Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Mack Brown's Post Game Press Conference

Go check out Mack Brown's post game press conference after barely squeaking by the mighty Indians of Arkansas State. The part that kills me is that the first thing he says to his players after beating a team by 8 when they were favored by 39, is that they need to hold their heads up because 50% of the teams that played this weekend lost. I don't care what you say about Mack Brown, but I happen to think he is a total pussy, and I completely disagree with his coaching philosophy.

When you compare the coaching staffs of the Horned Frogs and Longhorns, I have to give the advantage to the Frogs. Gary Patterson brings intesity and coaches perfection, while Mack is an overly positive pushover with no guts. Mike Schultz has an imaginative style of offense, and while I don't always agree with his play calling, he is miles over top of the play calling of the Longhorn's Greg Davis.

I don't think I need to even state my case on the defensive side.

Read through the interview, there are alot of props given to the Frogs by Mack Brown. Great humanitarian, average football coach.

Gameday Afterthoughts

For being the first gameday of the new season, I thought things went pretty well. We ended up pulling a great tailgate crowd, despite our total lack of organization and a broken tent. It still amazes me that we all agree to "take it easy" on Friday night so we will have plenty of energy on Gameday and then proceed to get annihilated beyond belief at 7th Haven.

After watching the game on CSTV being replayed at 3 pm on Sunday, I feel like I have filled in enough of the "holes" to actually comment on the game. I was impressed with the way the Frogs were able to handle business while not showing Texas much for next week.

Andy Dalton had the kind of start he needed to start to build confidence week by week. I wouldn't say he was astonishing, but there were several plays that showed a sign of maturity that you don't typically see in a redshirt freshman in his first start. Specifically, he had a pass in the 4th where he felt pressure, found a lane, and threw a strike to Ervin Dickerson for a 14 yard touchdown.

Our defense played incredible and didn't show any signs of missing Tommy Blake. They put together a very impressive second half with 3 picks and only gave up 78 total yards to the cubs. Our incredible speed on defense allows us to blitz with alot of different looks and still be step for step with the receivers.

I have to wrap this post game analysis up short to go beg the dentist to fit me in today. For those of you who don't know, this win came with a price...for me. I decided to meat out and attempt to get my brother to fight me but all I ended up with was a chipped tooth and a scraped face (I look really professional today in the office). It's the price you pay for Gameday...i guess.

I look about as cool as Dumb and Dumberer's version of the one and only Lloyd Christmas.