Thursday, October 18, 2007

Fan of the Week, Month, Year, Century

You always hear about how Alabama football fans are some of the most venemous, ravenous, most outrageously unrealistic fans in the entire country. Given how much they're paying Saban, and the fact that they oversold their stadium for a spring game, I suppose this has to be semi-accurate, but I still wasn't sold.

Until I saw this guy:

Alabama flag? Check. Houndstooth hat? Check. Kilt? Check. Bear Bryant tattoo covering his entire back? Check check CHECK. Wow. This is a guy that genuinely has to have Alabama perform well or else his body image will be VERY damaged.

The best part is, this guy is probably completely one of the T-shirt fans we consistently ridicule when referring to the Bevos. However, with this kind of dedication, I think I'd have to let any sort of comments slide. Bravo, sir.

Also, I was trying to think of a situation where this could be applied to a TCU fan. First instinct would be to have Dutch tattooed on your back, but seeing as how his time was well before any of our parents were even born, I think we'd have to have something more recent. GP hasn't achieved permanent ink status. Yet.

I'm guessing it would have to be LT, stiff arming satan while crushing the skull of Osama Bin Laden. and the ball would be the decapitated noggin' of Hitler. Just a thought.


Anonymous said...

do you work?

Sir Wesley Willis said...


THEFINCH said...

People who are anonymous are doo doo chasers

Sir Wesley Willis said...

and donut punchers.