Monday, September 17, 2007

New Gameday Gear!!

If anyone out there has the money right now, this would be the ultimate game apparel. Wearing this jersey will make the fans of the other team shit their pants and run like hell. The number might represent the most feared player to ever play for TCU.

Perplexing Question of the day, part deux

Do you think that anyone in any way associated with the TCU Football Department has ever read or heard of the blog?

Patterson V. Schultz I

Article in S-T about the immaculate interception Thursday night. Apparently Patterson "turned off his headphones to talk to the defensive coaches" before the play because the offensive staff seemed to have it under control... then the dumb Fs changed the call! Whether this really happened or not, we will never know... but it raises some conflicting points. First, as we know, GP is a defensive guru who cares little about offense. This shouldn't worry us. Look at Pete Carroll (not that I'm complementing anything about the USC program, but dudes ring up a lot of points. And while we're comparing PC and GP... did anyone else think it looked like Patterson has been going back for seconds at dinner a few too many times? Pete Carroll eats fitness and shits perfection. GP looks like he's been eating cinnabons and storing them as fat for hibernation. Although, I suppose Patterson runs a real football program where he does most of the work and is under a lot of stress whereas USC pays their players to perform anyways. But I digress.)

So, to continue, GP should not have to worry about the offense because he has been with Schultz for years and has trusted him in the past and not been let down. However, in a situation where you are trying to win a ball game with a last second kick, wouldn't you want your head coach, even if he was someone as glamorous as RC Slocum, listening in and giving his input until the final play is called? You can worry about what to do on defense after you've locked up the game during the commercial break. I don't know, I don't want to say GP is trying to pass blame, because I'm pretty sure even a trained dolphin wouldn't have thrown that ball, but it makes you think.

Perplexing Question of the Day

If someone with multiple personalities threatens to kill himself, is it considered a hostage situation?

It's good to have expectations

This article is talking about teams who have fallen below their expectations for the season. While it is certainly not a good thing, our program has come a long way. Years ago people would not have put us in the category with Auburn, Notre Dame and UCLA. We still have a long season to go, and my expectations are still high.

Bring On the Ponies

I don't know if anyone watched the mighty Mustangs take on Texas Tech on Labor Day, but I did, and was reminded of my 7th grade Middle School football team. Not only because we were the O. Henry Mustangs, but because our defensive coordinator coached in a very similar fashion as SMU's D coordinator. The difference is that when the O. Henry Mustangs ran an all out blitz, it was called Red Dog. (We ran it every play) However, when the SMU Mustangs run an all out blitz, they cleverly call it "ALL OUT" and the middle linebacker screams it at the top of his lungs.

Not once, but twice, SMU did this and Graham Harrel knew what was about to happen, and threw the ball over the middle, once for a touchdown to the tight end and another for a first down gain. Who needs a video camera to spy on that defense? I was in shock the first time they yelled out "All Out" and actually did blitz every single linebacker and defensive back which resulted in a touchdown. But apparently they didn't learn their lesson, they ran it at least one more time, and never was there a good result for the defense. Even the announcers were in awe, saying things like,"If you are going to run an all out blitz, you have to name it something more masking than 'All Out'."

For this reason, I outsmarted Vegas this weekend who felt that SMU would be 3 point underdogs to an Arkansas State team that had a chance to defeat the Longhorns at DKR. (By the way, they looked stunning against UCF) The Ponies lost 45-28, and were never in the game. Their Quarterback makes aweful decisions, and keeps the ball way too much. We should have a field day.

If TCU does not win by more than 28, we have serious problems. And don't give me any rivalry game bullshit, this program has a joke of a coaching staff and a joke of a team. Bring on the little ponies.

Public Service Announcement

Hopefully we've all taken the weekend to recover from that harrowing loss to Air Force and are now ready to throw all of our efforts behind SMU Hate Week '07: The Revenge Edition. In order to prepare ourselves for Caligula Weekend, I just thought I'd send a fair warning out to the SMU "Pony Up" Mustangs:

That is all.

Patterson's Toughest Loss

Gary Patterson said that he felt worse after the Air Force loss than after any other while he has been TCU's head coach, but those emotions were matched by a loss the Frogs suffered while he was their defensive coordinator.

TCU was leading Oklahoma 9-0 in 1998, his first season in Fort Worth. The Sooners scored a touchdown with 2:20 remaining, then recovered the onside kick.

Linebacker Joseph Phipps grabbed his third interception of the game, but fumbled during the return. Oklahoma recovered at the TCU 23-yard line and kicked the game-winning field goal with 5 seconds to play.

"That's about as tough a loss right there as I've had," Patterson said.

The loss to Oklahoma sounds absolutely heartbreaking, but the loss to Air Force should resonate more because ultimately the game was lost on a coaching error, which has to be the toughest to swallow.