the trip? If so, go for the legs! Show that scrub shrub not to mess with a teenage mutant ninja Horned Frog with back tits!

Carville on the BCS

He may be a democrat, but he sure has a way with words.

"The BCS is like the electoral college--a convoluted way to pick a winner. The electoral college was a bad idea thought up by great men trying to do a noble thing. The BCS is a stupid idea thought up by intellectual midgets trying to protect greedy college presidents."
- James Carville