Monday, October 1, 2007

I'm Looking for Ray Finkle... and a Clean Pair of Shorts

Somebody got died! Wouldn't let me embed.

Speaking of Going Bowling

Check out that boy Henson. If you have a Facebook account I insist you befriend our beloved Henson, it is the funniest thing I have ever seen. His caption for this picture,"Thats dance let yall know i got that strike game goin".

Looking ahead to bowl season

So where do the so-called experts forsee the Frogs going bowling? Well, they have some differing opinions: has the Frogs in the Armed Forces Bowl, in the friendly confines of Amon G. Carter. That isn't really a big surprise, but the projected opponent is: Texas Tech. Oh, oh goodness...TCU Game Day + Raider Rash + New Year's Eve = Get yourself on the liver transplant list ASAP. Between Michael Crabtree, the expected spike in chlamydia cases brought in from our guests to the west and the allure of going out that night in nothing but a diaper and a "2008" sash, this thing's got trouble written all over it.

When the oracle over at CBS Sportsline spread out the entrails of this past weekend's Top 10 massacre, they saw things panning out a little differently. They've got the Frogs playing in the New Mexico Bowl on December 22. That itself raises the obvious question: There's a New Mexico??? Even more tasty than all the black beans and green salsa you can eat is the opponent: Nevada. Well, hmmm... isn't "Two and a Half Men" on that night?

CSU Got Died.

This game will be controversial in the minds of fans due to the way the two halves were played. Some of you will continue to blame Schultz, others will blame the H ref. I know our very own lt4heisman will continue to blame Manfred. Regardless, a win is a win and I will take it. As best as I can, I will deliver my run down (which will rely heavily on the stats because I only recall about 35% of the game).

The first half was magnificent. Our opening drive was arguably the best of the season, with Dalton absolutely picking apart the CSU secondary for 60 yards on 5 of 6 passing. Unfortunately, Dalton went down with a thigh bruise at the CSU 4, which paved the way for Marcus Jackson's first of two rushing TDs. Dalton would not return until the second half in street clothes and on crutches and his status vs. Wyoming is still uncertain.

I predicted before the game that Marcus Jackson would be the better answer at QB given CSU's track record this season, and it looks like I was correct by default. This guy seems to thrive on the savior off of the bench mentality he discovered last season against Baylor. He would finish the game with 137 yards passing with one touchdown, no interceptions and 58 yards rushing on 17 attempts for 2 touchdowns. Our offensive line looked the best they have all season and gave him room to work with. Jackson's highlight came before halftime when he put together a season high 90 yard drive, in which he threw for 73 yards, including a 4-yd TD pass to Shae Reagan, which put us up 14-3, clinching the eventual victory. Note to Schultz: Every single pass Reagan has caught has been for a touchdown or a first down (I think this record still stands). Just a suggestion. A huge assist on offense goes to TB Aaron Brown, who in his second week back from injury, rushed for 124 yards on 22 carries; an average of 5.6. It seems like lately we've been cursed with the outstanding freshman running back who sustains a career threatening injury and never comes back the same (Merrill, Lonta). Aaron Brown looks like he could be ending this trend as this is his fourth career 100 yard rush game (should be fifth, 93 vs. SMU) and he is running better than ever. If our O-line can blow open a few more holes and allow him to get into the open field, I dare you to find a defender who can catch him. Oh yeah, Brown is the MWC offensive player of the week.

Defensively, another extremely solid game. Matt Panfil stepped in nicely for Tommy Blake, recording 5 tackles, including 1.5 sacks. Chase Ortiz, despite being double teamed most of the evening had a strong backfield presence and, despite only recording 4 tackles, seemed to be aggresively disrupting CSU QB Hanie's rhythm frequently. The front seven held a rushing attack that was averaging over 150 yards per game, to 55 yards on 28 carries for a solid average of 2 yards per carry.

And I haven't even mentioned the secondary yet. Teenage Mutant Ninja Cornerback Rafael Priest picked a great time to record his first two career interceptions. Drew Coleman also had a pick and has looked outstanding all season. Overall, they held a decent passing attack to 216 yards on 21 of 39 passing, with most of which coming on their lone touchdown, a 54 yard pass from Cheech to Chong. This was a complete fluke as it was given up by a freshman DB. Patterson later apologized for this, realizing that it was a mistake to put such an inexperienced player in that situation. Overall, this only cost us some clout in the stats column and did not effect the outcome of the game. So Tejay Johnson, no harm no foul and you'll get 'em next time. That is, as soon as Patterson let's you out of the solitary confinement, chain whippin' cell.

The biggest thing about this game is going to be how people look at the Andy Dalton/Marcus Jackson situation from here on out. I personally still feel that Dalton is the man. He looked phenomenal on that opening drive and was playing with the most confidence I've seen since opening week, and against a better defense. It's too bad he went down like he did because he may have had a career defining day. This is not meant to detract from Jackson, who played a great game. He carried the team when they needed him and we would not have won had he not been there. Unfortunately, there are still some flaws to his game. First: accuracy. Despite the 90 yard drive, he was still 11 for 26 passing. That HAS to get better if you want play DIVISION ONE FOOTBALL!!!!! (If you haven't seen the Mike Hawkins "THIS IS DIVISION ONE FOOTBALL!!!!! rant, youtube NOW). It also concerns me that his first instinct is clearly to scramble. I understand he's not a pocket passer and never will be, but there's a difference between being a roll out QB and one that starts juking out defenders before the ball is even snapped. It worked this week, but against Wyoming, I'm not so sure. Seeing as how Jackson will probably get the nod in Laramie, I hope that the coaching staff really tries to get him to calm down in the pocket.

Overall, I'd say we get a B. This is derived from a solid A in the first half and B- in the second. Cumulatively, we have outscored opponents 72-13 in first halfs and been outscored 57-30 in the second. This has GOT to change. Fortunately, our defense is superb and is able to keep us ahead in games that we cannot win offensively. Whether this is Schultz' becoming a conservative play caller with a lead, I'm not sure, but regardless our offense has to come out fired up in the second half because if we can't keep our defense off the field, they are going to tire out and surrender points. If we can make this happen, we will win the MWC.

Game Balls:

  • Aaron Brown. Gave our offense much needed first downs when we needed them. Is looking better and better every week. Apparently playing at 90-95% potential. Watch out, Wyoming

  • Marcus Jackson. Despite his lackluster numbers, he rallied the team when Dalton went down and won the game for us offensively

  • Defense/Matt Panfil. The defense played soooo good and really should receive all of the credit. They held the Rams to under 300 yards offensively and had 3 picks and 4 sacks. Panfil receives special recognition because of the way he stepped in for Blake and played better than we could've expected.

  • Student Section: Chants were magnificent. My personal favorite was "Fris-Bee Gooolf" because of how perfect it was for CSU and the uncomfortable looks for our own resident stoners. "Rob-ert Hen-son" was a personal highlight seeing as how we're best friends from high school. "Hack-Y Sack" was also worthwhile.

Feces Sandwich.

  • CSU. Are these guys really on a ten game skid? Man. They're better than that. This team better get with the program. Guess that Rocky Mountain High finally caught up to them.

Bring on the other Cowboys.

Weekend Recap

Our top story: Romo > Dirk. Also, Romo's poon quality > Dirk's poon quality.

Seeing as how this is a TCU/anti-Texas/college sports blog, that's all I'll say about the 'Boys yesterday, but, WHOA!! If you aren't on the bandwagon, you better get on before it gets full.

Anyway, what a F'ing Saturday for college football! Something like 9 top 25, including 7 of the top 13 lost!??! Has this ever happened? Some of us were talking about how there's always that one Saturday where everything just gets flipped around, and this was definitely it. Had we not lost to Nair Force, imagine where we'd be. Admittedly, probably not top 25, but at least top 30. We have to fight back. We have a chance again.

Let's take a look at some of the upsets.

#1 USC 27, Washington 24. I know this wasn't an upset, but I list this because A) chances are we could play Wash in the FW Bowl and B) because USC should have gotten beat! I just want to be the first, second, or last to tell you that USC ISN'T A #1 TEAM! (and isn't anymore as LSU jumped them in the rankings this week). The obvious loss will be to Cal, but that's too easy as USC wins the big games and blows the ones they should win. Regardless, they play at Arizona State, who is a SOLID team. Mark it on your calendars.

#3 OU 24, Colorado 27. Hahaha. You got beat by the coaches son. THIS IS DIVISION ONE FOOTBALL OKLAHOMA!!!!! This was the day's real shocker... that's about all I have to say about that. The hacky sacks and bongs runneth over in Boulder. Side note: your #1 team in the Big 12 south? You guessed it, A&M. This HAS to cease immediately.

#4 Florida 17, Auburn 20. IN GAINESVILLE! What is it about Auburn and Florida? Florida just cannot beat them regardless of rankings. Given I care little about either program, and am tired of hearing about Tebow, I'll take it. I mean, come on, Auburn lost to MISSISSIPPI STATE! The South Florida loss isn't looking too rough right now, but still, MISSISSIPPI STATE! M I double S I double S I doubel P I. State. Unfortunately, Auburn was one of the team's I hoped Arkansas could actually beat, so now the post season is looking controversial.

#5 WVU 13, #18 South Florida 21. I hate to toot my own horn, but CALLED IT. WVU is such an exciting team to watch... but not a national title contender. Ladies and gentlemen, your #6 team int he country, the South Florida Bulls!!! Remember when we played them a few years back... and no one had heard of the school? Eat it, Miami and and FSU.

#7 Texas 21, Kansas State 41. Wait for it.... YYYYYYEEEEEEESSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OH MY GOD THIS MAKES ME HAPPIER THAN I'VE BEEN IN A REALLY LONG TIME. HOW COULD THEY NOT HAVE LOST BEFORE NOW?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?! TEXAS IS SO OVERRATED!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, sorry, that just reeeally gets me going. I've been trying to tell people that Colt McCoy is not that magnificent, he's just the beneficiary of a weak conference, and now it's all coming out. Although, for the record, I think every Texas player is overrated as a matter of principle/hate, but I truly believe this one. This final score got me about 30x drunker than I already was. Then the Frogs actually came out with an offensive performance (in the first half) and I knew my day would be ruined.

#10 Rutgers 24, Maryland 34. Because somebody had to lose. Meh. Whatever. Who cares about Rutgers anyway? This was the ultimate HBO showdown: Sopranos vs. the Wire. The Wire always wins.

#13 Clemson 3, Georgia Tech 13. ACC Football. Catch the excitement!

#21 Penn State 20, Illinois 27. Everything's coming up Zook. Looks like Paterno will be out for brains after this one. BRAAAIINNNSSS!!!

# 22 Alabama 14, Florida State 21. Again, because somebody had to lose. Could've been a great game. I'd never know. I was too busy watching TEXAS GET BEAT. Did I mention it was AT HOME? The WORST home loss under Mack Brown? The MOST points scored against Texas at home in like a bazillion years? (not that many, UCLA dropped 66 a decade ago). Did we REALLY get beat by these guys? FFFFF why did Aaron Brown have go get hurt!??!

Think that's about it. Regardless, what a magnificent showing by the favorites. Once again shows why they should wait to publish rankings until after 3-4 weeks. For a quick laugh, here's your current top 10, courtesy of the Associated Press.

  1. LSU (correct)
  2. USC (gotta go)
  3. feCal (HAVE to go)
  4. Ohio State (I guess)
  5. Wisconsin (c-ya, wouldn't wanna b-ya)
  6. USF (band-wagon. I'm backing these guys all the way)
  7. BC (dark horse, weak conference)
  8. Kentucky (Wood-son Heis-man)
  9. Florida (at LSU this week. Could've been #1 vs. #3. Still a HUGE game for both)
  10. Oklahoma (will crush Texas. Still have outside shot. Conference strength KILLS them)

Will have a complete and half-assed assessment of the Frogs soon...