Thursday, December 27, 2007

Lord, Give Me McDonalds, er, Strength

If by Jesus you mean cheeseburgers, then it looks like faith really does heal all

There was yet another article in the S-T this week about Blake's "mysterious illness," this one focusing on how faith helped him get persevere and finish out the season. Possibly information we could've used a lot earlier, because If I'd known that all it took was a little Jesusin', I'd have stayed in a few Saturdays and hit up the temple bright and early if it meant we'd beat Wyoming, let alone Texas.

I think the most ridiculous thing about this article is that it mentions he was up to 290 pounds in the season finale against San Diego State... which is 40 pounds over his normal playing weight. I know depression can lead to over-eating, but good lord! How much Marble Slab do you have to eat to gain that much weight in 3 months? If that's his only food weakness, then my dietary habits lead me to believe that my heart will begin to resemble the consistency of a slab of bacon and my aortas will be pumping out pure Ben and Jerrys by the time I'm 30.

The greatest part of this weight gain, though? He still had a sack in that game! I'm not sure if this attests to the fact that Blake still has all of his talent, or that SDSUs QB was just that slow. Regardless, now having lost 15 pounds, all signs point to Blake having a nice game against the imfamous Cougar High GPA Warriors.

Keep it up and good luck with the NFL, TB.

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Texas Hammer said...

I really do think that TB was more of a distraction than an asset this season. His uninspired play and laziness on the field didn't help anybody.