Tuesday, September 25, 2007

For Manly Love, Call...

Stumbled across this just a minute ago. A real live Horned Frog breeder! Specializes in "Husbandry." I was quite the Horned Frog Breeder in my day, if you knowmsayin. (dodges lightning bolt). The main picture is the most arousing thing I've seen since Brady Quinn's high school photo album.


We Got a Shout Out

Typically when you refer to something you love as getting a shout out, this is a good thing. Such as Reggie Bush rockin' the 613 eye patches or Kid Rock handing out west coast pussy to his Detroit players. However, in this situation, a shout out is not good.

Not sure if you guys read EDSBS, although it IS linked on the sidebar, younguns, but every week the two writers give their buys, sells and holds. Highly HIGHLY recommended reading for the college football fan, particularly if you love the SEC. Orson Swindle is pretty much what all college football bloggers should aspire to be and I will likely rip off superfluous musings quite a few times before this whole thing ends. Anyway, back to the topic at hand, I noticed that they avoided our preseason hype, choosing instead to focus mostly on Tebow and the SEC (with good reason: they both went to Florida and the SEC is the lifelong the fascist dictator of the GUD. Eat a D, pac-10). Looks like they were right to avoid us. Anyway, after all that buildup, here it is:

TCU. Ahhhh—CHOOO!!! Holy hell, we’ve got to dust in here. What’s this? TCU? What the hell? We haven’t sold this yet? Oh, Christ. Our BCS-buster sucker bet for three years running and it’s still sitting here in the garage? Until an offense arises–managing only 21 against a sad clown SMU team this week–TCU goes in the garage sale pile, Conference USA Mountain West table. (Stop changin’ conferences, dammit! More than once every two decades makes mah brain speeyun! Hell, they changed tha name uh the Upper Volta yet? Burkina what? Never heard of it.) Ten bucks, lady. We’ll throw in the “MICHAEL BISHOP FOR HEISMAN” t-shirt for free.

Ah well, at least our conference is still super weak enough for us to hold out hope for winning. Wait what.. Schultz is still our OC? We still don't have a healthy line that can block? Not-so-controversial QB controversy? Oh wait, sorry, scratch that. Goodbye Vegas, Hello Navy!

Tommy Blake out for the next two weeks for medical reasons

According to ESPN radio. He will miss the Wyoming and Colorado State games

After seeing these numbers in graphical form (I'm more of a visual learner), I fully understand how fucked up our offense has been. The title of the graph holds double meaning because when our team has the ball, it is both offensive and broken down.

With the return of Aaron Brown, one can hope our rushing game will continue it's upward trend after a poor showing at Texas. However, we have to be more balanced and develop a consistent passing game. To not throw the ball all over SMU's nationally disasterous secondary should be a huge area of concern.

We Painted Our Faces!

This was taken before CSU lost the stoner bowl 31-28 to CU.

However, don't be fooled by the Rams 0-3 record. They played #6 Cal tough at home, losing by just 6, and lost to a surprisingly well balanced Houston offense last week on the road.

If we can't establish consistent, time consuming drives, we will once again field our defense for entirely too long, in which case I think the game will be uncomfortably close. I don't care who we put on the field at quarterback as long as the play calling improves, and Shultz shows me that he spent this week actually developing a gameplan, instead of pulling shit out of a hat.