Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The Pitfalls of Smug

Same story as below but the Star Telegram's take on it.

Ouch. Poor UT "t-shirt" fan.

Football Rivalry Sparks Bloody Skirmish

Video Of the Day

Happy Day of Conception Russkies

Russia declared Sept. 12 the Day of Conception and for the fourth year running is giving couples time off from work to procreate.

The hope is for a brood of babies exactly nine months later on Russia's national day. Couples who ''give birth to a patriot'' during the June 12 festivities win money, cars, refrigerators and other prizes.

Russia, with one-seventh of the Earth's land surface, has just 141.4 million citizens, making it one of the most sparsely settled countries in the world. With a low birthrate and very high death rate, the population has been shrinking since the early 1990s.

It is now falling by almost half a percent each year. Demographic experts expect the decline to accelerate, estimating that Russia's population could fall below 100 million by 2050.

Who gives a shit, right. Not getting laid on national conception day is like not banging that high school hotty you took to prom, but worse. Just in spite of Russia, go get laid today, if you can, and use a condom to block those baby makers.


Here is a good article from the Star-Telegram on the absurdity of the polls. The brilliant media complains about the lack of quality non-conference games then punishes teams that do play them. This of course only applies to non-BCS schools. Example: UT you know which one I'm talking about, gets rocked rocked by Cal and stays in the poll and TCU after leading UTx for 44 minutes before crumbling falls into the "other receiving votes" category.

Picture of the Day

Running Back Situation

Gary Patterson said Brown's status might be made before game day because of the travel restrictions imposed for conference games. Only 64 players can travel, and Patterson might not want to take a player he knows won't play.

Sophomore Joseph Turner is also injured (foot), so true freshman running back Joseph Banyard has been taking snaps with the second-team offense. Chris Smith, a sophomore fullback, has also played some at tailback.

Patterson said there aren't any concerns yet about spoiling Banyard's chances at using a redshirt this season. Players can play in 20 percent of a team's games and still be redshirted.