Friday, September 14, 2007

I think Patterson has had enough of Shultz

What Would Shelia Brofloski Do?

As is this is my first crushing Frogs loss as a fully employed, upstanding citizen, I am beginning to realize that this cannot continue because the amount of work I get done during a loss hangover is equivalent to the time Paris Hilton isn't getting treated for that dastardly clap outbreak. As in, not much. I just cannot determine why we can't bounce back after a big game? Especially considering we've won 2 out of the last 3 of them but lost all 3 games following. The OU/SMU debacle can only be blamed on over confidence. Just like OU was our "super bowl" that year, we were SMUs and they fully capitalized. We were the better team and we both know it, but it only matters who shows up on Saturday.
The Tech/BYU situation is a little more explainable because, even though Beck was apparently quite injured and hobbling before the game, he was a "helluva ball player" and they just flat out beat us. Sure we were all so pumped up about Tech, but our defense last year was CRIMINALLY good. You know, the legend of Johnny Appleseed was based on Gator, except for the part about planting appletrees and not raping men. Blake ate a copy of the Bible while waterskiing. Hell, Patterson wears a live rattlesnake as a condom! Also noted, due to that quirky Mormon tradition of the two year witnessing trip, Beck fits the same age loop hole that plagues MLB teams dealing with Latin players who fib about their age. Seriously, dude was like 29 years old. Weinke, anyone?
But last night, I just can't accept right now. Sure, we were coming off of a short week after playing a tough team to appease the suits at CSTV. Sure, our QB is a redshirt freshman playing in only his third game after said short week. Yes, Aaron Brown and Joseph Turner were hurt and Joseph Watts has Brontosaurus running abilities at best. But (I apologize for beginning with a preposition), come on!! We were up by two touchdowns inside of 10 minutes to go. We had a 10 foot field goal blocked. We THREW THE MF BALL DIRECTLY TO AN OPPOSING D BACK AND COMPLETELY TOOK AWAY ANY CHANCE OF WINNING THE GAME!! I could handle Manfredini (too bad his name doesn't rhyme with something clever like LoChoko) missing that field goal, had it ever happened. But not the one he did. Not in OT. Not on the road. Not when we were playing a vastly inferior team with a bunch of white dudes. Not when Blake looked like he was coming alive and our secondary was forcing them three and out inside the 10 every drive. I do not want to blame Dalton because Big Red played out of his mind and, not there's such thing as a good interception, but the ones he had were certainly of the worst kind. Do we blame the government? Or blame society? or do we blame the images on TV? NO!

Our potty mouthed neighbors to the north with their beady little eyes and flapping heads.

Schultz, Get the Fuck Out Of Here

Crappy Publisher picture of the day. What a fucking joke, an underthrown 3rd and 8 pass from the Falcon 22 yard line with less than 2 to go. What was wrong with Watts left, Watts right, field goal? Or even taking a knee?

A Moment of Silence

Drunken Blogging 101: Post Game Addendum

Well I am not sure what else to mention here other than we lost. Just spent the last couple of hours at Dallas' finest watering hole The Loon trying to find the silver lining in this loss, and, surprisingly, there are quite a few. Namely, Dalton looked like an absolute STALLION. Man crush is still fully functional. Regardless, he still threw for over 320 yards and 2 touchdowns! As a RS Freshman in his third game. Coming off of arguably the biggest game of his career. In a short week. Although his two interceptions were inopportune at best, I place no blame on his shoulders. Air Force, while a mediocre football team, pulled an already fired up crowd back into the game with a couple of fantastic play calls and just took us down. The 4th and 1 option pitch was perfectly executed and it was pretty obvious we weren't expecting it. Our defense played a pretty solid game. Same as last week, they just wore down. Our offense actually rolled pretty well: our line looked like they finally figured out how to block and, obviously, Dalton was finding his men and minimizing his mistakes. AD for Heisman in 2010.

We lost. It sucks, but honestly, there isn't any reason to get down. It's our first conference game. That AF team isn't going to win the MWC. WHEN we win out, and AF is beaten by Wyoming and BYU, we can dance all the way to Vegas. If not, the FW bowl is not a bad consolation: FW on New Years Eve? A home game? A Pac 10 team? That's great as well. I'm not going to lie, Vegas would be soooooo ridiculously outlandish that I can hardly stand it, I'll take the FW Bowl anyday. Also, while this will sound like a cop out, at least we lost to a service academy made up of white guys that are going to risk their necks in Iraq and beyond. Honestly, no matter what we might hold out for, we weren't going to a BCS bowl. UT is going to get absolutely ravaged by OU and probably another team along the way. Without them winning out and going to the national championship, we were more than likely not going to sniff the BCS. Even then nothing was guaranteed. This isn't even the worst loss of our TCU careers. I am sure you all remember the SMU debacle of 05, but think about how awful the Southern Miss game was in 03. Ripped the hearts right out of our chests.

This is when we have to band together, Frogs fans. We've dropped two in a row. The conference championship is no guarantee. Are we going to be like those UT t-shirt fans who bow out after one loss, or are we going to support our team more than ever. SMU is in 10 days. Think about the bloodbath that will ensue. It's going to be the Caligula game. We will destroy their gladiators and defile their women. Who's with me!?!?!?!?