Friday, September 28, 2007

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Always rememer: When in doubt, sodomy is the best way to quell the opposition. Except in Iraq.

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Game 5: Colorado State Rams

Parallels a-plenty in this one. First of all, this weekend, God and America's team plays the Rams of St. Louis. Given the injuries of St. Louis, and the recent hot streak of the Cowboys... this could actually be a recipe for disaster. Coming off a huge win against the Bears, this is going to be a real test of the mental toughness of the Cowboys. Will they lay down like the '05 Frogs did against the banged up talent-wise against Ponies after the huge win against the Sooners? We'll know Sunday.

On the other hand, you have the Frogs playing the Rams of Colorado State. This, too, could be a recipe for disaster. The mental toughness of the Frogs will be challenged in this game as well, but for completely different reasons. We are currently playing some of the weakest, most boring football I have ever seen us play. We have to resurrect our offense, or else be relegated to the bottom of the MWC to drink away our sorrows with the Aztecs and the Utes.
The Frogs have beaten the Rams three straight times. There's a little bit of history here: The Frogs beat, nay smoked, the then MWC champion Rams in the Liberty Bowl back in '02 which continued the upward launch of our football program on the national stage. In '05, the Frogs beat these Rams in FW to not only clinch the MWC championship in their first season, but also produced this incriminating photo:

Bub: always willing to throw down a shoulder rub

for America's favorite linebacker

Yes, I was at the game and recall the awkward rushing of the field. Yes, I recall our drunken "LETS TEAR DOWN THE GOALPOSTS!!!!" idea. I hadn't rushed the field since my last game senior year of high school and, after almost breaking my neck flinging myself over the railing onto the field, I realized that, while looking awesome on television, it's really not that cool when 75% of the student section stays in the stands. Once I was at an Arkansas football game and they beat Tennessee, who was then #2, and rushed the field, took both goals posts and carried them several miles away to the bar district and drank around them all night. I say if this situation arises again, we make this happen... in the median outside of the Oui.

Anyway, getting back to the game at hand, while the Rams and the Frogs are currently headed in different directions, we can't let the records deceive us. The Rams (0-3, 0-0) lost the afore mentioned Stoner Bowl (or Pot Pillaging, or Reefer Rodeo) against an admittedly weak Colorado team fielding the coach's son in overtime, Narrowly lost at home to a very good California team, and held a 24-10 advantage in the third quarter before Cougar Masturbatory Fodder QB Case Keenum was brought into the game and started a clinic. Keenum beat the Rams with a combination of accurate passes (18-22, 197, 2 TDs) and short rushes (2 Tds), which, unfortunately for us, seems to scream Marcus Jackson. While Dalton has the better, more accurate arm, The Cougars picked apart this defense with nickel and dime offensive plays (WHOA, apologies for the most cliched description of a college football offense ever), which is exactly what Jackson can do. He can make the short passes and is obviously much more mobile, and this defense looks susceptible to giving up short touchdowns to a scrambling QB and also underneath passes. But, my college coaching experience doesn't extend beyond running the triple option reverse every single play on NCAA 08, so what do I know?

Statistically, this looks like a deadlock, with both team defenses looking very similar, and CSU taking a slight edges in the passing and run games. TCU is giving up more yards per game on the ground (130.5) than I can ever remember, and the Rams are fairly effective in their run game, although, in typicaly MWC fashion, they rely more on the pass. The Frogs secondary has played fairly this year (giving up about 200 yards per game through the air) but is extrememly vulnerable to to the deep pass, as evidenced against every team we've played, including the Ponies on their first drive. Even without Blake, I feel confident that the Frogs front six (4-2-5, suckas) should be able to manage against this team on the ground (I mean, they do play a white RB who only averages 3.6 a carry, no?) but, QB Caleb Hanie averages 265 yards per game passing and enjoys tossing the deep ball. If our safeties can help manage this situation and keep them from beating us deep, we shouldn't be too strongly worried about coming out on top. However, if we want any chance, our offense HAS to produce. CSU is averaging 28.0 points per game, the Frogs, 19.5. Seeing as how Dalton is the starter, he has to produce this week. A healthy Aaron Brown with a warm up game under his belt will be the key here. If Brown has a good game and Dalton throws for his usual 175-200, we should be fine. If Dalton has an outstanding, Air Force-esque (minus the knife to the heart ints) and takes some pressure off of Brown to give him a little leeway on recuping his knee, you'll be back drunk in the parking lot by half time.

Regardless, I suppose what I'm really getting at here, is that this game, if you really look at our season and no matter the records, is a statement game. The Frogs are coming off a big let down loss and a subsequent pillow fight against the 90th ranked team in the country, a rival no less. This is the game where the Frogs need to get it back on track and begin to run the gauntlet that is the Mountain West Conference, circa 2005. BYU smashed Air Force, evening our record with them in conference and you can bet they'll lose another. Utah is maimed. UNLV and Wyoming are the darkhorses. TCU is all but counted out. This is when we need to come out, run our game, and go into Laramie next weekend with a convincing win under our belts.

Prediction: TCU - 27, CSU - 17.


Another Rutgers (Race Issue?)

William C. Dowling, tenured professor at Rutgers, is strongly opposed to the University's transformation into high-stakes athletics that was brought on by their football program's recent success. His frustrations reached newspapers this week.

"If you were giving the scholarship to an intellectually brilliant kid who happens to play a sport, that's fine," Dowling said. "But they give it to a functional illiterate who can't read a cereal box, and then make him spend 50 hours a week on physical skills. That's not opportunity. If you want to give financial help to minorities, go find the ones who are at the library after school."

Rutgers athletic director told local newspapers that Dowling's comment was "a blatantly racist statement."

Dowling, who was arrested in the 60's for being a civil right's activist, defended his statement by calling Rutgers president racist for running an athletic program that exploits minorities. Dowling was quoted as saying,"None of these kids would have been able to get into Rutgers if they hadn't been able to throw something or kick something or slam dunk something."

Now, I was on Don Imus' side when they pulled the race card for the nappy headed hoe-down, which you might disagree with. However, for the athletic director to call Dowling's comment blatantly racist is beyond me. There might be racial implications, but looking into Dowling's past, he clearly is not a racist.

It is sad that we live in a country that is so overly sensitive and politically correct that often times the truth is masked, and even ignored. Why is racism assumed in our country? Even Don Imus' case was assumed racism. It was more name calling than racist. I agree 100% with Dowling on this one, and the media and Rutgers need to put the race card back in their liberal pockets.

Willie "Weed-Eating" Williams

As if the Louisville Cardinals needed more scrutiny geared towards their cloudy defense, Willie Williams does it again. If you haven't read up on the story, he was pulled over yesterday for playing his music too loudly (shocker), and decided to ride a few blocks before pulling over in an attempt to eat his stash of pizzle. The cop walked up to the window and Willie had a mouth full of green.

This arrest should come as no surprise. The kid has been a bad seed from day 1. He was arrested in highschool 11 times. He tried to get a scholarship to Miami (surprise) and even the Hurricanes wouldn't take him, which says alot. Miami prides themselves as having the most thuggish ruggish bones on the football field, and this guy was TOO thug for Miami. I didn't think I would see the day. Great decision Louisville, your program looks pretty smart right now.

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