Friday, September 21, 2007

Christian OUT

That's a pun, bitches.


FWST article

Here is a great article detailing SMU's death penalty. It brings a couple Questions to my mind:
One, did the SMU player's cars look like this (Darren McFadden's ride)?

Two, they only averaged 7.4 wins while paying their players. It may just be me but if I am going to be paying players I want more than 7 wins, but hey I am sure they would be more then happy with 7 wins now.

Day Before Gameday Montage

I hope the Frogs can learn about this, what is it? A "New Way"?

Chris Fowler's Thoughts on TCU

Hard Lessons
I missed the mark on TCU, Auburn and Oklahoma State. All three have flopped so far, stumbling to a pair of losses. They are my three most disappointing teams so far. Outside of Notre Dame, of course. We'll see what rhetorical magic Regis Philbin can summon when he searches for inspiring stuff as the Friday pep rally's keynote speaker.

TCU sold out but fell short at Texas on Sept. 8. Coach Gary Patterson then seemed irritated that the Horned Frogs were dropped from the polls. Perhaps less energy spent on the pollsters and more on getting his team ready for the MWC opener at Air Force was called for. TCU led 17-3 in the fourth quarter, but melted down and lost in overtime, 20-17.

Patterson criticized offensive coordinator Mike Schultz for attempting to throw the ball in the red zone, leading to an Air Force interception with 49 seconds left in regulation. Patterson didn't mention that the defense he's known for let the Falcons sprint 80 yards in four plays for one fourth-quarter score. Or Jim Ollis' 71-yard touchdown run that forced OT. Are the Horned Frogs, once considered a potential BCS team, about to crumble? They'd better regroup soon.