Wednesday, October 10, 2007

FWST Mid-Season Report

Looks bleak. Best case scenario is Poinsettia Bowl, which at this point would be against Navy. I still say FW vs. a last place Pac-10 team is better.

Wyoming Game Story

This was posted on Killer Frogs. It shows part of the greatness of our program. We are in the midst of a shitty season, as seems to be our 3 year trend, but I will always be proud to be a frog.

My birthday was October 6. My son, who lives in Denver, found great airline rates From DFW to Denver and asked me to come up and we would drive to Laramie and watch my favorite team on my birthday. Sounded too good so I took him up on it. Most spontaneous thing I've ever done.
We drove with a few other Denver frogs to Laramie Saturday AM. We tailgated for a while and then made the trek to the stadium.
Tucked in the southwest corner of the stadium were about 200 loyalists dressed in purple.
We sat through 3 1/2 quarters of unbelievable horror. About midway through the 4th quarter, the wind shifted and a sudden chill filled the air. Wyoming scored on a pass play to a wide open receiver in the southeast end zone. I looked for some reason at the TCU bench and saw CGP bent over, hands on knees with his head down staring into the barren earth. I felt the same way as did, I'm sure, the other 199 or so TCU fans. I watched the extra point sail through the uprights that would soon grow so narrow.
I looked back at the bench and saw CGP seemingly calm talking to his defensive backs.
The next six minutes of game time showed me what a team we have. Instead of tucking tail and deciding that all was lost, our offense came alive and scored on a methodical drive. An incredibly clever 2 point conversion play was successful. The defense held and the Wyoming punter froze as if the cold air was meant specifically for him. We sack him and get the ball inside the 20! Instead of turning it over or sputtering to a halt or getting flagged for motion infractions, we took the ball and scored. We hold again and get the ball back with 56 seconds and two timeouts. We drive to down to questionable field goal range with 10 seconds to go. A time out is called and we decide to attempt one more play. A tremendous timing route succesfully resulted in a 10 yard gain. The 47-48yard filed goal attempt hits the right upright and the game is lost. Right??---------Wrong.
The 200 loyalists stayed for 60 minutes. But CGP and the team don't go to the locker room. Instead CGP brings the team over to our little group as a spontaneous cheer of T_C_U, T_C_U, T_C_U goes up. The team without band begins singing the TCU alma mater and the TCU contingent chimes in. The final stanza of T_C_U made my hair stand on end.
We didn't score the most points Saturday but we had the most guts, class, spirit and pride. CGP is at the top and gets the blame for the losses and a lot of credit for the success on the point system. But what he showed me at the end of that game Saturday meant the most to me. I was reminded of a similar show of class after the crushing defeat at Air Force when before allowing the team to retire to the locker room, we stood at attention to hear the Air Force alma mater.
Would I ever love to be 4-2 but, honestly, if I had to trade that loss for a loss of integrity at the top, I'd hit that upright every time. We know he has the ability to coach, recruit, yell, scream, sing and play guitar and now I know what kind of winner we have. I am not good at predicitions but that upright may be the turning point in our season.
I had a very happy birthday.

Game... Whatever: Stanford

History: Stanford just beat USC, the then #1 team in the country, in the Coliseum, in front of, like, eleventy billion fans. Did I mention they did this with a backup QB whose name I'm pretty sure I can't spell or pronounce?

TCU just lost to Wyoming. Our conference hopes are completely destroyed and we will probably lose 2/4 between UNM, UNLV, Utah and BYU. God Bless You, SDSU.

We can't win on the road. Our kicker has balls the size of that kid from Simon Birch. Our offensive line is uninspiring at best. We can't figure out which QB to use in what situation until it's too late (and that's just me accepting the fact that we're going to use the dreaded two-headed QB, so I won't even go into my thoughts on that.) Our defense couldn't stop the run if the other team lined up that guy from Road Trip that boinked the fat girl, although I'll attribute this to being tired because our offense refuses to stay on the field.

So, that spat of optimism leads me to assume the final score will be somewhere in the vicinity of 21-4. Our two points will be the result of botched punt snaps.

Logically? Vegas is giving Stanford 5.5 last I heard. Aside from Stanford's 37th ranking in passing yards, neither team ranks above 74th in ANY offensive category. TCUs rankings in Total Yards/Rushing Yards/Passing Yard/Points Scored looks like this: 92/75/97/99. See for yourself:

TCU, already the most boring offensive team in the game, meets a pretty good runner up in this category. Get ready for some action packed Horned Frogs Football!!!!

I'm taking the Cardinal.


Good news/Bad news

At 3-3 with an upcoming road trip to play a team that just upset the reigning super-power of college football, now would probably be a good time for me to get up on a soapbox to talk about being a real fan and lambaste those that are fleeing the bandwagon. Even though my loyalty and passion for the Frogs will never waver, my confidence in them unfortunately has diminished. So, I am putting that soapbox speech on the shelf, knowing that it may be more needed at a later date.

Right now, though, I've got some good news for you and some bad news. I'll start with the bad.

-Shae Reagan apparently broke his leg against Wyoming. Aaaaaah! Can this kid please stay healthy? If he did, he most certainly would have a future playing on Sundays. As it is, I'm afraid he's going to become another Robert Merrill.

Now, for those of you that follow Frog baseball, the good:

-Walter Kelly, a left-handed pitcher for Arlington Heights, has committed to play for TCU. Kelly was the star player on the Fort Worth team that made it all the way to the Little League World Series in 2002, and is one of the best prospects in the Metroplex as well as the State. For his career at AHHS, he is 27-0 and has been named All-State twice already. The two teams he picked TCU over? Texas and Arizona State. Now we've just got to hope he doesn't get too enticed by the money when he is inevitably drafted this coming June...

Vick 'Em Tech

Texas Tech fans have done it again. A member of a fraternity made these t-shirts for their upcoming game against A&M. The hanging dog of course is the Aggies beloved border collie (one tough mascot). The University banned the selling of the t-shirt, but I wonder what they will say to the 100 or so wearing them at the game. If the t-shirts are the worst thing that happen at that game, I'll be shocked. University officials should have said you can sell and wear the shirts, just don't throw batteries at the Aggies like you did in '99.

How many more days can the Aggies survive at the top of the Big 12 South? I see Tech winning this game, maybe not easily, but they will get the W and bring the delusional Aggie fans back down to earth...maybe.

I had the joy of watching last weeks game against Ok State at a sports bar in Dallas after the Horns game. Of course there was a table full of Aggies whoopin and hollerin for their shitty excuse for a football team. The game ended of course on a pathetic roughing the kicker call that bailed the Aggies out, and the fans erupted as if they scored a game winning touchdown, and then proceeded to high five and cheer as if their team had a snowballs chance in hell of winning the Big 12.

Comparing the Aggies talent level to that of a real Division 1 football team is like comparing Stephen Hawking to that chicken who plays tic tac toe at the state fair.

Even if they get blown out on Saturday the fans will still be so caught up in their oblivious delusion to say,"We're tied for first in the Big 12 South!" Fucking idiots those Aggies. Griffin, I hope you read this.