Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Pep Rally Friday

So the MTN is broadcasting a pep rally of sorts featuring TCU players and coaches this Friday. The event will be aired lived and filmed outside Amon G. I highly recommend anyone living in or around the Fort venture down to this thing with some obnoxious signs ridiculing the fact that they taping a live event in a city that is unable to receive the broadcast.

Happy Halloween

I apologize for my lack of posts recently, please do not view that as a reflection of how I view our team, I have just been traveling of late and unfortunately it has distracted me from supporting what I firmly believe to be the best 4-4 football team in college history. One of my favorite things about Halloween is sharing a card with a significant other on this special Halloween night. For those of you looking to get some 'business' tonight, feel free to borrow any of these.

Dear Halloween friend,
I am trying to come up with some new Halloween traditions and need your help. Has anyone ever thought of stapling your head repeatedly to a wall.
P.S. Leave a message if I'm not home.

Dear Accommodating Halloween aquaintance,
Tonight when the sun goes down do me a favor, tie yourself up, it will save me time, and foreplay.

Hey Guaranteed Halloween lover,
Let's sneak into a graveyard tonight. Your shallow grave will blend in better there.

Hey there Witchy witchy witch witch,
Do me a favor, swallow this diamond. I will come over in about twelve hours to get it back.

Hey Pumpkin Head,
You know how I know we will be together tonight? Because I know how to jimmy a lock. Take precautions and you die.
PS. Just kidding.
P.P.S I'm not kidding. Look out..

Dear end of October Surprise ghoul,
I am am making out my materials list for your family's Halloween Party tonight. So far I have- a box full of condoms and heart full of revenge. Am I missing anything?
P.S. Oh yes. The Bone saw.

Dear Autumn Interrogative answerer,
Question: What is the best thing to come out of a bucket of cheap wine? Answer: The courage to saw out your spine.

To my special Halloween kitten,
Halloween always triggers my imagination. Just like my body will trigger your gag reflex.

Dear costumed Fall friend,
What do you plan on doing when the clock strikes midnight? Me? I will be trying to hold the gun steady as I watch you cry and perform an unconvincing striptease.

Hey Halloween Scare Scare,
I bought some eyelid retractors, want to know why? I want you to look me in the eyes when the virus passes into you.
Your generous friend,

Dear Halloweiner,
What do you do when you love someone so much that it makes you want to kill them? I send them a card. Happy Halloween.

All credit on these goes to Gordo from the ticket. His cards are one of my favorite things about Halloween. These are from 2006, hopefully we'll see 2007 sometime later today. Will keep you posted.


On Tommy Blake ...
Tommy has practiced all week. As of right now, I expect him to be back for this weekend. The key for him is not just to play, but to play well." -GP

Good news I suppose, but does anyone really care whether or not he plays at this point? I hope he is doing better and recovering from what ever it is that ails him, and he certainly would be great to have on the field. I just hope he isn't on of those distractions that just when you get over he pops up again.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Most Incredible Ending Ever?

This play makes '82 Cal v. Stanford look routine. If only there was a trumpet player who gets jacked in the end zone.

Trinity beats Millsaps on 15 laterals.

SMU fires coach Bennett,

SMU fires coach Bennett, will finish out season with team

Friday, October 26, 2007

David Copperfield: The Illusionist with No Game

You wouldn't think an illusionist would have to try that hard to get laid. Then again, it is, after all, David Copperfield.
NextRound's Take

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Sick Day Thoughts

Perhaps I should get sick more often? It looks like the Frogs were hard at work defeating the judicial system the past 3 days while I was hard at work sweating, eating crackers and absolutely devouring season 4 of The Wire. Simmons may not be right about much, but he hit that prediction of The Wire being maybe the greatest show of the past decade right on the head.

Anyway, I see someone has already brought up the dropping of the weapons charges against Stephen "Mad Dog" Hodge and Robert "Six Shooter" Henson. I mean, what kind of country do we live in where a brother can't pull into a parking lot late at night and discharge his unlicensed and unregisterd firearm into the air? This is AMERICA people! As both hail from the 903 (my neighborhood because, let's face it, east Texas is basically just a large neighborhood) and knowing what kinds of things go on in those parts, I can say with all confidence that these two guys were absolutely, phenomenally guilty. Five or ten years ago there's no way a TCU football player beats a gun charge, but ever since we started winning and attracting the types of players who bring this sort of behavior to the program, it appears that we get to reap the legal rewards as well. So bravo, GP! Now, fire Schultz and use the added salary bonus to replace him with a bail bondsman.

In other legal news, it was also noted that GP let Walter Bryant off the hook for his performance vs. his baby mama and will allow him to play in the UNM. Because, I suppose if you can't beat up the mother of your children, who can you really beat up?

However, on a positive note, it has been reported that Tommy Blake has been practicing and will likely be available for the UNM game. I'm pretty sure this news doesn't affect me either way, at least from a football stand point. It's great that he's apparently cleared up his head from whatever was ailing him, but seeing how he performed in the few games he did play in, and how amazing (sarcasm) our defensive line has played thusfar, it almost makes more sense to let the younger guys who will be carrying the team next year to get some reps.... Eh, who am I trying to kid? I suppose it's great that he's back. Considering what he did for our team last season and the expectations we had for him this year, I guess he's owed it. Hopefully this will not only convince some team to take a chance on the guy in the late rounds of next year's draft, but also help us squeak out 4 straight victories and make our bowl eligibility a certainty.

But, with all this seemingly good news, I suppose there always has to be some ungood to balance it out, right? From S-T:

"Tailback Aaron Brown and backup Joseph Turner are among four starters on offense who missed workouts Sunday and Tuesday. Offensive linemen Matty Lindner and Marshall Newhouse also have been held out of the Frogs' first two practices during a 16-day span between games.

Coach Gary Patterson said he's not sure on their status for the Nov. 3 home game against New Mexico.

"But we're a long way out from that," he said.

In the second half against Utah, Brown (knee) and Turner (foot) aggravated injuries that cost them a combined six games earlier this season. Lindner (ankle) was injured in the first quarter, and Newhouse (knee) played despite suffering his injury early on.

Starting right guard Giles Montgomery has practiced despite wearing a cast on his left thumb and wrist, and dealing with a shoulder injury. Backup safety Colin Jones is working out with a cast over his right forearm.

Tight end Shae Reagan, who has missed all but one play of the past three games with a fracture in his left leg, hasn't practiced but no longer is wearing a protective boot"

Whoa, I mean, I knew we had injuries, but good lord it looks a lot worse when it's spelled out in front of you. Looks like this bye week came at a really opportune time. Just wish it'd followed a win.

Anyway, I'm off to Colorado this weekend, where the Mtn is in full effect, which will just build on my frustration with us not being able to get the network as it always does. Let's try and stay away from the juries and INjuries as much as possible while I'm absent.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Weapons charges? Please. Do a little "community service," and we'll let the whole thing slide. This article totally reinforces the idea behind the conundrum of the college athlete double-standard. Granted, no one is happier about this news than me.

Go Frogs.

Bowl Predictions

There is now only one site predicting that we even make a bowl, and while I generally don't like or agree with cfn this would be a fun game. Well, it would be fun if our run defense decided to show up.

Bell Helicopter Armed Forces Bowl
Dec. 31 / 12:30 p.m. Fort Worth, Texas ESPN
Tie-Ins: Mountain West vs. Pac-10
Projection: TCU vs. Arkansas No Pac 10 projected available

You Tube Tuesday - Curb

Jim Rome

Rome has always had tough restrictions on listening to his show on the internet, but here is a link, some Cally station, where you can listen. If you want to kill 3 hours at work, and enter the jungle with all the other clones, tune in from 11am-2pm. I'm out.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Offensive Lines

Here' s an article from the Fort Worth Weekly.

As if our team didn't have enough problems.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

NFL Picks

*** Baltimore -3 @ Buffalo
*** Washington -8.5 vs Atlanta

Monday Night
***** Indianapolis -3 @ Jacksonville
Payton has had two weeks to prepare.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

I know this picture has nothing to do with anything, BUT the creativity factor can't be denied. Pay close attention to the merge of body paint and pubic hair. Wow. The way the frogs are playing makes me want to move to Cuba anyway.

Friday, October 19, 2007

At Least We Won in the Stats

Seriously. Check the stats. If you hadn't watched the game, you'd have no idea we lost.

Here's the story of the game: We had more first downs, fewer punts, 10 tackles for loss, 6 sacks, held them to 100 fewer yards than their season average, including less than 60 in the second half. The only defensive blunder was allowing a 100 yard rusher AGAIN, but he only ran for 101.

Then, in true 2007 TCU fashion, we throw 4 picks, drop 6 passes, miss a 22 yard field goal that would've brought back momentum, and continue to be entirely predictable on offense. It's pathetic. As mentioned earlier, our O-Line performed pretty well honestly: they only allowed 2 sacks, and those could certainly be attributed to Dalton panicking. Aaron Brown was averaging 5.4 yards per carry... and we gave it to him 11 times. I don't know. It's pretty much like Schultz decided to lay down and die after his one good play call.

TCU is now 1-4 in Thursday games since joining the MWC. I understand the AF game was originally going to be on a Saturday, and the only reason we schedule these games is for TV, but why schedule games on national television just to get beat? By the way, we have lost every single non Mtn televised game this year. Stage fight maybe?

I love GP. I love our coaching staff, for the most part. However, I question his motivating in these tense situations.. The motto for the week was "Just Survive" which I understand because it's a short week and then we get a break. Honestly though, fuck that. Our play calling completely suggested that we were playing simply to survive. We got ballsy before we took the lead, and then we were just playing for the lead. It wasn't to put points on the board, it was simply to have our offense pick them apart (which we are not great at, as evidenced) and then have the defense hold.

Patterson is the highest paid staff member at TCU. By far. Like several times over. He knows that we have these short games (and, as much as he won't acknowledge it, Utah also has a short week and also has to travel across time zones). He knows that we typically do not perform well. So, why would you come out and say "Just survive?" It's like he just accepts it and is like, "Hey guys, I know we aren't going to play well, so just squeak one out." Especially after how we played last week, you'd think he'd come out wanting blood and continue the momentum. I suppose this is why they kept Dalton in the gun with no backfield, but, as much as I like showing the guy you have faith in him, when something isn't working, why not try and hammer them on the ground, knowing that their secondary is far better than their front seven? But, when you put Dalton back in the shotgun by himself, and you know that he isn't a great runner, of course they're going to drop 5-6 guys back every time, knowing that, even if he decides to break for a run, he's not going to be hard to bring down. By not mixing it up, we basically handed the game to them.

Utah is a pretty good team, and they're on a hot streak, but despite this, they never pulled away. It was almost like they were challenging us to make a few big plays and break the game open. Our defense did all that they could, but, when our offense gives them no help, there's nothing to expect.

So, 4-4. Theoretically we could win out and be 8-4 to finish the season. In most years, we could finish even 7-5 and probably get a bowl invite. However, this year even 8-4 doesn't guarantee us anything as our conference is pretty strong. Three conference losses doesn't help either.

So, Frogs Fans, keep your Frogs up and pray for a miracle.


It would make my day if someone could explain the logic behind our offesive strategy last night. We have a freshman quarterback who threw 4 interceptions yet the entire 4th quarter we ran a no back set. In fact, our top two tailbacks had 16 carries...combined...the entire game. I'm over harping on Schultz, and I don't believe the sky is falling. GP is still God, but shit man 16 carries?

Now I Remember What a BAD Season Feels Like

Jesus H.

A. Dalton Comp/Att: 20/45; Yds: 164; TD: 0; INT: 4

Did anyone else notice that AD refused to stay in the pocket that the offensive line was creating play after play. He would freak out for NO REASON, roll out, and make a shitty pass on the run.

You are a POCKET PASSER, so stay the fuck in the pocket, set your feet, and throw the fucking ball.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

People with October Birthday's Kick Ass

To all of you who are born in the month of October...Congrats. We are fucking awesome and the rest of the months are shitty months to be born in. Holla

Fan of the Week, Month, Year, Century

You always hear about how Alabama football fans are some of the most venemous, ravenous, most outrageously unrealistic fans in the entire country. Given how much they're paying Saban, and the fact that they oversold their stadium for a spring game, I suppose this has to be semi-accurate, but I still wasn't sold.

Until I saw this guy:

Alabama flag? Check. Houndstooth hat? Check. Kilt? Check. Bear Bryant tattoo covering his entire back? Check check CHECK. Wow. This is a guy that genuinely has to have Alabama perform well or else his body image will be VERY damaged.

The best part is, this guy is probably completely one of the T-shirt fans we consistently ridicule when referring to the Bevos. However, with this kind of dedication, I think I'd have to let any sort of comments slide. Bravo, sir.

Also, I was trying to think of a situation where this could be applied to a TCU fan. First instinct would be to have Dutch tattooed on your back, but seeing as how his time was well before any of our parents were even born, I think we'd have to have something more recent. GP hasn't achieved permanent ink status. Yet.

I'm guessing it would have to be LT, stiff arming satan while crushing the skull of Osama Bin Laden. and the ball would be the decapitated noggin' of Hitler. Just a thought.

Lame bet of the day

Boston at Cleveland over/under 8 runs. Any suggestions.

Pick Tonight

***** South Florida @ Rutgers under 52.5

Don't ask why, just do it.

Go Frogs.

Resurgence Game 2: Utah

Since Utah is one of the most impossible teams to gauge this season, in lieu of my usual pre-game ramblings, I'll just link to the Star Telegram articles regarding tonight's game.

Obvious, Obvious Keys, Briefly:

  • Stop the run. Utah is undefeated when they rush for more than 100 yards. TCU has given up 100 yards to runner in 5 of the last 7 games. This must change tonight
  • Secondary must step up. Secondary has been great at stopping short plays, but gets killed on deep plays. Utah has a very solid passing game. Big plays must be kept to a minimum.


  • Dalton. Utah's secondary is relatively banged up. They will be better than Stanford, but we need Dalton to play out of his mind once more to open up plays for...
  • Brown/Turner. Do I really need to elaborate? Utah's D-line is strong, but their LBs are suspect. Our O-line needs to put up another dominating performance because once Brown or Turner can get through that first level, it can be lights out.

Special Teams:

  • Return Defense. Apparently Utah has a top notch return man. No big returns.
  • Kicking Game. Recruit a new kicker.

That's basically the highlights for anyone that doesn't want to read the articles, although this is pretty much how we should prepare for any game.

Also, if you need any added reason to dislike Utah, they produced Keith Van Horn, who, while not being the sole cause for the Mavericks lackluster Finals performance, he sure wasn't good for it.

The Unlovable Losers: TCU Basketball

Since some of you have apparently lost interest in Frogs Football, and are setting yourselves up for ridicule after "The Resurgence" that will begin tonight, I'll pass along this TCU Men's Basketball preview.
Outlook: Sandwiched somewhere between hell freezing over and the Tenacious D movie winning a lifetime achievement Oscar (which is extremely unfair that it hasn't). We're picked to finish second to last in the MWC. The MWC is not a good basketball conference. The easy/sarcastic answer to this would be that, ever since Art Pierce removed himself from the team, the feng shui has been off. The real answer is that these guys just aren't that good and have the worst coach in the entire sporting world. This includes when my dad coached my 6th grade church basketball team. I went to one game last year when we played SFA (mostly because I have a friend that plays for SFA. And when I say mostly I mean entirely) and we almost lost. I hope we lose every game this year (and only because hopefully it will lead to the removal of the topic of my next paragraph...)
Dougherty. Neil. Fucking. Dougherty. Really? This is the best we can do? Oh, but I forget, he's the best dressed man in college basketball! Suck My Ass. I feel like you all probably remember Billy Ball. We averaged like 175 points a game. Sure, the competition averaged 174 but Billy Tubbs' don't need no stinkin' defense! This guy is the bane of my TCU existence. Junior year, the last year we still had most of Tubbs' last recruiting class, was ridiculous for TCU basketball. Santee, Shrop, Aaron "Sportscenter" Curtis? Sure, we only made the NIT, but that's about as much as we can hope for. We still made the Sweet 16 in that and hung with Maryland until the last few minutes of the game. Hell, I think we were ahead at the half!
A few years back in one of my marketing classes, our job was to market the basketball team and Dougherty came in and spoke to us and, I can honestly say, I've never been more unimpressed with a "motivator." He was condescending, negative, blamed everything on the fans, and didn't stop and think that maybe he's a poor recruiter and coach. He expected to come in here and it still be Kansas. Well, Neil, we're not in... ok, I'm not going to go there. The thing about Kansas a) it's a basketball school, b) they're good, c) they don't win 5 games in a season total. d) FU, Neil. Can we pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease run this guy out of town? Even if our basketball team is terrible post Dougherty, at least I'll know we tried.
I mean, SMU may still not have the right Doherty, but at least he coached at UNC. Let's show Dougherty the Dougher.

Neil Dougherty pointing towards his next destination: The F outta here.

In other news, the TCU women's basketball team is supposed to finish second in conference which leads me to ask: Like a tree falling in the woods, if the TCU women's basketball team wins the conference, does anyone know and/or care?

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Can We Talk Mavs?

I keep hearing about the possibilities of a Mavs/Lakers trade including crybaby Kobe Bryant. But what would the Mavs have to give up? Possible players include Jason Terry and my favorite Josh Howard, but the Mavs would definitely have to throw in more names to make the Lakers and Jerry Buss happy. The Mavs would definately have to give up Howard, and i don't like losing Terry either. I would miss seeing Terry drain clutch 3-pointers all year.
I don't know if this is a good idea or a bad one. I think the Mavs should be focusing their attention on a more aggressive center instead of freaking Dampier, and Diop is certainly coming along nicely. Another possible stop for Kobe is in Chicago, but I really doubt the Bulls will let go of all their young stars like Ben Gordan and Burnsy's favorite Dang.
Just wanted to see what people thought about the possibility of Kobe and Dirk playing together. Might be a great combo...

GP Rumors

I've read some wild rumors regarding God, er, Gary Patterson today. My favorite would definitely have to be that once Baylor inevitably runs off Guy Morriss, they will likely come calling GPs way. HA! That's a good one. I understand it's the Big 12, but come ON! The FW Bowl is leaps and bounds better than where Baylor would ever end up. I'm not even goign to address this.

I've also seen Patterson might be on the short list once Fran is run out of College Station by those pesky collies. Fortunately for us, I'm not sure that he has the resume that they are looking for and, again, like Baylor, I don't see them competing for the Big 12 south title anytime soon.

The team the scares me the most is probably Arkansas. As they recently found out with their basketball program, the Arkansas name, so prominent in the middle part of last century, just ain't what is used to be. If the school is so far removed from a basketball championship that occured just 13 years ago, then I feel like the "Game of the Century" and the 64 football championship probably don't carry much weight. Not to mention the departure of icon Frank Broyles. Given Arkansas' dismal defensive performances this year and the fact that GP always throws out magnificent run defenses, if not complete defenses, he would fit in well in the hard nosed, run happy SEC. I would hate this as a Frogs fan, but as a back up Arkansas fan, I wouldn't hate as much as if he went to...

Nebraska! Argh, dark horse! I hadn't given them much of a thought, notably because they were supposed to be magnificent this year, but with the firing of their AD, Callahan's departure seems pretty imminent. I will let the S-T article give the details. If only Houston Nutt had taken the Nebraska job a few years ago, Arkansas wouldn't be sinking into even more obscurity, and we wouldn't be worrying about our coach leaving.

I still don't think he leaves, but I hate having to worry about it every single year.

Damn It Feels Good To Be A Gangsta

I know we aren't completely living up to the standards of our diarrhea colored bovine neighbors down I-35, but my goodness. Somewhere, Tony Montana smiles.

He-Man Woman Haters Club

Like Eazy-E before him, Walter Bryant reached back like a pimp and he slapped the ho. The funniest part about this, it mentions that the woman is his wife... yet she doesn't live with him? What an arrangement! GP furthers the South Park community stance that domestic violence is OK, as long as there's no naughty language. Hey, at least he wasn't ripping off youngsters for their Xboxes.

Receiver arrested

Junior wideout Walter Bryant was arrested and charged Wednesday night with assault with bodily injury to a family member after Fort Worth police responded to a domestic disturbance between him and his wife.

The wife, who has a child with Bryant but does not live with him, said she went to visit him at his apartment and became angry when she discovered another woman there. Bryant accompanied his wife to the parking lot, where she said he slapped her in the face, arm and leg.

Bryant, 21, admitted to slapping his wife's leg after she put her hand in his face.

He was released from jail on $2,500 bail and played Saturday at Stanford."I have gathered all the facts, and at this point Walter is eligible to play," Gary Patterson said

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Phantom Pooper

Too Funny for a Joke,

Just Watch

Sippin' on some Sizuuurp.

In his weekly rankings, Stewart Mandel at Si has us sitting pretty at 43. Which is ahead of any other team in our conference. Like, other than BYU, we're way far ahead of everyone.

I think there's only one explanation for this scenario: Man's been nursin' summa dat purple draaank.

Over/Under 10 runs Boston vs Clevland

Any suggestions?

Another One

Brought to you by

Baptist Urine

I find two things interesting about this article:
1. Baylor is "considering" disciplinary action
2. The world's largest Baptist University hired a coach who played for Miami

Back from California

People from California are really, REALLY condescending when it comes to Texas. Everyone I met, upon learning I was from the Lone Star State, would respond with some variant of "Oh, man- do you LIKE living there?!?!" One of my cousin's friends actually told me he felt sorry for me having to live here. Right, because we're the state that elected a guy who starred alongside Sinbad in "Jingle All the Way" as governor...

I wasn't shy about pointing that out to the surprisingly large amount of "intellectual" Stanford fans that were talking weak, weak shit to me. Sure, you beat USC last week. Neat. USC sucks, though- they also almost lost to Washington. Furthermore, we beat them the last time we played them, too. They were selling T-shirts that said "Biggest Upset Ever" and spent a few minutes before the game and during halftime showing highlights from that game on the jumbo-tron. If it's really THAT big a deal to beat a team, you probably don't deserve to be in the same conference with them.

For the first half, I took a seat (along with my buddy Houston, a Stanford-hating Cal Bear fan) in a half-empty section behind the TCU bench. This was after buying a $9 ticket to a Pac-10 team's homecoming game- the kind of supply and demand ratio that clearly indicates your team should be in a BCS conference. Sitting amongst the few fans that were there, I quickly realized that, despite Stanford's lofty academic reputation, they have quite possibly the least-educated football fans in the country. One illustration of this was after the touchdown run by Dalton (which was an awesome play) was challenged, even though it was clearly a touchdown. The replay showed, as anyone with a brain could plainly see even in normal speed, that his knees were never down and the the ball was not only in the endzone, but actually knocked the pylon down from the inside. Even after the replay, which was shown in slow-motion about 10 times, the vast majority of Cardinal fans continued to boo and whine, claiming it was "the worst call ever". I was quick to point out to them not only how and why it was a touchdown, but also that their state produced the jury pool that acquitted OJ Simpson, so their opinions probably aren't valid.

The second half, I moved over to the TCU section. If you've never been to a TCU road game in a far away state, we actually travel pretty decently. That is, our fans over the age of 70 do-there was a solid contigent of 300 or so sporting purple. It was nice to watch the comeback in friendlier confines, and we actually got the blue-hairs to make some noise in the final few minutes.

When we were down 31-17, a Stanford fan that looked like Jimmy Clausen came over to us and told us that the game was "sooo over" and that we should probably get on our horses back to Texas. I wish I could say that my repetitive comebacks to him were better than just "Game's over, huh bud?"...but they weren't. It kind of broke my heart to see their faces, like Baylor or SMU fans realizing that they do, indeed, still suck. But not really.

My quick thoughts on the game as a whole- Our team has no quit in them whatsoever. As I've said the whole year, Dalton is going to have a phenomenal career at TCU-he's incredibly mature and poised for a freshman, if I may use some cliches. Also, as I've said time after time, when Joseph Turner is healthy, he's going to be awesome. He's also the perfect compliment to Aaron Brown, who continues to be the main fuel for this offense. Overall on offense, we still might not be the best unit in the nation, but we are clearly better than some of our early season performances. All of you impatient Schultz-haters that didn't get to watch this game on TV missed some really great play-calling and solid execution.

On defense, Chase Ortiz is just a beast. He was doubled the whole game, and still had two sacks. Stephen Hodge looked like Gator on Saturday. He doesn't just tackle people, he puts dents in their soul. Oh, and David Hawthorne is quitely our best defender this year- the guy just keeps making plays. The secondary had some iffy moments, but they tightened up in the second half. Most of the big plays were more about Stanford's QB and WRs making great plays than our coverage being blown. That QB they've got has a bright future ahead of him, as well.

After the game, we took the train back into San Francisco and went out with my cousin that lives there. To the girls I met out that night, I was either a professional lacrosse player (for the "Kansas City Force"), a professional rubix-cuber (I can do that shit with my feet), or on the waiting list for Astronaut Training (don't tell anyone, but they are looking at candidates about my age for a possible Mars mission). Sad thing is, I'm pretty sure about 75% of them believed me.

It was a fun trip, but I'm glad to be back. In the words of Biggie: "Cali- great place to visit"

YouTube Tuesday

Old one, but good one.

Monday, October 15, 2007

On The Mark

Mark Sclabach's weekly ESPN article

On The Mark
Lone Star State quarterbacks. A half-dozen quarterbacks from Texas schools combined to put up unbelievable numbers on Saturday. Texas' Colt McCoy, Texas Tech'sGraham Harrell continues to pile up impressive numbers at Texas Tech.
Lone Star State quarterbacks. A half-dozen quarterbacks from Texas schools combined to put up unbelievable numbers on Saturday. Texas' Colt McCoy, Texas Tech's Graham Harrell, TCU's Andy Dalton and UTEP's Trevor Vittatoe combined to complete 73 percent of their passes for 1,476 yards with 12 touchdowns...Dalton had 344 passing yards and two touchdowns on 23-for-34 passing in a 38-36 win at Stanford.

CBS bowl prediction

Armed Forces Dec. 31 Fort Worth ESPN Miami (Fla.)* vs. Texas Christian

Probably far-fetched, but it would be a fun one to see

Business Time

Well, it would certainly appear that my pregame prediction was incorrect once again, although at least this time it went in our favor. I wanted to doubt the Frogs. Hell, when we were down 31-17 I did doubt the Frogs. I mean, defense? Not so much. I had predicted an offensive struggle, and was obviously proven wrong. However, if it gets us a win, I'm perfectly ok with that. I understand Stanford's new QB isn't half bad, but good lord! We gave up more points in the first half this game than we had all season in first halves. What gives? Maybe we should all doubt our Frogs beforehand so that they come out with that same fire they came out with Saturday. Maybe they've been perusing Spit Blood?

First off I have to ask, where did this offense come from? I mean, we ran up more points on this team than USC, and they were playing at home. I realize that USC is heinously overrated, but, it's still something to think about. We'd take them.

That being said, at the beginning of the fourth, when we were down 31-24, I had no doubt that we were going to win. As well as Dalton, Brown, Turner, even Jimmy Young were doing, I knew there was no way we weren't going to put points on the board and, regardless of how they'd performed all game, there was no way our defense was going to let us go back down once we finally took the lead.

I listened to the game on the radio, while flipping through several other games on TV and texting pro Stephen Hodge/Henson messages with WWHD, so there's no way I can give an accurate wrap up, but I do know this. Joseph Turner. Know him. Fear Him. Talk to him at Snookies. Isn't it amazing what two quality backs will do for the team? Having Joseph Turner back gives us an entirely new dimension because when Brown is on the sidelines, they can't ignore the run game. Our seemingly anemic passing game, non-existent most of the season, absolutely ignited. Dalton threw for 340 and two TDs! Yikes! I knew he had it in him! After seeing what he did at the end of the Wyoming game, even in the loss, you could tell he's just starting to feel comfortable. Getting our backs involved in the pass game seemed to do us very well, and, although Jimmy Young's long reception could be due to blown coverage (like I said, I only heard it), it was the most exciting pass play we've had the entire season. Having our offense know what they're capable of is going to be an enormous boost the rest of the season. Yes, I was pessimistic last week, but I can realistically see us finishing 8-4 if we perform offensively at the level we did Saturday, and our defense decides to show up before the last drive. That will be more than positive considering where our season was a week ago.

Aww Yeah. That's right Horned Frogs. The game this week is Thursday night. And Thursday night is the night that we typically beat Utah. Saturday afternoon on the road is when we lose, but Thursday night is the night that we fight back into conference contention.

It's Busi-ness. It's business time! Ooooh beatin' Utah. Beatin' Utah for 60 minutes!


Unfortunately Thursday is the night that we typically lose conference games, but it didnt' work with the song.

That's all I got. Go Frogs.

Monday Night Pick

*** New York -4 vs Atlanta

Prediction: 24-13 Giants

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Let's Try the NFL

After a 2-4 day yesterday it's desperation Sunday where it's the only chance to win money until the middle of this week, unless you truly are a degenerate and bet on baseball. (guilty)

**** Philadelphia -4 @ New York Jets
*** Oakland/Denver und 44
** Cleveland -4 vs Miami

Luckily I was drunk enough last night to bet on K State -5.5, K State -3 1st Half Line and K State -1.5 2nd Half Line. I made 20 bets yesterday and when all was said and done I netted $13, what a great day.

You think I have a problem? My friend was down 400 to some bookie he's never spoken to, but I'm pretty sure has the capability of breaking knee caps. So he puts $200 on K State 1st half line, hits, and lets it ride on the second half line, hits, and now is in the black. Let's just say the K State game was intense.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Spit Blood's Picks

If you are a betting man then here are Spit Blood's picks for the weekend. I must start my handicapping career somewhere, and the only way to do that is to build a case by your super awesome winning percentage. Take the stars as units to alter how much you push on the games. If you are dumb enough to take my picks, don't yell at me when you are down half a paycheck.

***** Fresno State -9.5 @ Idaho
**** BYU -11 @ UNLV
**** Louisville/Cincinnatti ovr 66.5
*** Colorado State -3 vs Air Force
*** Memphis -3 vs Middle Tenn State
** Missouri +12 @ Oklahoma

Do it.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Two Game Notes from S-T

#1 Senior kicker Chris Manfredini is a semifinalist for the Draddy Trophy, awarded to a player who combines success in the classroom, on the field and in the community.

--wait, wait, doesn't it say ON the field? So, missing two game winning field goals off the upright counts as on the field performance? Must be a week year for candidates for the Draddy Trophy. Who's your Draddy? Hopefully not ManFred.

#2 Sophomore tailback Joseph Turner continues to practice after missing the past four games with a foot injury. Gary Patterson is hopeful Turner will be able to play at Stanford.

--Keep hearing big things about this kid, now we might finally get to see him play. This is good because when Brown is having a poor game (such as against Wyoming, although they were very good defensively) we can't expect Christian and Watts to carry the load. Hopefully this will give us a backup threat when Brown is out of the game.

I think it's funny that I refer to Turner as "this kid" even though I'm probably no more than 4 years older than he is. Maybe I really am turning into a cliche.

Here's to the TCU defense keeping the Stanford side of the scoreboard marked 0.

Win or Lose, Stanford's Mascot is still a Tree

Albeit a tree that doesn't fuck around. Is Superfrog making the trip? If so, go for the legs! Show that scrub shrub not to mess with a teenage mutant ninja Horned Frog with back tits!

Carville on the BCS

He may be a democrat, but he sure has a way with words.

"The BCS is like the electoral college--a convoluted way to pick a winner. The electoral college was a bad idea thought up by great men trying to do a noble thing. The BCS is a stupid idea thought up by intellectual midgets trying to protect greedy college presidents."
- James Carville

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Bud Light: Real Men of Genius

I hope this makes everybody's Friday. Go Frogs! It's time to send those Harvard wannabe hippies back down the smugness level they are used to!

Hopeless Notre Dame Fan
(It's great to know someone is worse off than us)

Mr. Jean Shorts Inventor

Mr. Cell Phone Holster Wearer

(This ones for the Finch himself who has admitted to clipping)

Mr. Giant Taco Salad Inventor

Mr. Way Too Proud of Texas Guy

Mr. Pro Sports Heckler Guy

I'm out this bitch

Wow. When the schedule came out, this game against Stanford looked like a nice, leisurely stroll up to beautiful Northern California to pound on a cellar-dwelling Pac 10 team. Then the Pac 10 got off to a good start. Then the Frogs got off to a bad start. Then Stanford beat freaking USC...what in the world? Now this game worries me...a lot. Just like every game left on the schedule.

I'm headed to DFW in a few minutes to catch my flight up to the Bay Area. I'll be sure to report back on all my findings. And yeah, I'll definitely put those Ivy-League wannabes in their place. If you remember, Zach Morriss actually got into Stanford.

Biggest Disappointment

I guess if you adhere to the old adage that any press is good press then this is a good thing. I suppose it is better to have expectations and fall short then to just know that you suck.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

FWST Mid-Season Report

Looks bleak. Best case scenario is Poinsettia Bowl, which at this point would be against Navy. I still say FW vs. a last place Pac-10 team is better.

Wyoming Game Story

This was posted on Killer Frogs. It shows part of the greatness of our program. We are in the midst of a shitty season, as seems to be our 3 year trend, but I will always be proud to be a frog.

My birthday was October 6. My son, who lives in Denver, found great airline rates From DFW to Denver and asked me to come up and we would drive to Laramie and watch my favorite team on my birthday. Sounded too good so I took him up on it. Most spontaneous thing I've ever done.
We drove with a few other Denver frogs to Laramie Saturday AM. We tailgated for a while and then made the trek to the stadium.
Tucked in the southwest corner of the stadium were about 200 loyalists dressed in purple.
We sat through 3 1/2 quarters of unbelievable horror. About midway through the 4th quarter, the wind shifted and a sudden chill filled the air. Wyoming scored on a pass play to a wide open receiver in the southeast end zone. I looked for some reason at the TCU bench and saw CGP bent over, hands on knees with his head down staring into the barren earth. I felt the same way as did, I'm sure, the other 199 or so TCU fans. I watched the extra point sail through the uprights that would soon grow so narrow.
I looked back at the bench and saw CGP seemingly calm talking to his defensive backs.
The next six minutes of game time showed me what a team we have. Instead of tucking tail and deciding that all was lost, our offense came alive and scored on a methodical drive. An incredibly clever 2 point conversion play was successful. The defense held and the Wyoming punter froze as if the cold air was meant specifically for him. We sack him and get the ball inside the 20! Instead of turning it over or sputtering to a halt or getting flagged for motion infractions, we took the ball and scored. We hold again and get the ball back with 56 seconds and two timeouts. We drive to down to questionable field goal range with 10 seconds to go. A time out is called and we decide to attempt one more play. A tremendous timing route succesfully resulted in a 10 yard gain. The 47-48yard filed goal attempt hits the right upright and the game is lost. Right??---------Wrong.
The 200 loyalists stayed for 60 minutes. But CGP and the team don't go to the locker room. Instead CGP brings the team over to our little group as a spontaneous cheer of T_C_U, T_C_U, T_C_U goes up. The team without band begins singing the TCU alma mater and the TCU contingent chimes in. The final stanza of T_C_U made my hair stand on end.
We didn't score the most points Saturday but we had the most guts, class, spirit and pride. CGP is at the top and gets the blame for the losses and a lot of credit for the success on the point system. But what he showed me at the end of that game Saturday meant the most to me. I was reminded of a similar show of class after the crushing defeat at Air Force when before allowing the team to retire to the locker room, we stood at attention to hear the Air Force alma mater.
Would I ever love to be 4-2 but, honestly, if I had to trade that loss for a loss of integrity at the top, I'd hit that upright every time. We know he has the ability to coach, recruit, yell, scream, sing and play guitar and now I know what kind of winner we have. I am not good at predicitions but that upright may be the turning point in our season.
I had a very happy birthday.

Game... Whatever: Stanford

History: Stanford just beat USC, the then #1 team in the country, in the Coliseum, in front of, like, eleventy billion fans. Did I mention they did this with a backup QB whose name I'm pretty sure I can't spell or pronounce?

TCU just lost to Wyoming. Our conference hopes are completely destroyed and we will probably lose 2/4 between UNM, UNLV, Utah and BYU. God Bless You, SDSU.

We can't win on the road. Our kicker has balls the size of that kid from Simon Birch. Our offensive line is uninspiring at best. We can't figure out which QB to use in what situation until it's too late (and that's just me accepting the fact that we're going to use the dreaded two-headed QB, so I won't even go into my thoughts on that.) Our defense couldn't stop the run if the other team lined up that guy from Road Trip that boinked the fat girl, although I'll attribute this to being tired because our offense refuses to stay on the field.

So, that spat of optimism leads me to assume the final score will be somewhere in the vicinity of 21-4. Our two points will be the result of botched punt snaps.

Logically? Vegas is giving Stanford 5.5 last I heard. Aside from Stanford's 37th ranking in passing yards, neither team ranks above 74th in ANY offensive category. TCUs rankings in Total Yards/Rushing Yards/Passing Yard/Points Scored looks like this: 92/75/97/99. See for yourself:

TCU, already the most boring offensive team in the game, meets a pretty good runner up in this category. Get ready for some action packed Horned Frogs Football!!!!

I'm taking the Cardinal.


Good news/Bad news

At 3-3 with an upcoming road trip to play a team that just upset the reigning super-power of college football, now would probably be a good time for me to get up on a soapbox to talk about being a real fan and lambaste those that are fleeing the bandwagon. Even though my loyalty and passion for the Frogs will never waver, my confidence in them unfortunately has diminished. So, I am putting that soapbox speech on the shelf, knowing that it may be more needed at a later date.

Right now, though, I've got some good news for you and some bad news. I'll start with the bad.

-Shae Reagan apparently broke his leg against Wyoming. Aaaaaah! Can this kid please stay healthy? If he did, he most certainly would have a future playing on Sundays. As it is, I'm afraid he's going to become another Robert Merrill.

Now, for those of you that follow Frog baseball, the good:

-Walter Kelly, a left-handed pitcher for Arlington Heights, has committed to play for TCU. Kelly was the star player on the Fort Worth team that made it all the way to the Little League World Series in 2002, and is one of the best prospects in the Metroplex as well as the State. For his career at AHHS, he is 27-0 and has been named All-State twice already. The two teams he picked TCU over? Texas and Arizona State. Now we've just got to hope he doesn't get too enticed by the money when he is inevitably drafted this coming June...

Vick 'Em Tech

Texas Tech fans have done it again. A member of a fraternity made these t-shirts for their upcoming game against A&M. The hanging dog of course is the Aggies beloved border collie (one tough mascot). The University banned the selling of the t-shirt, but I wonder what they will say to the 100 or so wearing them at the game. If the t-shirts are the worst thing that happen at that game, I'll be shocked. University officials should have said you can sell and wear the shirts, just don't throw batteries at the Aggies like you did in '99.

How many more days can the Aggies survive at the top of the Big 12 South? I see Tech winning this game, maybe not easily, but they will get the W and bring the delusional Aggie fans back down to earth...maybe.

I had the joy of watching last weeks game against Ok State at a sports bar in Dallas after the Horns game. Of course there was a table full of Aggies whoopin and hollerin for their shitty excuse for a football team. The game ended of course on a pathetic roughing the kicker call that bailed the Aggies out, and the fans erupted as if they scored a game winning touchdown, and then proceeded to high five and cheer as if their team had a snowballs chance in hell of winning the Big 12.

Comparing the Aggies talent level to that of a real Division 1 football team is like comparing Stephen Hawking to that chicken who plays tic tac toe at the state fair.

Even if they get blown out on Saturday the fans will still be so caught up in their oblivious delusion to say,"We're tied for first in the Big 12 South!" Fucking idiots those Aggies. Griffin, I hope you read this.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Pat Forde Midseason Report

Mountain West (32)

Best player: BYU quarterback Max Hall is sixth nationally in total offense and is nearly 100 yards ahead of the MWC competition in that category. Not bad for a first-year starter who hadn't played a competitive game in four years.

Best coaching job: Troy Calhoun, Air Force. He's working a gradual makeover of the Fisher DeBerry ground-bound offensive scheme with surprising results. The Falcons are 4-2 overall, 3-1 in the league.

Biggest surprise: Wyoming. The 4-1 Cowboys gave Virginia its only loss so far, and in turn their only defeat came at Boise State.

Biggest disappointment: TCU, and it's not close. The Horned Frogs began the year talking about BCS busting, but instead have flat busted. They're 1-2 in a league they were expected to dominate.

Who will win it: BYU should be there at the end, though a trip to Laramie Nov. 17 won't be easy.

Mid-Season Thoughts



Does Vegas Smell an October Hangover?

We've all heard of the hangover effect in sports. Partly, it's due to the fact that you have teams who play high-profile, emotional games with a lot of energy in front of a national audience where statements are trying to be made. The next week, the game isn't on national TV and nobody is excited.

Motivation is a huge factor in college football, as it is in many other sports, but in college football its even more so. Good teams typically don't play down to their competition and thus avoid the hangover effect all together. For instance, Auburn, coming off their huge win against Florida were only favored by a touchdown to Vandy before crushing them 35-7. Now, I'm not calling Auburn a "good" team but they are use to playing tough games.

However, when a team like Stanford, who were 41 point underdogs pull off one of the biggest upsets in College Football history, there has to be a hangover lurking around the corner. Even the handicappers in Vegas agree, which is why the Frogs are 5.5 point favorites this weekend. This speaks loudly to the credit of the hangover factor. As we all know, the Frogs haven't won a road game would be a great time to start.

Monday, October 8, 2007

This might help the depression

Friday, October 5, 2007

I am very aroused

To all of you who blog for the purple cause, congrats on the new author.
More to come...for me...

Strange Kid From Abilene

This is Herman, post graduation. There must be something in the water in Abilene.

Record 6 sacks and some change against Donovan McNabb, and you too can party like Osi Umenyiora. Happy Friday. Book ' Em Horns. GO FROGS.

Fans of the Week

SI 10 Most Disappointing College Football Players

Not really that interesting because I'm not familiar with half the players, but I feel it's relevant when you look at the poster boy.

Tommy Blake Article
Tailgate Anyone?


This doesn't help me, but for those of you in Fort Worth I recommend that you still tailgate. Congrats to the marketing department for actually doing some intelligent.

TO: TCU Supporters

FROM: John Denton, Director of Frog Club

DATE: October 4, 2007

RE: TCU vs. Wyoming Football Game


You are cordially invited to watch the broadcast (the mtn.) of the Wyoming football game on the Dave Bloxom Video Board at Amon G. Carter Stadium this Saturday, October 6 at 1:00 p.m. Please park in the area behind the west stands and enter through the gate nearest the John Justin Center (gate will open at 12:30 p.m.). The concession stands will be open for your convenience. Outside food and drinks will not be permitted.

Unfortunately, the mtn. is not available on cable or satellite in Texas. Not only do we have more football games scheduled to be broadcast on the mtn., but a total of 17 TCU men’s and women’s basketball games, as well as some of the MWC Tournament games, will also be shown on the mtn. during the 2007-08 seasons. Please contact your local cable operator or satellite provider to ask that the mtn. be added to their network lineup. Their contact information is below.

Thanks again for your support of the Frogs!

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Match de Seis: Wyoming

Laramie, Wyoming. Land of the Free. Home of the Brave. Meh. I really don't know much about this football team except that A) they're pretty decent and B) WORST. UNIFORMS. EVER! It seems like a few years back the Frogs were voted as having the worst uniforms in college football. This is blasphemy because A) it's the Frogs, 3) I think we have pretty cool unis to be quite honest, and D) Have you SEEN Wyoming's!?!?!? Not only are they turd brown, they're sponsored by New Balance! New Balance. Frat if it's shoes. Shockingly un frat if it's sponsoring your football team.

Correction. These are the worst unis ever, but Wyoming is a close second.

Anyway, as far as the football game goes, I probably know about as much as anyone else about the Pokes. We lead the all-time series 2-1, including both times we've matched up in MWC play. So far this year, they've smoked a very underrated Virginia team, beat Utah State by 2 TDs, lost to Boise (read: lame) State and squeaked by Ohio, who may or may not be a terrible team. So, this really tells me nothing. The last time we played them in Wyoming, we forced seven turnovers, including the Ortiz forced fumble, picked up and run in for a score by my man, and yours, Robert Henson, the first of his career. To be honest, this sort of situation looks to be in our favor again this year with their QB thusfar completing 64% of his passes, yet already having tossed 8 picks to 5 TDs. If you're playing averages, that's mediocrity personified. Judging by the way our secondary has just been absolutely sniping passes off (11 ,good for second in the country) we shouldn't ever be too threatened through the air. Where we have to be worried is that this team has a great rushing attack, moving the ball for almost 175 yards per game. However, as mentioned, we have been blessed with a phenomenal defense and, even though there have been some blunders against the run, I look for Bumpas to have the squad fully prepared for this. Look for another big day from our defense.

On offense, it appears that we will be starting Marcus Jackson as Dalton is still listed as questionable with that thigh injury. Wyoming is one of the better teams in the conference against the run (72.0 yd/g) and hasn't given up 100 yards to an individual in 11 straight games (sound familiar?) However, with the two pronged attack of Jackson/Brown, with a twist of Christian and a splash of Watts, I feel confident that we can move the ball on this team, assuming our O-line performs at the level they did last week. The Wyoming defense is giving up close to 200 yards per game through the air but have only picked off 4 passes, so, even with Jackson's accuracy issues, this should be the week he gets it together.

Overall, Wyoming has the best defense in the conference and fourth best nationally, but, most of this is attributed to the stellar run defense. Judging by our first half hammering of teams, we will hopefully continue this trend if we can get the pass game going, because we know that, with Brown back, our run game will perform.

Since the Cowboys are going to be one of the stronger offensive threats we have faced this year, we will once again need to look to our defense to help out the offense. We can score points, but, as demonstrated, not in bunches. Look for this to be the hardest fought game we've played in all year, with our defense being the key difference between us and them. I look for Roach, Sanders, Stewart and Coleman to pull in several INTs between them and Aaron Brown to have a fair day rushing, seeing as how any defense playing us should stack the run and allow the pass. Jackson will have to be able to move the ball around through the air in order to open up the run game. Dickerson has been the stud, Schultz is finally utilizing Raegan more and more. Where has Massey been? Get this guy the ball! Bottom line: Marcus Jackson is going to make or break us on offense, and if he can pull off several drives that are anywhere close to how he performed on the 90 yd one against CSU, we'll be one more step closer to Vegas.

Prediction: TCU - 17, Wyoming - 14. (changed initial prediction upon reading up more about this defense)

Dressed Up Dog of the Day

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Bevo = Cash Cow

A lengthy read (Dear Anonymous: It's longer than your 200 word limit, so ignore this message) but interesting. Breakdown of the UT athletic program finances. A whole lot of money to pay for a perennial loser.

Lame Joke of the Day

It's funny, because it's true. Edited for Frog shout out:

Three football fans were on their way to a game when one noticed
a foot sticking out of some bushes along the side of the road.

They stopped and discovered a nude female, drunk and passed out.

Out of respect and propriety, the Texas A&M fan took off his cap and
placed it over her right breast.

The TCU fan took off his cap and placed it over her left breast.

Following their lead, the Texas fan took off his cap and placed it over
her crotch.

The police were called and when the officer arrived, he conducted his

First, he lifted the A&M cap, replaced it and made some notes.

Next, he lifted the TCU cap, replaced it and made some notes.

The officer then lifted the Texas cap, replaced it, then lifted it
again, replaced it, lifted it a third time and replaced it one last time!

The Texas fan was getting upset and finally asked the officer "What are
you a pervert or something? Why do you keep lifting and looking at her
crotch, lifting and looking, lifting and looking?

Well", said the officer "I am simply surprised. Normally when I look
under a Texas cap, I find an asshole.

Pass Me Tha Green...

Just when you thought Rocky Mountain High couldn't get any higher. Or stereotypical. Another one of Texas' Finest.

Hump Day Post

If only I had pledges, I'd make every one memorize this quote:

Dressed Up Dog of the Day

Princess Leia

Must See TV

Don't forget, Season 11 of South Park kicks off tonight at 9pm.

Le Petit Tourette

Cartman discovers the joys of having Tourette's syndrome. Drunk with the power of saying whatever he wants without getting in trouble for it, he lines up National TV Coverage to take advantage of his new life with no filters.

Any episode centered around Cartman always seems to turn out well.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Something Smells Funny

West Virginia's Johhy Dingle and Scooter Berry might have each other's backs on the Football field, but are clearly unaware of what's written accross their backs when sitting on the bench. The Mountaineers team somewhat resembles a dingle berry: Fun to play with (on NCAA '08) but at the end of the day, they are still just a hairy ball of shit.

TCU +3 against Wyoming

Snow in the forecast.

Monday, October 1, 2007

I'm Looking for Ray Finkle... and a Clean Pair of Shorts

Somebody got died! Wouldn't let me embed.

Speaking of Going Bowling

Check out that boy Henson. If you have a Facebook account I insist you befriend our beloved Henson, it is the funniest thing I have ever seen. His caption for this picture,"Thats dance let yall know i got that strike game goin".

Looking ahead to bowl season

So where do the so-called experts forsee the Frogs going bowling? Well, they have some differing opinions: has the Frogs in the Armed Forces Bowl, in the friendly confines of Amon G. Carter. That isn't really a big surprise, but the projected opponent is: Texas Tech. Oh, oh goodness...TCU Game Day + Raider Rash + New Year's Eve = Get yourself on the liver transplant list ASAP. Between Michael Crabtree, the expected spike in chlamydia cases brought in from our guests to the west and the allure of going out that night in nothing but a diaper and a "2008" sash, this thing's got trouble written all over it.

When the oracle over at CBS Sportsline spread out the entrails of this past weekend's Top 10 massacre, they saw things panning out a little differently. They've got the Frogs playing in the New Mexico Bowl on December 22. That itself raises the obvious question: There's a New Mexico??? Even more tasty than all the black beans and green salsa you can eat is the opponent: Nevada. Well, hmmm... isn't "Two and a Half Men" on that night?

CSU Got Died.

This game will be controversial in the minds of fans due to the way the two halves were played. Some of you will continue to blame Schultz, others will blame the H ref. I know our very own lt4heisman will continue to blame Manfred. Regardless, a win is a win and I will take it. As best as I can, I will deliver my run down (which will rely heavily on the stats because I only recall about 35% of the game).

The first half was magnificent. Our opening drive was arguably the best of the season, with Dalton absolutely picking apart the CSU secondary for 60 yards on 5 of 6 passing. Unfortunately, Dalton went down with a thigh bruise at the CSU 4, which paved the way for Marcus Jackson's first of two rushing TDs. Dalton would not return until the second half in street clothes and on crutches and his status vs. Wyoming is still uncertain.

I predicted before the game that Marcus Jackson would be the better answer at QB given CSU's track record this season, and it looks like I was correct by default. This guy seems to thrive on the savior off of the bench mentality he discovered last season against Baylor. He would finish the game with 137 yards passing with one touchdown, no interceptions and 58 yards rushing on 17 attempts for 2 touchdowns. Our offensive line looked the best they have all season and gave him room to work with. Jackson's highlight came before halftime when he put together a season high 90 yard drive, in which he threw for 73 yards, including a 4-yd TD pass to Shae Reagan, which put us up 14-3, clinching the eventual victory. Note to Schultz: Every single pass Reagan has caught has been for a touchdown or a first down (I think this record still stands). Just a suggestion. A huge assist on offense goes to TB Aaron Brown, who in his second week back from injury, rushed for 124 yards on 22 carries; an average of 5.6. It seems like lately we've been cursed with the outstanding freshman running back who sustains a career threatening injury and never comes back the same (Merrill, Lonta). Aaron Brown looks like he could be ending this trend as this is his fourth career 100 yard rush game (should be fifth, 93 vs. SMU) and he is running better than ever. If our O-line can blow open a few more holes and allow him to get into the open field, I dare you to find a defender who can catch him. Oh yeah, Brown is the MWC offensive player of the week.

Defensively, another extremely solid game. Matt Panfil stepped in nicely for Tommy Blake, recording 5 tackles, including 1.5 sacks. Chase Ortiz, despite being double teamed most of the evening had a strong backfield presence and, despite only recording 4 tackles, seemed to be aggresively disrupting CSU QB Hanie's rhythm frequently. The front seven held a rushing attack that was averaging over 150 yards per game, to 55 yards on 28 carries for a solid average of 2 yards per carry.

And I haven't even mentioned the secondary yet. Teenage Mutant Ninja Cornerback Rafael Priest picked a great time to record his first two career interceptions. Drew Coleman also had a pick and has looked outstanding all season. Overall, they held a decent passing attack to 216 yards on 21 of 39 passing, with most of which coming on their lone touchdown, a 54 yard pass from Cheech to Chong. This was a complete fluke as it was given up by a freshman DB. Patterson later apologized for this, realizing that it was a mistake to put such an inexperienced player in that situation. Overall, this only cost us some clout in the stats column and did not effect the outcome of the game. So Tejay Johnson, no harm no foul and you'll get 'em next time. That is, as soon as Patterson let's you out of the solitary confinement, chain whippin' cell.

The biggest thing about this game is going to be how people look at the Andy Dalton/Marcus Jackson situation from here on out. I personally still feel that Dalton is the man. He looked phenomenal on that opening drive and was playing with the most confidence I've seen since opening week, and against a better defense. It's too bad he went down like he did because he may have had a career defining day. This is not meant to detract from Jackson, who played a great game. He carried the team when they needed him and we would not have won had he not been there. Unfortunately, there are still some flaws to his game. First: accuracy. Despite the 90 yard drive, he was still 11 for 26 passing. That HAS to get better if you want play DIVISION ONE FOOTBALL!!!!! (If you haven't seen the Mike Hawkins "THIS IS DIVISION ONE FOOTBALL!!!!! rant, youtube NOW). It also concerns me that his first instinct is clearly to scramble. I understand he's not a pocket passer and never will be, but there's a difference between being a roll out QB and one that starts juking out defenders before the ball is even snapped. It worked this week, but against Wyoming, I'm not so sure. Seeing as how Jackson will probably get the nod in Laramie, I hope that the coaching staff really tries to get him to calm down in the pocket.

Overall, I'd say we get a B. This is derived from a solid A in the first half and B- in the second. Cumulatively, we have outscored opponents 72-13 in first halfs and been outscored 57-30 in the second. This has GOT to change. Fortunately, our defense is superb and is able to keep us ahead in games that we cannot win offensively. Whether this is Schultz' becoming a conservative play caller with a lead, I'm not sure, but regardless our offense has to come out fired up in the second half because if we can't keep our defense off the field, they are going to tire out and surrender points. If we can make this happen, we will win the MWC.

Game Balls:

  • Aaron Brown. Gave our offense much needed first downs when we needed them. Is looking better and better every week. Apparently playing at 90-95% potential. Watch out, Wyoming

  • Marcus Jackson. Despite his lackluster numbers, he rallied the team when Dalton went down and won the game for us offensively

  • Defense/Matt Panfil. The defense played soooo good and really should receive all of the credit. They held the Rams to under 300 yards offensively and had 3 picks and 4 sacks. Panfil receives special recognition because of the way he stepped in for Blake and played better than we could've expected.

  • Student Section: Chants were magnificent. My personal favorite was "Fris-Bee Gooolf" because of how perfect it was for CSU and the uncomfortable looks for our own resident stoners. "Rob-ert Hen-son" was a personal highlight seeing as how we're best friends from high school. "Hack-Y Sack" was also worthwhile.

Feces Sandwich.

  • CSU. Are these guys really on a ten game skid? Man. They're better than that. This team better get with the program. Guess that Rocky Mountain High finally caught up to them.

Bring on the other Cowboys.

Weekend Recap

Our top story: Romo > Dirk. Also, Romo's poon quality > Dirk's poon quality.

Seeing as how this is a TCU/anti-Texas/college sports blog, that's all I'll say about the 'Boys yesterday, but, WHOA!! If you aren't on the bandwagon, you better get on before it gets full.

Anyway, what a F'ing Saturday for college football! Something like 9 top 25, including 7 of the top 13 lost!??! Has this ever happened? Some of us were talking about how there's always that one Saturday where everything just gets flipped around, and this was definitely it. Had we not lost to Nair Force, imagine where we'd be. Admittedly, probably not top 25, but at least top 30. We have to fight back. We have a chance again.

Let's take a look at some of the upsets.

#1 USC 27, Washington 24. I know this wasn't an upset, but I list this because A) chances are we could play Wash in the FW Bowl and B) because USC should have gotten beat! I just want to be the first, second, or last to tell you that USC ISN'T A #1 TEAM! (and isn't anymore as LSU jumped them in the rankings this week). The obvious loss will be to Cal, but that's too easy as USC wins the big games and blows the ones they should win. Regardless, they play at Arizona State, who is a SOLID team. Mark it on your calendars.

#3 OU 24, Colorado 27. Hahaha. You got beat by the coaches son. THIS IS DIVISION ONE FOOTBALL OKLAHOMA!!!!! This was the day's real shocker... that's about all I have to say about that. The hacky sacks and bongs runneth over in Boulder. Side note: your #1 team in the Big 12 south? You guessed it, A&M. This HAS to cease immediately.

#4 Florida 17, Auburn 20. IN GAINESVILLE! What is it about Auburn and Florida? Florida just cannot beat them regardless of rankings. Given I care little about either program, and am tired of hearing about Tebow, I'll take it. I mean, come on, Auburn lost to MISSISSIPPI STATE! The South Florida loss isn't looking too rough right now, but still, MISSISSIPPI STATE! M I double S I double S I doubel P I. State. Unfortunately, Auburn was one of the team's I hoped Arkansas could actually beat, so now the post season is looking controversial.

#5 WVU 13, #18 South Florida 21. I hate to toot my own horn, but CALLED IT. WVU is such an exciting team to watch... but not a national title contender. Ladies and gentlemen, your #6 team int he country, the South Florida Bulls!!! Remember when we played them a few years back... and no one had heard of the school? Eat it, Miami and and FSU.

#7 Texas 21, Kansas State 41. Wait for it.... YYYYYYEEEEEEESSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OH MY GOD THIS MAKES ME HAPPIER THAN I'VE BEEN IN A REALLY LONG TIME. HOW COULD THEY NOT HAVE LOST BEFORE NOW?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?! TEXAS IS SO OVERRATED!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, sorry, that just reeeally gets me going. I've been trying to tell people that Colt McCoy is not that magnificent, he's just the beneficiary of a weak conference, and now it's all coming out. Although, for the record, I think every Texas player is overrated as a matter of principle/hate, but I truly believe this one. This final score got me about 30x drunker than I already was. Then the Frogs actually came out with an offensive performance (in the first half) and I knew my day would be ruined.

#10 Rutgers 24, Maryland 34. Because somebody had to lose. Meh. Whatever. Who cares about Rutgers anyway? This was the ultimate HBO showdown: Sopranos vs. the Wire. The Wire always wins.

#13 Clemson 3, Georgia Tech 13. ACC Football. Catch the excitement!

#21 Penn State 20, Illinois 27. Everything's coming up Zook. Looks like Paterno will be out for brains after this one. BRAAAIINNNSSS!!!

# 22 Alabama 14, Florida State 21. Again, because somebody had to lose. Could've been a great game. I'd never know. I was too busy watching TEXAS GET BEAT. Did I mention it was AT HOME? The WORST home loss under Mack Brown? The MOST points scored against Texas at home in like a bazillion years? (not that many, UCLA dropped 66 a decade ago). Did we REALLY get beat by these guys? FFFFF why did Aaron Brown have go get hurt!??!

Think that's about it. Regardless, what a magnificent showing by the favorites. Once again shows why they should wait to publish rankings until after 3-4 weeks. For a quick laugh, here's your current top 10, courtesy of the Associated Press.

  1. LSU (correct)
  2. USC (gotta go)
  3. feCal (HAVE to go)
  4. Ohio State (I guess)
  5. Wisconsin (c-ya, wouldn't wanna b-ya)
  6. USF (band-wagon. I'm backing these guys all the way)
  7. BC (dark horse, weak conference)
  8. Kentucky (Wood-son Heis-man)
  9. Florida (at LSU this week. Could've been #1 vs. #3. Still a HUGE game for both)
  10. Oklahoma (will crush Texas. Still have outside shot. Conference strength KILLS them)

Will have a complete and half-assed assessment of the Frogs soon...