Thursday, September 6, 2007

Road to Respect

Underappreciated TCU looks to make statement vs. UT

Good article on

Sports Illustrated

We are picking up some serious press today, front page of SI college football.

Kirk's My Bitch

Here's my email to Kirk Bohls and his response. If you are lost, scroll down and read the Kirk Bohls article.

I enjoyed reading your article, and am a TCU alum (1 year, going strong) but wanted to clarify exactly what you meant by "But after disastrous, short stays in the Western Athletic Conference and Conference USA..." TCU won two WAC conference titles under Franchione in 1999 and 2000, and won a C-USA title in 2002 under Patterson. Is three titles in 4 years considered disasterous? I may be missing the point here, but I would appreciate it if you could elaborate for me.

Thomas Fincher

You're right. i didn't mean it in that context. i meant finding
happiness and stability and a future. You're exactly right about the
winning. i should have been clearer.

Thanks for reading,

Mack the Politician

This was heard on ESPN college football live.

Chris Fowler: I love the subplot of this game with Mack Brown leaving TCU off of his Top 25 ballot last year, which he claims was inadvertent.

Other guy: Mack voted TCU top 10 in the country in last week's ballot.

It sounds to me like Mack is cleverly trying to cover his ass should the mighty horns fall to the lowly frogs this weekend.

TCU Eyes Rare Chance To Be State's Lone Star

TCU even getting buzz in the Washington Post, who refers to the Texas as a "state where football is religion".

Big 12 comes begging? Dream on, Frogs fans

Interesting article by Jim Reeves in the Startlegram to read after you read the Kirk Bohls article.

On the Outside Looking In

Kirk Bohl's article on TCU and the aftermath of the the great divide of the Southwest Conference.

Not a terrible article, but I want to know exactly what he means by,"But after disastrous, short stays in the Western Athletic Conference and Conference USA..." We won two WAC championships in 1999 and 2000 under Franchione and won the C-USA in 2002 under Patterson. Can three conference titles in four years be considered "disasterous"? Or am I missing the point?