Thursday, September 13, 2007

Halftime thought

Does it say something about the offense, or the coaches general attitude, that when we get the ball back with almost 2 minutes left in the 1st half (with only a 7 point lead) that we run the clock out? Let Dlaton throw the ball downfield! Go Frogs!


EBAY Item Description

Go check out this listing for a hybrid golf club on ebay and read the item description.
IFC investigates fraternities' involvement in bid-night fight
Will they ever learn........

New shop to provide subs, beer
Looks like Jon Bonnell is moving in on Grady Spears turf.

Keep on Bookin'

Just because official UT hate week is over doesn't mean we can't still revel in their misfortunes, right?

ANOTHER UT player goes in the Pokey. And, looks like somebody has prior offenses!! Looks like our old pal anonymous is losing even more steam in his arguments. LaMarcus "He Who Must Not Be Named" McDonald excluded, we really seem to have a pretty solid group of upstanding citizens lining up on Saturdays. Go Frogs.

And, let's face it, EVERY week is official UT hate week!


What's that Mack? That impending dessimation by OU gettin' you down? Or is the latest number one overall recruiting class/2+ loss season? I don't know about everyone else, but I LOVE this guy. Great recruiter/mediocre coach. He continually coaches Texas to an upset almost every year. Had he not had the best player in college football in 06, he'd STILL not have won the big game.

Rock and Roll McDonalds

I'm just as giddy as a schoolgirl to be included in this little old blog. For those of you unaware, this is Drew B, or D Bankston for those who are uninitiated, and I a-Like a-Frogs. Kept my same username from KillerFrogs so if I've offended, annoyed or cursed anyone over on that end, then hells yes and I'll keep up the good work. Also kept it for the obvious tribute to the greatest songwriter of our generation and his tragically unrecognized throne in the British establishment. Anyway, look forward to blowing your minds.

First order of business: Anyone in the Dallas area, officially unofficial watch party tonight at Frankie's. Hear they got a big screen over there, mm-hmm. No word on the mustard and biscuits though. And, if you see any Air Force fans, rip their balls off.

(I like to use pop culture references that few others find humorous I.E. Sling Blade and Dog Show. Deal with it accordingly)

Patterson/Bumpas '08

RB situation

Aaron Brown did not make the trip to Colorado Springs, neither did Joseph Turner. Ryan Christian and Justin Watts will be sharing the bulk of the load, and it is possible that Chris Smith (back up fullback) and Joseph Banyard (Freshman) will see some carries. Judging by our rushing attack in our previous outings, weak at best, this really shouldn't pose much of a problem. This should prove to be a challenging game for the Frogs especially since they only had three days, including Sunday, to prepare. Lets hope that former AFA head coach Fisher DeBerry's word will ring true, TCU “had a lot more Afro-American players than we did and they ran a lot faster than we did."
Go Frogs! Spit Blood!

Picture of the Day

I know, it's very similar to yesterday, but he's wearing a fucking vespa helmet. I couldn't possibly resist.

Fear of a Black Cat

This morning, as I was dragging my ass out of the house at 4:51 am, I realized it was gameday, which automatically made me less mad at the world. But, when I was pulling out of the driveway and driving off, a black cat with bright green eyes stared into the headlights and scurried accross my path. At that point I told myself, let it be bad luck for me, not the Frogs. Sacrifices.

The story continues. I made a run to Starbucks around 6:00 am, and when I pulled back into work another black cat ran accross my car and into the woods. Now, I don't know the rules here but isn't this situation like multiplying negatives? As long as I don't see another one today, I think things will be ok. Feel free to leave your input.