Monday, September 10, 2007

T-Shirt Filth

I don't even know where to begin with this one. Enduring struggles that transpired on the field is one thing, but listening to the non-stop banter off the field from drunk a-holes is another. Even more frustrating is the fact that many of these individuals did not even put one foot in the door of a UT classroom. We all know them as T-shirt fans, and as the name suggests, these "fans" will stop at nothing to debate, argue, or fight anyone with a different point of view. Its one thing to have "Vince Young Rose Bowl Jersey" guy yelling obscenities in a crowded bar, or "white trash 7-eleven UT shirt on sale" girl whistling in your ear, but once the President of your company, a non-UT graduate, tapes the front page of the sports section to the office door, you realize that T-shirt fans have infulltrated and corrupted corporate America. Why is it so hard to cheer for a school that you actually attended? Isn't that what being a fan is all about?
I had the pleasure of attending the Sunday Night Dallas Cowboys game and was so impressed with the relationships Cowboy fans share with each other. Black, white, young, old, rich, poor-all in the same building for the same reason. So I say this to you T-shirt fan, stop cheering for college teams. Pick your favorite NFL team and stick with it. Through the good and bad, your obnoxious behavior is welcome there. We can all be friends once your realize that Vince Young doesn't play for UT anymore. Go Frogs.


Anonymous said...

Look buddy, the fact the TCU had few "t-shirt fans" present at Saturday's game is not surprising as most of them couldn't even get in the door. This is mainly a result of our large fan base, call them what you will. I would also assert that there are quite a few "T shirt fans" lingering in the darkness of Shit, oops, I mean Cow Town USA. They likely wear the colors of Barney begrudgingly, simply so they can have something to do in the Fall on Saturday afternoons. You and other "true" (cant believe there is even such a thing) TCU fans should consider yourself lucky that non affiliates even show up to support the Frogs. The fact that TCU has about 6,000 students isn't even enough to produce the quietest murmur in any college stadium and there aren't too many TCU alums dying to make it a game, except of course when they play Texas. For this, they all come out of the woodwork in hopes of the inconceivable victory that has not happened at DKR since the 1960's. We all know that every TCU fan at some point, and probably quite often has donned the likes of Burnt Orange. What color were you wearing January 4, 2006? Thats what I thought. Additionally, are you going to tell me that when, I know its rare because no one cares about TCU football, you fill your stadium with 44,000 people they are all TCU graduates or current students? Bull shit, that is impossible and you and every other reptile fan out there knows it. I'll leave you to boil and dream up a legitimate response with this; Austin is centered around The University of Texas, unlike Ft. Worth and Texas Christian. UT is the foundation of the City and arguably the foundation of the state. Compared to any institution in the state, public or private, UT dominates all aspects of life. Austin has no professional teams to choose from and I might add we are delighted not to have our school colors and uniforms be the symbol of crime and violence, like many of the wonderful Cities representin' their professional team. The Horns embody the likes of our professional team in each sport. The city supports the University and visa versa like no other in the country, given each of their respective sizes. If you live in Austin, it is perfectly acceptable to support the University regardless of where or if you went to college. This is why we have a $100 million a year athletic budget . This is why we abandoned the SWC. This is why we win National Championships. And finally, this is why we will always dominate the likes of TCU. Oh, and let me every sport!!!

BuckNasty said...

How many longhorns were arrested this year?

Anonymous said...

I don't know. Is that a new booking criterion? Following mug shots, inmate must declare any loyalties to collegiate football teams. Dumb ass !!

BuckNasty said...

"we are delighted not to have our school colors and uniforms be the symbol of crime and violence"
remember what you write DUMB ASS

theredbarron said...

What color were you wearing January 4, 2006?

I believe I had a blue polo shirt on but it might have been green

Anonymous said...

Is polo a color?

BuckNasty said...

I think mine was red and orange.

THEFINCH said...

Mark, can you come up with a better Longhorn blogger name than anonymous? Believe it or not, I was probably the only one that has written or laid eyes on this blog excluding yourself or my brother that was wearing burnt orange on the night of the 2006 Rose Bowl. My pledgebrothers and most of my fraternity hates the Longhorns, call it for whatever reason you wish, but that's the case. So lets throw that argument out the window, there is plenty more in your post to debate over.

spitpurple said...

Having grown up in a college town I am going to have to say you are a bit off the mark. Once again the utx smugness is showing. To think that because you are tx that your city's support for your university is unmatched is an absurd statement. You are a school of nearly 60,000 students so putting 88,000 in a football stadium is not all that impressive. Combine that with the fact that you are the flagship school for one of the nations largest states and it is actually pretty sad. I am however kind of impressed that mighty horn fan like yourself would take to time write such a dimwitted rant on a lowly TCU board.

WWHD (What Would Henson Do) said...

Another reason why I hate Austin- it's jst as my hippy waiter told me at the hotel "not only is Austin on it's way to become the biggest green city in the US, it's also trying to get wifi city wide!!!" Obviously this is so their T-shirt fans can come blog on a TCU site.

I've never worn burnt orange. On January 4, 2006 I was sitting in front of the TV praying that Reggie Bush run all over UT so I wouldn't have to listen to this fair-weather smugness [insert comment about 2 conference championships and the V-Young era skewing most debates on how good UT is nationally]. UT allotted less than 4k tickets to TCU so yeah, there was probably a little bit of demand from the TCU fans. You're right about one thing, only since we're playing UT would I ever want to go to DKR. Your fans don't even come close to other stadiums of comparable size I've visited. I my opinion- ATM, LSU, even TTU seemed much louder than DKR.

Congrats on stating the obvious about how life in Austin revolves around UT, it certainly isn't that way in any other towns w/o any comp from pro sports (Oxford, Baton Rouge, BCS, Lubbock, [insert any other small/mid-size town w/ a D1 college team]- that's something that's totally unique to Austin [insert smug reference].

Congrats 50k enrollment vs 7k and you're correct, you probably have more donors [insert 'good math' comment].

Only someone who's so smug would dare say the Dallas Cowboy's aren't the center of the state- nay the universe.

You make me want to go buy an SUV, burn a frisbee golf course, and move back to my beloved Tarrant County.

CounselorFrog said...

Anonymous = Class

LT4heisman said...

First of all, I would like to thank you for checking out our blog. We really appreciate you taking time out of your busy schedule to rant about all things that are badass about UT and all the things that suck about TCU and Fort Worth. You make some very interesting and valid points, and while you are quick to retort quantitative data backing your stance, you fail to address the real reason "t-shirt filth" was posted. For that reason, I am going to refer you to "UT-Shirt Fans...Smug? which was posted a few days ago. Hopefully that will clear the air a little. The youtube links give a pretty good visual on what I'm talking about.

Anonymous said...

Ok. I am yet to create a blogger id, but if I were it would be: 34-13: I didn't go, but if I did, I would have worn a T-Shirt.
I do not have time to respond to each of your comments as they are all so intelligent and well founded. Nor did I intend to devote time to your blog. I simply wrote a response to engage one of my friends who is a part of your blog, although I do enjoy the humility in the dialoge, especially my own. I never realized the popularity of this page and devotion to its contents. Nevertheless, I will entertain a few of your comments.
Spitpurple and WWHD, my point is, find me another city of 1 million that supports an institution like Austin does UT. Once you do that find me one that has done it for 100+ years. Enough said.
If your only measure of support is the decibel level inside the stadium, you're an idiot. Sure DKR could be louder, a hell of a lot louder in fact. But we dont have the luxury of dragging 90k screaming rednecks out of the swamp and cornfields of the deepest, darkest corners of the armpits of America.
As for TCU fans supporting UT, it is widespread. I personally know many people who grew up loving Texas Football, attended another university, and still support UT. There is nothing wrong with that, its natural to support what you grew up loving... and loving to hate. There, I criticized Texas fans, happy now?
Finally, WWHD, I am not sure if you are a native Texan. However, if you are and really did root for USC ; you should consider yourself a disgrace, move to "Cali", spike your tips, buy a surfboard, pierce your ears (if there not already), buy a convertible, and Stay the Fuck Out of Texas.

spitpurple said...

Well since you are including the metro area in your statement that Austin is over a million people how about Alabama which is in Tuscaloosa but considered part of the Birmingham metro area which is over 1 million. Or perhaps USC, and it is a small school. You could also clarify your over the last 100 years statement because and correct me if I am wrong but the majority of Austin's growth has been with in the last 10 years. Which means that for the majority of that 100 years it was not a large city. And while certainly the university played a role in the growth I am going to say that it had more to do with the fact that it is the capitol city of the nations most economically strong state.

buffalo said...

To quote the anonymous guy,
"Finally, WWHD, I am not sure if you are a native Texan. However, if you are and really did root for USC ; you should consider yourself a disgrace, move to "Cali", spike your tips, buy a surfboard, pierce your ears (if there not already), buy a convertible, and Stay the Fuck Out of Texas." So, following your logic, a native Texan should cheer for any team from Texas if they were in the Nat'l Championchip?
Get the fuck out of here you idiot. good luck with ou.

theredbarron said...


Let me guess, your from Austin, and you attended UT. I know it might seem hard now, but if you follow my three step program, we just might be able to cure your Smugness. Remember I'm not a miracle worker. Step One, leave Austin. I'm not saying you can't go back, but you must get away from all that smugness. Like a recovering alcoholic doesn't need to hang out at a bar. Step two, admit you have a problem. I know it is difficult, but it is absolutely necessary if you are ever going to relinquish the hold smug has on you. Step 3, ask yourself why? Why do i constantly find myself talking about how great my town and my university are? Hope this helps

Anonymous said...

SpitPurple and Buffalo:

Quit drawing unwarranted conclusions for the sake of your argument. You cannot take a comment and insert your own biases to justify any criticism.

Ex. 1 Do you really think the vast population of LA is as engulfed with the successes of USC as Austin is with UT? (Hint: Think outside of Snoop Dog and Nick Lachey). Absolutely not. That is absurd. Also, its obvious Austin has not had 1 million people for 100+ years. Thanks for the insight though.

Ex. 2 (for you buffalo)
The Natn'l Champ. of Texas (Texas) vs. USC (California) does not equate to any Texas school vs. any school in the country (This is fifth grade reasoning). Although, I will root for any Texas team in the Natn'l Champ. Possibly with the exception of TAMU, depends on the opponent. But as a Horned Frog you dont have a rivalry with which to make that decision.

Red Barron:

1. I do not live in Austin.
2. If my problem is that I bleed orange, it will not be relinquished. Nor will my staunch support for Texas. If this is smug, so be it.
3. My suggestion to you. Become passionate about something. Maybe then you'll find yourself blogging about how "great" what your defending is. Obviously TCU or whatever you fancy isn't doing it for you.

WWHD (What Would Henson Do) said...

RE: towns of 1mm people w/ 100+ years of history that support their team

Columbus, OH.

Stupid criteria but you picked it, so there you go. Why stupid? B/c, most towns w/ that many people have at least one pro team, you guys couldn't even snag an XFL franchise or would fielding a pro team not be in good keeping w/ your "keep Austin weird" culture. Also, I guess by that logic, UT enjoys much larger fan devotion than most other teams that play in 'small towns,' say places like South Bend. And yes, decibel level inside a stadium and enthusiasm about the game would be a key criteria my simplistic private school mind would have to use in evaluating a team's fan support. Your knock on "swamp and cornfield fans" smells more like northeast liberal elitism than UT smugness, but the two are becoming almost interchangeable at this point. You're so much better than them aren't you ("do you even own a tuxedo?"). I can only assume you grew up in a open minded cosmopolitan utopia that was a bastion of cultural sophistication and that you'll probably win the "shortest distance traveled" to both your high school and college reunions.

As far as my obligation to root for Texas- I don't have 'other teams' I root for or even like. I have teams I hate less than others. It jst so happens you guys top my 'hate list.' To take a note from Page 2's rules of fandom- I will not root for your team. Not now. Not ever. Not even if under duress, gunpoint or waterboarding in an Eastern European black site CIA detention center. I got so tired of the guilt trip UT fans would try to put on anyone from their state, conference, family, myspace, etc who would dare root for USC. I loved hearing UT fans complain about how they were out-smugged by the 'Hollywood' USC fans ("you wouldn't believe how cocky their fans were"- how do you spell irony?). Speaking of irony, it's funny that you've come pretty close to describing my appearance last w/e: spiky tips, pierced ears, convertible (hybrid, or course) and a T-shirt. How else would I even attempt to fit w/ all the scumbag T-shirt fans cruising around 6th street like a bunch of carnies walking the midway.

Mark said...
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buffalo said...

Is "greatness" necessary to be passionate about something? I think not.
I wouldn’t categorize either team from Saturday as "great", but I am probably a harsher critic than most.

bleedpurple said...

according to the 2000 census ( the last time they did one)
austins population is not anywhere close to 1 million its 656,562.