Thursday, October 4, 2007

Match de Seis: Wyoming

Laramie, Wyoming. Land of the Free. Home of the Brave. Meh. I really don't know much about this football team except that A) they're pretty decent and B) WORST. UNIFORMS. EVER! It seems like a few years back the Frogs were voted as having the worst uniforms in college football. This is blasphemy because A) it's the Frogs, 3) I think we have pretty cool unis to be quite honest, and D) Have you SEEN Wyoming's!?!?!? Not only are they turd brown, they're sponsored by New Balance! New Balance. Frat if it's shoes. Shockingly un frat if it's sponsoring your football team.

Correction. These are the worst unis ever, but Wyoming is a close second.

Anyway, as far as the football game goes, I probably know about as much as anyone else about the Pokes. We lead the all-time series 2-1, including both times we've matched up in MWC play. So far this year, they've smoked a very underrated Virginia team, beat Utah State by 2 TDs, lost to Boise (read: lame) State and squeaked by Ohio, who may or may not be a terrible team. So, this really tells me nothing. The last time we played them in Wyoming, we forced seven turnovers, including the Ortiz forced fumble, picked up and run in for a score by my man, and yours, Robert Henson, the first of his career. To be honest, this sort of situation looks to be in our favor again this year with their QB thusfar completing 64% of his passes, yet already having tossed 8 picks to 5 TDs. If you're playing averages, that's mediocrity personified. Judging by the way our secondary has just been absolutely sniping passes off (11 ,good for second in the country) we shouldn't ever be too threatened through the air. Where we have to be worried is that this team has a great rushing attack, moving the ball for almost 175 yards per game. However, as mentioned, we have been blessed with a phenomenal defense and, even though there have been some blunders against the run, I look for Bumpas to have the squad fully prepared for this. Look for another big day from our defense.

On offense, it appears that we will be starting Marcus Jackson as Dalton is still listed as questionable with that thigh injury. Wyoming is one of the better teams in the conference against the run (72.0 yd/g) and hasn't given up 100 yards to an individual in 11 straight games (sound familiar?) However, with the two pronged attack of Jackson/Brown, with a twist of Christian and a splash of Watts, I feel confident that we can move the ball on this team, assuming our O-line performs at the level they did last week. The Wyoming defense is giving up close to 200 yards per game through the air but have only picked off 4 passes, so, even with Jackson's accuracy issues, this should be the week he gets it together.

Overall, Wyoming has the best defense in the conference and fourth best nationally, but, most of this is attributed to the stellar run defense. Judging by our first half hammering of teams, we will hopefully continue this trend if we can get the pass game going, because we know that, with Brown back, our run game will perform.

Since the Cowboys are going to be one of the stronger offensive threats we have faced this year, we will once again need to look to our defense to help out the offense. We can score points, but, as demonstrated, not in bunches. Look for this to be the hardest fought game we've played in all year, with our defense being the key difference between us and them. I look for Roach, Sanders, Stewart and Coleman to pull in several INTs between them and Aaron Brown to have a fair day rushing, seeing as how any defense playing us should stack the run and allow the pass. Jackson will have to be able to move the ball around through the air in order to open up the run game. Dickerson has been the stud, Schultz is finally utilizing Raegan more and more. Where has Massey been? Get this guy the ball! Bottom line: Marcus Jackson is going to make or break us on offense, and if he can pull off several drives that are anywhere close to how he performed on the 90 yd one against CSU, we'll be one more step closer to Vegas.

Prediction: TCU - 17, Wyoming - 14. (changed initial prediction upon reading up more about this defense)

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