Thursday, September 20, 2007

Contenders Ready.....

I'm going to start off by pointing out that this post is officially #100 on this here blog. So, let's pat ourselves on the back guys and on Saturday I will give everyone a shiny new nickel!

The real point of this post: For all you kids who remember such roided up heroes as Nitro, Turbo, Sabre, Ice and Lightning, does NBC have an opportunity for you! Yes, that's right, American Gladiators is BACK and, for those who want the ultimate in pregame activity, they are having tryouts in ARLINGTON!

I actually felt pretty confident about my chances through my analytical deduction and strategic planning (stop swinging wildly with the jousting stick and just push them off with it!!!) until I read this criteria:

"You will be tested on your physical ability in areas such as strength, speed, balance and agility."

So much for my dreams! But, if anyone actually does this, I really will buy you a program at the game, as long as I get to keep the poster.

In the year 2008... in the year 2008!

It's never too early to find next year's Kerley, right? Not that I've given up on this season by any means, but I thought some of you might be interested to check out the locals that are/could possibly become Horned Frogs next year. All currently rated as 2-star, but, of course, that's where GP thrives. After all, TB was a 3-star RB out of high school...

(51) DeWaylon Cook - Ath (Solid Verbal)

(57) Yogi Gallegos - QB (Solid Verbal)

(60) Nathan Sowels - Ath (On List)

(70) Jarrett Ben - CB (On List. Also should note, Duke is his first choice... uhh... smart AND in firm possession of the good? We need this guy)

(73) Riko Smalls - QB - dual threat (On List)

(89) Hecter Negrete - DT (On List)

(93) Jeremi Mathis - RB (On List)

(98) Deante Piper - RB (On List)

So, there you have it. Underwhelming stuff to have this few players interested in the area, and at the bottom of the top 100, but you never know what GP has in store.


New Voice of the Frogs (unacceptable)

An article in the Daily Skiff recognizes our new PA announcer at Amon G. I'm sure he is good at what he does, seeing that he came "highly recommended", but he has to lose the metro ubersexual look if he is to pass the smell test in Funky Town.

Not to mention we are about to take on a team from one of the most metrosexual cities in America. The article stresses the importance of a PA to be unbiased during games, which is fine, but with all the narcissistic SMEW fans roaming the grounds he might be tempted to push bias towards the wrong team. If this happens, we will wait outside the gate for him and metro bash the living shit out of him.

Kansas City Star

There must not be much going on in K.C. The game made their paper, and while the article has very little substance, I do think it's important that we work on kickoff returns. Jeremy Kerley anyone? How does a good program like TCU find themselves in dead last in the country in kickoff returns? I think our coaching staff should dedicate a little time this week to fixing that problem. With the new kickoff rule, there is no reason we shouldn't begin each offensive posession from at least the 30 yard line.

Montage of the Day

Dünyayı Kurtaran Adam (The Man Who Saves the World) is a Turkish-made film commonly known as Turkish Star Wars because of its notorious bootlegging of Star Wars clips worked into the film.

Either way, those Turks know how to make a mean montage.