Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Back by popular demand: The Smug Forecast

Sorry, anonymous, some people didn't get to see it earlier.

The 80% chance of George Clooney's acceptance speech has been raised to 90%

To Block or Not to Block 'The Smug Douche'

Let's put it to a vote.

I happen to think that yesterday was one of the more exciting days on the blog and it was good to hear from the opposition, especially someone that slanted. I felt like I was reading foxnews.com juxtaposed with planetwars.com, it was quite entertaining. And if you think "anonymous" was being rediculous for the sake of argument, think again, he was dead serious, and I feel he truely believes 90% of the garbage he was writing.

Inarguably the Ugliest Dog in the World

I just threw up in my mouth