Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Bevo = Cash Cow

A lengthy read (Dear Anonymous: It's longer than your 200 word limit, so ignore this message) but interesting. Breakdown of the UT athletic program finances. A whole lot of money to pay for a perennial loser.

Lame Joke of the Day

It's funny, because it's true. Edited for Frog shout out:

Three football fans were on their way to a game when one noticed
a foot sticking out of some bushes along the side of the road.

They stopped and discovered a nude female, drunk and passed out.

Out of respect and propriety, the Texas A&M fan took off his cap and
placed it over her right breast.

The TCU fan took off his cap and placed it over her left breast.

Following their lead, the Texas fan took off his cap and placed it over
her crotch.

The police were called and when the officer arrived, he conducted his

First, he lifted the A&M cap, replaced it and made some notes.

Next, he lifted the TCU cap, replaced it and made some notes.

The officer then lifted the Texas cap, replaced it, then lifted it
again, replaced it, lifted it a third time and replaced it one last time!

The Texas fan was getting upset and finally asked the officer "What are
you a pervert or something? Why do you keep lifting and looking at her
crotch, lifting and looking, lifting and looking?

Well", said the officer "I am simply surprised. Normally when I look
under a Texas cap, I find an asshole.

Pass Me Tha Green...

Just when you thought Rocky Mountain High couldn't get any higher. Or stereotypical. Another one of Texas' Finest.

Hump Day Post

If only I had pledges, I'd make every one memorize this quote:

Dressed Up Dog of the Day

Princess Leia

Must See TV

Don't forget, Season 11 of South Park kicks off tonight at 9pm.

Le Petit Tourette

Cartman discovers the joys of having Tourette's syndrome. Drunk with the power of saying whatever he wants without getting in trouble for it, he lines up National TV Coverage to take advantage of his new life with no filters.

Any episode centered around Cartman always seems to turn out well.