Thursday, September 20, 2007

New Voice of the Frogs (unacceptable)

An article in the Daily Skiff recognizes our new PA announcer at Amon G. I'm sure he is good at what he does, seeing that he came "highly recommended", but he has to lose the metro ubersexual look if he is to pass the smell test in Funky Town.

Not to mention we are about to take on a team from one of the most metrosexual cities in America. The article stresses the importance of a PA to be unbiased during games, which is fine, but with all the narcissistic SMEW fans roaming the grounds he might be tempted to push bias towards the wrong team. If this happens, we will wait outside the gate for him and metro bash the living shit out of him.


Sir Wesley Willis said...

Is that the guy from that show where the build the poor people houses? Or Seacrest? Jesus Cristo we need a new announcer!

THEFINCH said...

sorry forgot to hyperlink the article, its there now

Sir Wesley Willis said...

Regardless of all of the things that are so blatantly incorrect about this hiring, it's that, when hiring they were talking about how they needed someone who was unbiased to fill the position... well what the hell is the point of having an announcer who doesn't get the home crowd fired up? If I didn't love FW and the football team so much, I'd fucking HATE TCU.