Friday, September 28, 2007

Yes, that's nice.

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Always rememer: When in doubt, sodomy is the best way to quell the opposition. Except in Iraq.

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Game 5: Colorado State Rams

Parallels a-plenty in this one. First of all, this weekend, God and America's team plays the Rams of St. Louis. Given the injuries of St. Louis, and the recent hot streak of the Cowboys... this could actually be a recipe for disaster. Coming off a huge win against the Bears, this is going to be a real test of the mental toughness of the Cowboys. Will they lay down like the '05 Frogs did against the banged up talent-wise against Ponies after the huge win against the Sooners? We'll know Sunday.

On the other hand, you have the Frogs playing the Rams of Colorado State. This, too, could be a recipe for disaster. The mental toughness of the Frogs will be challenged in this game as well, but for completely different reasons. We are currently playing some of the weakest, most boring football I have ever seen us play. We have to resurrect our offense, or else be relegated to the bottom of the MWC to drink away our sorrows with the Aztecs and the Utes.
The Frogs have beaten the Rams three straight times. There's a little bit of history here: The Frogs beat, nay smoked, the then MWC champion Rams in the Liberty Bowl back in '02 which continued the upward launch of our football program on the national stage. In '05, the Frogs beat these Rams in FW to not only clinch the MWC championship in their first season, but also produced this incriminating photo:

Bub: always willing to throw down a shoulder rub

for America's favorite linebacker

Yes, I was at the game and recall the awkward rushing of the field. Yes, I recall our drunken "LETS TEAR DOWN THE GOALPOSTS!!!!" idea. I hadn't rushed the field since my last game senior year of high school and, after almost breaking my neck flinging myself over the railing onto the field, I realized that, while looking awesome on television, it's really not that cool when 75% of the student section stays in the stands. Once I was at an Arkansas football game and they beat Tennessee, who was then #2, and rushed the field, took both goals posts and carried them several miles away to the bar district and drank around them all night. I say if this situation arises again, we make this happen... in the median outside of the Oui.

Anyway, getting back to the game at hand, while the Rams and the Frogs are currently headed in different directions, we can't let the records deceive us. The Rams (0-3, 0-0) lost the afore mentioned Stoner Bowl (or Pot Pillaging, or Reefer Rodeo) against an admittedly weak Colorado team fielding the coach's son in overtime, Narrowly lost at home to a very good California team, and held a 24-10 advantage in the third quarter before Cougar Masturbatory Fodder QB Case Keenum was brought into the game and started a clinic. Keenum beat the Rams with a combination of accurate passes (18-22, 197, 2 TDs) and short rushes (2 Tds), which, unfortunately for us, seems to scream Marcus Jackson. While Dalton has the better, more accurate arm, The Cougars picked apart this defense with nickel and dime offensive plays (WHOA, apologies for the most cliched description of a college football offense ever), which is exactly what Jackson can do. He can make the short passes and is obviously much more mobile, and this defense looks susceptible to giving up short touchdowns to a scrambling QB and also underneath passes. But, my college coaching experience doesn't extend beyond running the triple option reverse every single play on NCAA 08, so what do I know?

Statistically, this looks like a deadlock, with both team defenses looking very similar, and CSU taking a slight edges in the passing and run games. TCU is giving up more yards per game on the ground (130.5) than I can ever remember, and the Rams are fairly effective in their run game, although, in typicaly MWC fashion, they rely more on the pass. The Frogs secondary has played fairly this year (giving up about 200 yards per game through the air) but is extrememly vulnerable to to the deep pass, as evidenced against every team we've played, including the Ponies on their first drive. Even without Blake, I feel confident that the Frogs front six (4-2-5, suckas) should be able to manage against this team on the ground (I mean, they do play a white RB who only averages 3.6 a carry, no?) but, QB Caleb Hanie averages 265 yards per game passing and enjoys tossing the deep ball. If our safeties can help manage this situation and keep them from beating us deep, we shouldn't be too strongly worried about coming out on top. However, if we want any chance, our offense HAS to produce. CSU is averaging 28.0 points per game, the Frogs, 19.5. Seeing as how Dalton is the starter, he has to produce this week. A healthy Aaron Brown with a warm up game under his belt will be the key here. If Brown has a good game and Dalton throws for his usual 175-200, we should be fine. If Dalton has an outstanding, Air Force-esque (minus the knife to the heart ints) and takes some pressure off of Brown to give him a little leeway on recuping his knee, you'll be back drunk in the parking lot by half time.

Regardless, I suppose what I'm really getting at here, is that this game, if you really look at our season and no matter the records, is a statement game. The Frogs are coming off a big let down loss and a subsequent pillow fight against the 90th ranked team in the country, a rival no less. This is the game where the Frogs need to get it back on track and begin to run the gauntlet that is the Mountain West Conference, circa 2005. BYU smashed Air Force, evening our record with them in conference and you can bet they'll lose another. Utah is maimed. UNLV and Wyoming are the darkhorses. TCU is all but counted out. This is when we need to come out, run our game, and go into Laramie next weekend with a convincing win under our belts.

Prediction: TCU - 27, CSU - 17.


Another Rutgers (Race Issue?)

William C. Dowling, tenured professor at Rutgers, is strongly opposed to the University's transformation into high-stakes athletics that was brought on by their football program's recent success. His frustrations reached newspapers this week.

"If you were giving the scholarship to an intellectually brilliant kid who happens to play a sport, that's fine," Dowling said. "But they give it to a functional illiterate who can't read a cereal box, and then make him spend 50 hours a week on physical skills. That's not opportunity. If you want to give financial help to minorities, go find the ones who are at the library after school."

Rutgers athletic director told local newspapers that Dowling's comment was "a blatantly racist statement."

Dowling, who was arrested in the 60's for being a civil right's activist, defended his statement by calling Rutgers president racist for running an athletic program that exploits minorities. Dowling was quoted as saying,"None of these kids would have been able to get into Rutgers if they hadn't been able to throw something or kick something or slam dunk something."

Now, I was on Don Imus' side when they pulled the race card for the nappy headed hoe-down, which you might disagree with. However, for the athletic director to call Dowling's comment blatantly racist is beyond me. There might be racial implications, but looking into Dowling's past, he clearly is not a racist.

It is sad that we live in a country that is so overly sensitive and politically correct that often times the truth is masked, and even ignored. Why is racism assumed in our country? Even Don Imus' case was assumed racism. It was more name calling than racist. I agree 100% with Dowling on this one, and the media and Rutgers need to put the race card back in their liberal pockets.

Willie "Weed-Eating" Williams

As if the Louisville Cardinals needed more scrutiny geared towards their cloudy defense, Willie Williams does it again. If you haven't read up on the story, he was pulled over yesterday for playing his music too loudly (shocker), and decided to ride a few blocks before pulling over in an attempt to eat his stash of pizzle. The cop walked up to the window and Willie had a mouth full of green.

This arrest should come as no surprise. The kid has been a bad seed from day 1. He was arrested in highschool 11 times. He tried to get a scholarship to Miami (surprise) and even the Hurricanes wouldn't take him, which says alot. Miami prides themselves as having the most thuggish ruggish bones on the football field, and this guy was TOO thug for Miami. I didn't think I would see the day. Great decision Louisville, your program looks pretty smart right now.

That shit's starting to kick in, man I'm gonna be lifted!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Way to go, Skiff

In its continued dominance of the "worst newspaper in the history of society" category, the TCU Daily Skiff has once again outdone itself.

It's like the editor said, "Ok, here, we have a decent story idea. Let's see what the students think of the TCU QB situation... then let's completely fuck it up by asking band kids and theatre majors what they think!"

They have in depth analysis from one brilliant football mind who raves about the dual QB systems of West Virginia and Texas... yes... right. This kid is a SENIOR. Come on, I don't care what you think about football, if you're going to contribute to an article ABOUT football, shouldn't you possess even the measliest working understanding of the game?

Continuing, a freshman MALE nursing major thinks that they should just simply play whoever is better that day. So, Mr. Bedpan jockey, as a nurse, your job is to take care of people while uplifting their spirits as well, correct? Well, switching back and forth between players based on their day at the office is really good for the ole self esteem, isn't it?

The only coherent thought is the last one which states that we should pick a QB and stick with them for a reasonable amount of time (yes, this is how you coach. Let the kid build his confidence without always worrying about losing his job) but, it's so buried underneath the rest of the drivel it doesn't really matter by the time/if you get there.

Skiff, stick to what you're good at: copying the crossword from the Dallas Morning News.

Joke of the Day

A mother and her son were flying Southwest Airlines from Corpus Christi to Amarillo.

The son (who had been looking out the window) turned to his mother and asked,

"If big dogs have baby dogs and big cats have baby cats, why don't big planes have baby planes? "The mother (who couldn't think of an
answer) told her son to ask the stewardess.

So the boy asked the stewardess, "If big dogs have baby dogs and big cats have baby cats, why don't big planes have baby planes?" The
stewardess responded, "Did your mother tell you to ask me?". The boy said, "yes she did".

"Well, then, tell your mother that there are no baby planes because Southwest always pulls out on time. Have your mother explain that
to you."


Also check out some solid ND bashing, and a shout out to TCU at the end.

Ball in Balls

Game Plan?

Dalton to start

Which quarterback plays the most will be decided "as the game plan comes together," and by "what we feel like bothers Colorado State," Patterson said.

So does this just confirm that we don't have an offensive game plan, but rather just wait to see what happens?

That Boy Ain't Right

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

For Manly Love, Call...

Stumbled across this just a minute ago. A real live Horned Frog breeder! Specializes in "Husbandry." I was quite the Horned Frog Breeder in my day, if you knowmsayin. (dodges lightning bolt). The main picture is the most arousing thing I've seen since Brady Quinn's high school photo album.

We Got a Shout Out

Typically when you refer to something you love as getting a shout out, this is a good thing. Such as Reggie Bush rockin' the 613 eye patches or Kid Rock handing out west coast pussy to his Detroit players. However, in this situation, a shout out is not good.

Not sure if you guys read EDSBS, although it IS linked on the sidebar, younguns, but every week the two writers give their buys, sells and holds. Highly HIGHLY recommended reading for the college football fan, particularly if you love the SEC. Orson Swindle is pretty much what all college football bloggers should aspire to be and I will likely rip off superfluous musings quite a few times before this whole thing ends. Anyway, back to the topic at hand, I noticed that they avoided our preseason hype, choosing instead to focus mostly on Tebow and the SEC (with good reason: they both went to Florida and the SEC is the lifelong the fascist dictator of the GUD. Eat a D, pac-10). Looks like they were right to avoid us. Anyway, after all that buildup, here it is:

TCU. Ahhhh—CHOOO!!! Holy hell, we’ve got to dust in here. What’s this? TCU? What the hell? We haven’t sold this yet? Oh, Christ. Our BCS-buster sucker bet for three years running and it’s still sitting here in the garage? Until an offense arises–managing only 21 against a sad clown SMU team this week–TCU goes in the garage sale pile, Conference USA Mountain West table. (Stop changin’ conferences, dammit! More than once every two decades makes mah brain speeyun! Hell, they changed tha name uh the Upper Volta yet? Burkina what? Never heard of it.) Ten bucks, lady. We’ll throw in the “MICHAEL BISHOP FOR HEISMAN” t-shirt for free.

Ah well, at least our conference is still super weak enough for us to hold out hope for winning. Wait what.. Schultz is still our OC? We still don't have a healthy line that can block? Not-so-controversial QB controversy? Oh wait, sorry, scratch that. Goodbye Vegas, Hello Navy!

Tommy Blake out for the next two weeks for medical reasons

According to ESPN radio. He will miss the Wyoming and Colorado State games

After seeing these numbers in graphical form (I'm more of a visual learner), I fully understand how fucked up our offense has been. The title of the graph holds double meaning because when our team has the ball, it is both offensive and broken down.

With the return of Aaron Brown, one can hope our rushing game will continue it's upward trend after a poor showing at Texas. However, we have to be more balanced and develop a consistent passing game. To not throw the ball all over SMU's nationally disasterous secondary should be a huge area of concern.

We Painted Our Faces!

This was taken before CSU lost the stoner bowl 31-28 to CU.

However, don't be fooled by the Rams 0-3 record. They played #6 Cal tough at home, losing by just 6, and lost to a surprisingly well balanced Houston offense last week on the road.

If we can't establish consistent, time consuming drives, we will once again field our defense for entirely too long, in which case I think the game will be uncomfortably close. I don't care who we put on the field at quarterback as long as the play calling improves, and Shultz shows me that he spent this week actually developing a gameplan, instead of pulling shit out of a hat.

Monday, September 24, 2007

One More Game Ball

There needs to be one more game ball handed out. This one goes to Will Moncrief, who unselfishly sacrificed his gameday whiskey drink, to nail the SMU douche that felt it was a good idea to talk shit to the worst 7 rows in the stadium. It was an exceptional toss that traveled a good 10 rows and drilled the kid in the back. Thats the kind of "whatever it takes" attitude I like to see from Frog fans on Gameday. PA Moncrief.

Congratulations Fans!!

If you were fortunate enough to be in attendance on Saturday you officially took part in spectating the WORST WIN EVER!! I can easily say that, in my estimated 15-20 years of attending football games, this was probably the least satisfying game I have ever witnessed. The sad part is, we won!! I'm not typically one to shrug off a W, but, honestly, if we'd played like that against Air Force and Texas, it would've been over in the first half. Hell, even against Baylor it probably would've made for a decent game. Gofrogs, officially unofficially the weakest informed Frogs site on the web, tried to spin it as something like, "Horned Frogs win in all 3 phases of the game." Sure, special teams are quite good this year (this doesn't include you, Wide Left Fredini), and my boy and your Robert Henson put on a little show, but I can't say the offense can take ANY credit for this one. Justin "Justang Sally" Willis threw for 200 yards... which is 100 more than our QBs went for... combined. Let's do a quick breakdown:
  • SMU, a team that has played such mighty foes as the Indians of Arkansas State and the North Texas MEEEEAAANNN Green has given up ON AVERAGE over 550 yards of total offense. Does anyone know our final tally? 250. Darren McFadden could have lined up against SMU with no blockers and run for over 200 in jukes alone. Hell, I could've lined up with an O-line consisting of all the male clarinet players in the band probably rushed for 75-100. Every single one of our players is better at what they do than every one of SMU's players. Could we really not move the ball? I think Schultz' playbook just has a bunch of smiley faces drawn in it and when the the offense asks for a play he pretends he can't hear them and hopes they'll figure it out on their own. First person to mail Schultz a Bill Simmonsesque turd sandwich wins the prize. The prize you ask? The OC position next weekend. On NCAA 08, my TCU team with Aaron Brown averaged over 200 yards per game. Hint hint!! Give him the damn ball!! (I understand he fumbled twice, and since he hasn't been going hard since week 1 I'll let it slide this game... but he still ran for almost 100 yards on 11 attempts and averaged 8.4!!)

  • Against aforementioned North Texas and Arkansas State juggernauts (and Tech, who we know a little something about shutting down on offense) SMU gave up over 400 in the air. Dalton/Jackson? 108 COMBINED! Dalton was 5-14 for 40 and Jackson was 6-12 for 68. So not only did they not put up gaudy numbers... they could've even complete 50% hardly! Didn't Dalton go for three fiddy against Air Force? Remember that time that Patterson wanted to play them both... then Dalton looked good enough that he hasn't let Jackson see the field since the Baylor game? Jackson didn't look good either, although his TD pass on the run was pretty nifty, but his legs are the only thing that saved us on that drive. I'm a big Dalton fan, and I accept that you can have a poor game... but not against one of the worst defenses in D-1. Sack up, Red.

  • Remember that time we went 21 games without allowing a 100 yard rusher? Well, congrats defense, you've now allowed 3 in a row. I know Jamaal "remember when I was good as a freshman, then I sucked for 3 years and played third string, and then TCU was my coming out party?" Charles actually isn't half bad, and AF busted for 70 on one play... but SMU? Two years ago, SMU ran the ball ALL over us... in fact, we were the maid to their Kobe, but really? In a year when our defense is supposed to be our saving grace, this is how we do it?

  • What the hell has happened to Tommy Blake? I know he lost it there for a little bit so I assumed there would be a little bit of a hangover for him... but it's week 4 man! This was supposed to be his coming out party. Chase Ortiz looked like the preseason All-American and Blake looked like he should be trying to beat out Matt Panfil. Not only has he ruptured his draft status, but he's killing the team. Get your shit together, dawg.

The only thing that saved us is that their OC might be as bad as ours. They proved they could beat us deep... and then didn't do it. Their whole scheme seemed to be:

Offensive Coordinator: "Justin, we know we can beat these guys through the air... but since you're supposed to be our saving grace, why don't you see what you can create.... with your feet!!!"

Justin Willis: "Coach, that doesn't even make any sense, remember when we maimed them and broke their spirits two years ago by passing the ball and smashing them up the middle with our running backs?"

OC: "hmm... have you ever been an offensive coordinator... on weed!?!?!"

Justin Willis:"Alright coach, whatever you say coach, next year when you're in the unemployment line, at least I'll have my education!"

JW (in huddle): "Alright guys, this next play is called Dance Dance Revolution... you snap the ball and I'm going to dance around in the backfield, then either throw it away or take a sack! (dissention) Yes yes, even I know it doesn't make sense, and I played back up to James Cheeseburger Battle, but it's what coach wants."

JW: Down... set.... HUT HUT!!! (runs around aimlessly, like a drunk on Bourbon street) Oh shit! oh shit! I'm gettin' waaaayy too old for this shit.. is that Chase Or AACCKCKKKGHGHHGHGHG"

OC: "Great execution Justin, you only lost 7 yards that time." (internally): We'll just SEE who's the worst Offensive Coordinator in the metroplex, Mike. mwahahahahahahhaha!!

I mean, I really would not be surprised if the underlying theme of the DFW Duel was for bottom of the barrel OC bragging rights. Anyway, I could talk about this game for lines and lines, but it's a Monday, and on Mondays I try and be productive for at least the morning.

Game Ball: Two game balls.

  1. SMU offense and special teams. For, without them, we'd likely still be sitting in the stadium, watching a 7-7 deadlock in the 49th overtime

  2. Robert "Flip" Henson. I'm a little partial to Henson since we went to the same High School, thus automatically making us best friends, but his int.. followed by "THE MOVE" followed by the uneccesary flip into the end zone immediately elevated him even higher into the upper echelons of my favorite TCU player ranking. Thank you, Flip for making unbearable game a little less unbearable.

The "Soccer Hooligan in Training Up Yours Award."

  1. Schultz, Jackson, Dalton. Any arguments?

Get your FW Bowl tickets now... and don't be surprised if you don't end up getting to use them.

What an Ugly Game

Has our defense scored more points than our offense? Or to put it another way, if we did not even field an offense, we would have the same record? I honestly think that we could have a worse offense than Notre Dame.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Post- Gameday

I never thought that I would bash my team, but I have to say that I am glad that our offense is getting some much needed pressure. Someone needed to hit schultz in the head. We looked horrible again yesterday. I don't think Jackson should be the starter. Dalton still impresses me more. It is time we go away from the option and rely more on Brown's and Dalton's capabilities. Anyways, this article sums it up. The brittany spears reference is pretty funny.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Friday, September 21, 2007

Christian OUT

That's a pun, bitches.


FWST article

Here is a great article detailing SMU's death penalty. It brings a couple Questions to my mind:
One, did the SMU player's cars look like this (Darren McFadden's ride)?

Two, they only averaged 7.4 wins while paying their players. It may just be me but if I am going to be paying players I want more than 7 wins, but hey I am sure they would be more then happy with 7 wins now.

Day Before Gameday Montage

I hope the Frogs can learn about this, what is it? A "New Way"?

Chris Fowler's Thoughts on TCU

Hard Lessons
I missed the mark on TCU, Auburn and Oklahoma State. All three have flopped so far, stumbling to a pair of losses. They are my three most disappointing teams so far. Outside of Notre Dame, of course. We'll see what rhetorical magic Regis Philbin can summon when he searches for inspiring stuff as the Friday pep rally's keynote speaker.

TCU sold out but fell short at Texas on Sept. 8. Coach Gary Patterson then seemed irritated that the Horned Frogs were dropped from the polls. Perhaps less energy spent on the pollsters and more on getting his team ready for the MWC opener at Air Force was called for. TCU led 17-3 in the fourth quarter, but melted down and lost in overtime, 20-17.

Patterson criticized offensive coordinator Mike Schultz for attempting to throw the ball in the red zone, leading to an Air Force interception with 49 seconds left in regulation. Patterson didn't mention that the defense he's known for let the Falcons sprint 80 yards in four plays for one fourth-quarter score. Or Jim Ollis' 71-yard touchdown run that forced OT. Are the Horned Frogs, once considered a potential BCS team, about to crumble? They'd better regroup soon.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Contenders Ready.....

I'm going to start off by pointing out that this post is officially #100 on this here blog. So, let's pat ourselves on the back guys and on Saturday I will give everyone a shiny new nickel!

The real point of this post: For all you kids who remember such roided up heroes as Nitro, Turbo, Sabre, Ice and Lightning, does NBC have an opportunity for you! Yes, that's right, American Gladiators is BACK and, for those who want the ultimate in pregame activity, they are having tryouts in ARLINGTON!

I actually felt pretty confident about my chances through my analytical deduction and strategic planning (stop swinging wildly with the jousting stick and just push them off with it!!!) until I read this criteria:

"You will be tested on your physical ability in areas such as strength, speed, balance and agility."

So much for my dreams! But, if anyone actually does this, I really will buy you a program at the game, as long as I get to keep the poster.

In the year 2008... in the year 2008!

It's never too early to find next year's Kerley, right? Not that I've given up on this season by any means, but I thought some of you might be interested to check out the locals that are/could possibly become Horned Frogs next year. All currently rated as 2-star, but, of course, that's where GP thrives. After all, TB was a 3-star RB out of high school...

(51) DeWaylon Cook - Ath (Solid Verbal)

(57) Yogi Gallegos - QB (Solid Verbal)

(60) Nathan Sowels - Ath (On List)

(70) Jarrett Ben - CB (On List. Also should note, Duke is his first choice... uhh... smart AND in firm possession of the good? We need this guy)

(73) Riko Smalls - QB - dual threat (On List)

(89) Hecter Negrete - DT (On List)

(93) Jeremi Mathis - RB (On List)

(98) Deante Piper - RB (On List)

So, there you have it. Underwhelming stuff to have this few players interested in the area, and at the bottom of the top 100, but you never know what GP has in store.


New Voice of the Frogs (unacceptable)

An article in the Daily Skiff recognizes our new PA announcer at Amon G. I'm sure he is good at what he does, seeing that he came "highly recommended", but he has to lose the metro ubersexual look if he is to pass the smell test in Funky Town.

Not to mention we are about to take on a team from one of the most metrosexual cities in America. The article stresses the importance of a PA to be unbiased during games, which is fine, but with all the narcissistic SMEW fans roaming the grounds he might be tempted to push bias towards the wrong team. If this happens, we will wait outside the gate for him and metro bash the living shit out of him.

Kansas City Star

There must not be much going on in K.C. The game made their paper, and while the article has very little substance, I do think it's important that we work on kickoff returns. Jeremy Kerley anyone? How does a good program like TCU find themselves in dead last in the country in kickoff returns? I think our coaching staff should dedicate a little time this week to fixing that problem. With the new kickoff rule, there is no reason we shouldn't begin each offensive posession from at least the 30 yard line.

Montage of the Day

Dünyayı Kurtaran Adam (The Man Who Saves the World) is a Turkish-made film commonly known as Turkish Star Wars because of its notorious bootlegging of Star Wars clips worked into the film.

Either way, those Turks know how to make a mean montage.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Greenspan on the Frogs

First off, I'm no economic scientist, but I'm fairly sure that your financial stability and the well being of almost everyone around the globe hinges on TCU's football season. For a couple of observations, see the graph below of the Dow Jones Industrial Average:

While the reasons for this correlation between TCU Football and the equity markets could be numerous, my own guess is worker productivity. My antidotal analysis:

Enter the '07 football season. TCU's football program is steadily trending north. Preseason talk is at an all time high (think Dow 14,000). Most real frog fans I know begin to lose focus, more so than usual, at work around early August. Daily time at work shifts dramatically from 85% work to 95% searching for Tommy Blake news on message boards. Boss comments he's ready for the season to start so can resume status as productive corporate cyborg. Still everything is going ok and the Frogs knock off Baylor w/ ease, and head down to play Texas Cal-Berkeley.

Game ends. Immediately begin search for ways to channel out every UT fan that has come out of the T-shirt wood work to talk shit. Succeed by dedicating 100% of time expressing hatred of UT and researching beloved frogs. Enter Airforce. A defeat that could only be dealt w/ by college theme party meets New Years Eve meets 21st birthday meets St. Patrick's Day meets Gameday-like alcohol consumption on a Thursday night, leading to a very inopportune (work-wise) Friday hangover/sleep-in. Given the severity of this two week physical and emotional hangover, a resulting stock price decline makes perfect sense. Could the frogs continue to play this way, leading to a worldwide unemployment rate of 100%?

I've spent the last few days in deep meditation- I went to church, a synagogue, a mosque, and a Cherokee Shaman in search of guidance and meaning into TCU's football dilemmas. Nights were spent in the beautiful inner confines of Amon G. Carter Stadium.

My thesis is simple gentlemen: the wheels of global commerce rest on the TCU Football season. It is the reason we work. It is the reason we live. It will be the reason we triumph. The technical fundamentals are looking up, and by all accounts a market rally this week indicates a glorious return to TCU victory. God have mercy on us all if I'm wrong.

GP = Rasputin

He's filling us with lies! Wowing us with his magic! ACTUAL quote from his press conference:

On the TCU running backs ..."There's two ways to look at this. You can dwell on the negatives that you don't have your top-3 tailbacks, or you can see that Ryan Christian had a heck of a game at Air Force and probably runs the ball inside better than Aaron Brown. We can't turn the ball over, and a lot of our third-down problems have been a result of penalties. You can't dwell on the negatives. You have to look for the positives."

A) Obviously Brown will not play this week. Has anyone seen him? Did they have to amputate his leg? WHY THE FUCK ISN'T THIS GUY ON THE FIELD AFTER SEEING WHAT HAPPENED THE PAST 2 WEEKS!?!?

B) I know GP obviously layed down on the immaculate interception, but, I mean, has dude not been watching the past 2 weeks? Does he really think Christian runs the ball better inside than Brown? I'm all for confidence, but come on! Christian runs the ball better than AB23 assuming AB23 has his entire body amputated before the game.

At the risk of sounding fairweather, this game is going to reeeeeeeeally show us a lot about what we think we know about Patterson.

Texas Longhorns Crank Dat Soulja Boy @ UCF

If this doesn't sum up the current state of the Longhorns and the control their coaching staff has over them I don't know what does.

Please also watch the awkward white guy trying to fit in, #58 on the right side of the "Soulja Boy line dance".

Keep trying to take the hood out of them Mack. And Book Em Horns!

National Talk Like a Pirate Day

I missed this last year by one day and vowed to never let it happen again. Avast ye mangy frogs.

Montage of the Day

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Honorable Mention Mascot

You know how I know your football team blows? Because blow is the only thing that will get you up for gameday. Unlike the Frog Faithful who still get that natural high from the moment ESPN Gameday starts to well into the night after the game. But, whatever works for you, as long as you show up to the game so I can talk mad shit to you pink polo button down wearing frat pussies.

I was wondering about AB status for the game. Also does anyone think Jackson will see a series or two against Smew

I LOVE the Death Penalty!!

No not THAT one. It's officially been 20 years since the NCAA gave those dastardly ponies what they deserved and disbanded the football team for the 1987 season, thus affirming TCUs rightly status as the only dominant collegiate athletic program in the Metroplex. Breathe in deeply? Smell that? That's the smell of self satisfaction. Just don't breathe in too deeply this weekend as you don't want to catch any SMU brought foreign substances in the ole nasal cavity.

Anecdote: An older friend of mine was telling me that while he was living in Milton, he walked into the bathroom one night and saw a kid kneeling in front of the toilet. Assuming he was getting sick, he started to walk out when he heard loud sniffing. Upon second glance, he noted that the kid was snorting coke off of the toilet seat. This was during SMU weekend. The kid was wearing an SMU shirt. If you look up "rock bottom" in the dictionary, I'm pretty sure it would outline this situation.

SMU: So low, they have to snort coke off of the filthiest toilets in the greater D/FW area. That's where I want to go to school.

That's not to mention all of the negative things we coulld could say about THEM doing drugs off or OUR toilets.

Returning, let's take a look at Wikipedia's detailed outlining of just exactly what happened to the SMU football team during that fateful season.

SMU football had already been placed on three years' probation in 1985, but in 1986 faced allegations that players were being paid. The alleged violations were: 21 players allegedly received approximately $61,000 in cash payments, with the assistance of athletics department staff members, from funds provided by a booster. Payments ranged from $50 to $725 per month and occurred while SMU was on probation. Also, SMU officials lied to NCAA officials about when the payments stopped.

As a result:

The 1987 season was cancelled.

All home games in 1988 were cancelled, but SMU was allowed to play their seven regularly scheduled away games so that other institutions would not be financially affected.

  • SMU was banned from bowl games and television in 1988 and 1989.
  • The team's existing probation was extended two more years, to 1990.
  • SMU lost 55 new scholarship positions over 4 years.
  • The team was only allowed to hire five full-time assistant coaches, instead of the typical nine.
  • The infractions committee cited the need to "eliminate a program that was built on a legacy of wrongdoing, deceit and rule violations" as a factor in what is still the harshest penalty ever meted out to any major collegiate program. It also cited SMU's past history of violations; at the time SMU had been on probation seven times, more than any other school.
  • All recruits and players were allowed to transfer without losing eligibility, and most did so. New coach Forrest Gregg was left with an underweight lineup made up mostly of freshmen. As a result, SMU canceled the 1988 season as well, claiming it was unable to field a competitive team.

In a related study, those UT football players sure are some rambunctuous brutes, no? Kevin Sherrington of DMN elaborates.

SMU Mascot

Not since the Secret Service heard W wants to go to the Iraq Red Zone has a government agency been busier than the Fort Worth DEA is this week as it tries to prepare for the influx of hard core narcotics that inevitably accompany SMU's visit to Fort Worth. Yes, SMU Hate Week is officially underway and in honor of such, I propose we designate a mascot, icon, etc to serve as a physical symbol of all the reasons we hate SMU. I'm up for other suggestions, but at present time I've selected the following two:

A) Spencer with beard ..........................B) Spencer without beard

Pony Up!

They are right about one thing, our cheerleaders are fugly.

Montage of the Day

Monday, September 17, 2007

New Gameday Gear!!

If anyone out there has the money right now, this would be the ultimate game apparel. Wearing this jersey will make the fans of the other team shit their pants and run like hell. The number might represent the most feared player to ever play for TCU.

Perplexing Question of the day, part deux

Do you think that anyone in any way associated with the TCU Football Department has ever read or heard of the blog?

Patterson V. Schultz I

Article in S-T about the immaculate interception Thursday night. Apparently Patterson "turned off his headphones to talk to the defensive coaches" before the play because the offensive staff seemed to have it under control... then the dumb Fs changed the call! Whether this really happened or not, we will never know... but it raises some conflicting points. First, as we know, GP is a defensive guru who cares little about offense. This shouldn't worry us. Look at Pete Carroll (not that I'm complementing anything about the USC program, but dudes ring up a lot of points. And while we're comparing PC and GP... did anyone else think it looked like Patterson has been going back for seconds at dinner a few too many times? Pete Carroll eats fitness and shits perfection. GP looks like he's been eating cinnabons and storing them as fat for hibernation. Although, I suppose Patterson runs a real football program where he does most of the work and is under a lot of stress whereas USC pays their players to perform anyways. But I digress.)

So, to continue, GP should not have to worry about the offense because he has been with Schultz for years and has trusted him in the past and not been let down. However, in a situation where you are trying to win a ball game with a last second kick, wouldn't you want your head coach, even if he was someone as glamorous as RC Slocum, listening in and giving his input until the final play is called? You can worry about what to do on defense after you've locked up the game during the commercial break. I don't know, I don't want to say GP is trying to pass blame, because I'm pretty sure even a trained dolphin wouldn't have thrown that ball, but it makes you think.

Perplexing Question of the Day

If someone with multiple personalities threatens to kill himself, is it considered a hostage situation?

It's good to have expectations

This article is talking about teams who have fallen below their expectations for the season. While it is certainly not a good thing, our program has come a long way. Years ago people would not have put us in the category with Auburn, Notre Dame and UCLA. We still have a long season to go, and my expectations are still high.

Bring On the Ponies

I don't know if anyone watched the mighty Mustangs take on Texas Tech on Labor Day, but I did, and was reminded of my 7th grade Middle School football team. Not only because we were the O. Henry Mustangs, but because our defensive coordinator coached in a very similar fashion as SMU's D coordinator. The difference is that when the O. Henry Mustangs ran an all out blitz, it was called Red Dog. (We ran it every play) However, when the SMU Mustangs run an all out blitz, they cleverly call it "ALL OUT" and the middle linebacker screams it at the top of his lungs.

Not once, but twice, SMU did this and Graham Harrel knew what was about to happen, and threw the ball over the middle, once for a touchdown to the tight end and another for a first down gain. Who needs a video camera to spy on that defense? I was in shock the first time they yelled out "All Out" and actually did blitz every single linebacker and defensive back which resulted in a touchdown. But apparently they didn't learn their lesson, they ran it at least one more time, and never was there a good result for the defense. Even the announcers were in awe, saying things like,"If you are going to run an all out blitz, you have to name it something more masking than 'All Out'."

For this reason, I outsmarted Vegas this weekend who felt that SMU would be 3 point underdogs to an Arkansas State team that had a chance to defeat the Longhorns at DKR. (By the way, they looked stunning against UCF) The Ponies lost 45-28, and were never in the game. Their Quarterback makes aweful decisions, and keeps the ball way too much. We should have a field day.

If TCU does not win by more than 28, we have serious problems. And don't give me any rivalry game bullshit, this program has a joke of a coaching staff and a joke of a team. Bring on the little ponies.

Public Service Announcement

Hopefully we've all taken the weekend to recover from that harrowing loss to Air Force and are now ready to throw all of our efforts behind SMU Hate Week '07: The Revenge Edition. In order to prepare ourselves for Caligula Weekend, I just thought I'd send a fair warning out to the SMU "Pony Up" Mustangs:

That is all.

Patterson's Toughest Loss

Gary Patterson said that he felt worse after the Air Force loss than after any other while he has been TCU's head coach, but those emotions were matched by a loss the Frogs suffered while he was their defensive coordinator.

TCU was leading Oklahoma 9-0 in 1998, his first season in Fort Worth. The Sooners scored a touchdown with 2:20 remaining, then recovered the onside kick.

Linebacker Joseph Phipps grabbed his third interception of the game, but fumbled during the return. Oklahoma recovered at the TCU 23-yard line and kicked the game-winning field goal with 5 seconds to play.

"That's about as tough a loss right there as I've had," Patterson said.

The loss to Oklahoma sounds absolutely heartbreaking, but the loss to Air Force should resonate more because ultimately the game was lost on a coaching error, which has to be the toughest to swallow.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Mr. 3000!!

Hit #3000. Hell yeah! Wow remember all the happy times when Finch first created this thing. How things have changed. Seems so long ago..............

Friday, September 14, 2007

I think Patterson has had enough of Shultz

What Would Shelia Brofloski Do?

As is this is my first crushing Frogs loss as a fully employed, upstanding citizen, I am beginning to realize that this cannot continue because the amount of work I get done during a loss hangover is equivalent to the time Paris Hilton isn't getting treated for that dastardly clap outbreak. As in, not much. I just cannot determine why we can't bounce back after a big game? Especially considering we've won 2 out of the last 3 of them but lost all 3 games following. The OU/SMU debacle can only be blamed on over confidence. Just like OU was our "super bowl" that year, we were SMUs and they fully capitalized. We were the better team and we both know it, but it only matters who shows up on Saturday.
The Tech/BYU situation is a little more explainable because, even though Beck was apparently quite injured and hobbling before the game, he was a "helluva ball player" and they just flat out beat us. Sure we were all so pumped up about Tech, but our defense last year was CRIMINALLY good. You know, the legend of Johnny Appleseed was based on Gator, except for the part about planting appletrees and not raping men. Blake ate a copy of the Bible while waterskiing. Hell, Patterson wears a live rattlesnake as a condom! Also noted, due to that quirky Mormon tradition of the two year witnessing trip, Beck fits the same age loop hole that plagues MLB teams dealing with Latin players who fib about their age. Seriously, dude was like 29 years old. Weinke, anyone?
But last night, I just can't accept right now. Sure, we were coming off of a short week after playing a tough team to appease the suits at CSTV. Sure, our QB is a redshirt freshman playing in only his third game after said short week. Yes, Aaron Brown and Joseph Turner were hurt and Joseph Watts has Brontosaurus running abilities at best. But (I apologize for beginning with a preposition), come on!! We were up by two touchdowns inside of 10 minutes to go. We had a 10 foot field goal blocked. We THREW THE MF BALL DIRECTLY TO AN OPPOSING D BACK AND COMPLETELY TOOK AWAY ANY CHANCE OF WINNING THE GAME!! I could handle Manfredini (too bad his name doesn't rhyme with something clever like LoChoko) missing that field goal, had it ever happened. But not the one he did. Not in OT. Not on the road. Not when we were playing a vastly inferior team with a bunch of white dudes. Not when Blake looked like he was coming alive and our secondary was forcing them three and out inside the 10 every drive. I do not want to blame Dalton because Big Red played out of his mind and, not there's such thing as a good interception, but the ones he had were certainly of the worst kind. Do we blame the government? Or blame society? or do we blame the images on TV? NO!

Our potty mouthed neighbors to the north with their beady little eyes and flapping heads.

Schultz, Get the Fuck Out Of Here

Crappy Publisher picture of the day. What a fucking joke, an underthrown 3rd and 8 pass from the Falcon 22 yard line with less than 2 to go. What was wrong with Watts left, Watts right, field goal? Or even taking a knee?

A Moment of Silence

Drunken Blogging 101: Post Game Addendum

Well I am not sure what else to mention here other than we lost. Just spent the last couple of hours at Dallas' finest watering hole The Loon trying to find the silver lining in this loss, and, surprisingly, there are quite a few. Namely, Dalton looked like an absolute STALLION. Man crush is still fully functional. Regardless, he still threw for over 320 yards and 2 touchdowns! As a RS Freshman in his third game. Coming off of arguably the biggest game of his career. In a short week. Although his two interceptions were inopportune at best, I place no blame on his shoulders. Air Force, while a mediocre football team, pulled an already fired up crowd back into the game with a couple of fantastic play calls and just took us down. The 4th and 1 option pitch was perfectly executed and it was pretty obvious we weren't expecting it. Our defense played a pretty solid game. Same as last week, they just wore down. Our offense actually rolled pretty well: our line looked like they finally figured out how to block and, obviously, Dalton was finding his men and minimizing his mistakes. AD for Heisman in 2010.

We lost. It sucks, but honestly, there isn't any reason to get down. It's our first conference game. That AF team isn't going to win the MWC. WHEN we win out, and AF is beaten by Wyoming and BYU, we can dance all the way to Vegas. If not, the FW bowl is not a bad consolation: FW on New Years Eve? A home game? A Pac 10 team? That's great as well. I'm not going to lie, Vegas would be soooooo ridiculously outlandish that I can hardly stand it, I'll take the FW Bowl anyday. Also, while this will sound like a cop out, at least we lost to a service academy made up of white guys that are going to risk their necks in Iraq and beyond. Honestly, no matter what we might hold out for, we weren't going to a BCS bowl. UT is going to get absolutely ravaged by OU and probably another team along the way. Without them winning out and going to the national championship, we were more than likely not going to sniff the BCS. Even then nothing was guaranteed. This isn't even the worst loss of our TCU careers. I am sure you all remember the SMU debacle of 05, but think about how awful the Southern Miss game was in 03. Ripped the hearts right out of our chests.

This is when we have to band together, Frogs fans. We've dropped two in a row. The conference championship is no guarantee. Are we going to be like those UT t-shirt fans who bow out after one loss, or are we going to support our team more than ever. SMU is in 10 days. Think about the bloodbath that will ensue. It's going to be the Caligula game. We will destroy their gladiators and defile their women. Who's with me!?!?!?!?

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Halftime thought

Does it say something about the offense, or the coaches general attitude, that when we get the ball back with almost 2 minutes left in the 1st half (with only a 7 point lead) that we run the clock out? Let Dlaton throw the ball downfield! Go Frogs!


EBAY Item Description

Go check out this listing for a hybrid golf club on ebay and read the item description.
IFC investigates fraternities' involvement in bid-night fight
Will they ever learn........

New shop to provide subs, beer
Looks like Jon Bonnell is moving in on Grady Spears turf.

Keep on Bookin'

Just because official UT hate week is over doesn't mean we can't still revel in their misfortunes, right?

ANOTHER UT player goes in the Pokey. And, looks like somebody has prior offenses!! Looks like our old pal anonymous is losing even more steam in his arguments. LaMarcus "He Who Must Not Be Named" McDonald excluded, we really seem to have a pretty solid group of upstanding citizens lining up on Saturdays. Go Frogs.

And, let's face it, EVERY week is official UT hate week!


What's that Mack? That impending dessimation by OU gettin' you down? Or is the latest number one overall recruiting class/2+ loss season? I don't know about everyone else, but I LOVE this guy. Great recruiter/mediocre coach. He continually coaches Texas to an upset almost every year. Had he not had the best player in college football in 06, he'd STILL not have won the big game.

Rock and Roll McDonalds

I'm just as giddy as a schoolgirl to be included in this little old blog. For those of you unaware, this is Drew B, or D Bankston for those who are uninitiated, and I a-Like a-Frogs. Kept my same username from KillerFrogs so if I've offended, annoyed or cursed anyone over on that end, then hells yes and I'll keep up the good work. Also kept it for the obvious tribute to the greatest songwriter of our generation and his tragically unrecognized throne in the British establishment. Anyway, look forward to blowing your minds.

First order of business: Anyone in the Dallas area, officially unofficial watch party tonight at Frankie's. Hear they got a big screen over there, mm-hmm. No word on the mustard and biscuits though. And, if you see any Air Force fans, rip their balls off.

(I like to use pop culture references that few others find humorous I.E. Sling Blade and Dog Show. Deal with it accordingly)

Patterson/Bumpas '08

RB situation

Aaron Brown did not make the trip to Colorado Springs, neither did Joseph Turner. Ryan Christian and Justin Watts will be sharing the bulk of the load, and it is possible that Chris Smith (back up fullback) and Joseph Banyard (Freshman) will see some carries. Judging by our rushing attack in our previous outings, weak at best, this really shouldn't pose much of a problem. This should prove to be a challenging game for the Frogs especially since they only had three days, including Sunday, to prepare. Lets hope that former AFA head coach Fisher DeBerry's word will ring true, TCU “had a lot more Afro-American players than we did and they ran a lot faster than we did."
Go Frogs! Spit Blood!

Picture of the Day

I know, it's very similar to yesterday, but he's wearing a fucking vespa helmet. I couldn't possibly resist.

Fear of a Black Cat

This morning, as I was dragging my ass out of the house at 4:51 am, I realized it was gameday, which automatically made me less mad at the world. But, when I was pulling out of the driveway and driving off, a black cat with bright green eyes stared into the headlights and scurried accross my path. At that point I told myself, let it be bad luck for me, not the Frogs. Sacrifices.

The story continues. I made a run to Starbucks around 6:00 am, and when I pulled back into work another black cat ran accross my car and into the woods. Now, I don't know the rules here but isn't this situation like multiplying negatives? As long as I don't see another one today, I think things will be ok. Feel free to leave your input.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The Pitfalls of Smug

Same story as below but the Star Telegram's take on it.

Ouch. Poor UT "t-shirt" fan.

Football Rivalry Sparks Bloody Skirmish

Video Of the Day

Happy Day of Conception Russkies

Russia declared Sept. 12 the Day of Conception and for the fourth year running is giving couples time off from work to procreate.

The hope is for a brood of babies exactly nine months later on Russia's national day. Couples who ''give birth to a patriot'' during the June 12 festivities win money, cars, refrigerators and other prizes.

Russia, with one-seventh of the Earth's land surface, has just 141.4 million citizens, making it one of the most sparsely settled countries in the world. With a low birthrate and very high death rate, the population has been shrinking since the early 1990s.

It is now falling by almost half a percent each year. Demographic experts expect the decline to accelerate, estimating that Russia's population could fall below 100 million by 2050.

Who gives a shit, right. Not getting laid on national conception day is like not banging that high school hotty you took to prom, but worse. Just in spite of Russia, go get laid today, if you can, and use a condom to block those baby makers.


Here is a good article from the Star-Telegram on the absurdity of the polls. The brilliant media complains about the lack of quality non-conference games then punishes teams that do play them. This of course only applies to non-BCS schools. Example: UT you know which one I'm talking about, gets rocked rocked by Cal and stays in the poll and TCU after leading UTx for 44 minutes before crumbling falls into the "other receiving votes" category.

Picture of the Day

Running Back Situation

Gary Patterson said Brown's status might be made before game day because of the travel restrictions imposed for conference games. Only 64 players can travel, and Patterson might not want to take a player he knows won't play.

Sophomore Joseph Turner is also injured (foot), so true freshman running back Joseph Banyard has been taking snaps with the second-team offense. Chris Smith, a sophomore fullback, has also played some at tailback.

Patterson said there aren't any concerns yet about spoiling Banyard's chances at using a redshirt this season. Players can play in 20 percent of a team's games and still be redshirted.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Back by popular demand: The Smug Forecast

Sorry, anonymous, some people didn't get to see it earlier.

The 80% chance of George Clooney's acceptance speech has been raised to 90%

To Block or Not to Block 'The Smug Douche'

Let's put it to a vote.

I happen to think that yesterday was one of the more exciting days on the blog and it was good to hear from the opposition, especially someone that slanted. I felt like I was reading juxtaposed with, it was quite entertaining. And if you think "anonymous" was being rediculous for the sake of argument, think again, he was dead serious, and I feel he truely believes 90% of the garbage he was writing.

Inarguably the Ugliest Dog in the World

I just threw up in my mouth

Monday, September 10, 2007

State of the Union

The closest description I can give regarding how I feel is today would be to reference Johnny Cash's rendition of "Hurt." Thankfully post game a few of my fellow frogs talked me out of buying a 5th of rotgut whisky, going to the Austin zoo, and jumping into the bobcat cage. When I got to the airport, I was not surprised at all to see my flight delayed b/c of rain- I knew even God must be crying. There's no doubt this pain will linger, but I must soak it up like a sponge over the next couple days and channel it into a rage infested laser focus on running the MWC. So while deep down the pain will never fully go away until we avenge this defeat- I will morn w/ God today, tomorrow (60% chance of rain and 9/11 anniversary), and come Wednesday- it'll be time to put it behind us, move forward, strap on the pads, and get ready to make AF feel our pain. I ask WWHD?

T-Shirt Filth

I don't even know where to begin with this one. Enduring struggles that transpired on the field is one thing, but listening to the non-stop banter off the field from drunk a-holes is another. Even more frustrating is the fact that many of these individuals did not even put one foot in the door of a UT classroom. We all know them as T-shirt fans, and as the name suggests, these "fans" will stop at nothing to debate, argue, or fight anyone with a different point of view. Its one thing to have "Vince Young Rose Bowl Jersey" guy yelling obscenities in a crowded bar, or "white trash 7-eleven UT shirt on sale" girl whistling in your ear, but once the President of your company, a non-UT graduate, tapes the front page of the sports section to the office door, you realize that T-shirt fans have infulltrated and corrupted corporate America. Why is it so hard to cheer for a school that you actually attended? Isn't that what being a fan is all about?
I had the pleasure of attending the Sunday Night Dallas Cowboys game and was so impressed with the relationships Cowboy fans share with each other. Black, white, young, old, rich, poor-all in the same building for the same reason. So I say this to you T-shirt fan, stop cheering for college teams. Pick your favorite NFL team and stick with it. Through the good and bad, your obnoxious behavior is welcome there. We can all be friends once your realize that Vince Young doesn't play for UT anymore. Go Frogs.

Quotes of the Day

"The longer we dwell on our misfortunes, the greater is their
power to harm us."

"Inside of a ring or out, ain't nothing wrong with going
down. It's staying down that's wrong."
--Muhammad Ali

With some help from spitpurple, here are two quotes to think of after hopefully recovering from Saturday. Patterson feels very concerned about the quick turnaround to the Thursday matchup against Air Force. Our players have moved on after Saturday and so should we, the fans.

Here's an article about the turnaround in the Star Telegram and what we need to prepare for to get a win against Air Force.


How do you sum up the game in one word?

Sunday, September 9, 2007

New offensive coordinator anyone?

Does anyone else think that the play calling sucked? I dont know but seemed like we ran the ball way too much against a pass defense that was one of the worst in the country last year. Our two best looking drives happened to be the last two of the game when we are trying to comeback, I think. I would love to see a new playcaller in the booth. Anyone else agree? Please comment.

Friday, September 7, 2007

ESPN bottomline

DE Tommy Blake Expected to play, RB Aaron Brown doubtful
In less the 24 hours we will found out for sure.

UT-Shirt Fans...Smug?

A few things have always bothered me about the University of Texas. The most obvious would be the liberal hippy culture. But I think it's more than that. I could never put my acute hatred of UT fans into a single word. I struggled for 25 long years, until South Park showed me the answer: Smug.

For a documentary on the effects of the UT/USC National Championship, a game in which UT fans were out matched in terms of smugness by their California counterparts (quite a feat):
Present day Austin:

Thank you South Park once again for showing me the way.

UT fans have always bothered me by being, well, UT fans. In this region of the world, easily the most cocky, arrogant fans around. Now ,I have friends that go to UT, as I'm sure you all do too, and some of them may be normal people. Rest assured, they are the minority, they're the small group of UT fandom that doesn't include the following classifications:

1) Suburbia Superfan- There are 2 subspecies within this category

a.) The NFL isn't on Saturday: You will see this fan in San Antonio on vacation, sporting his brand new Under Armor coaches shirt. He follows the team, but doesn't really care. He knows the team's players and watches the games, but he's a fan b/c he needs a college football team to root for. He has no affiliation w/ the university.
b.) Gas Station: This fan you will run into at your local mall or Wal-Mart. He's fairly unintelligent regarding player personnel and recent news. This species is prone to 'UT National Championship' t-shirts and hats purchased from the local 7-Eleven at a discount. When asked to name the starting QB for UT, 67% of the time this fan responds w/ "V-Young baby." This fan is also most prone to result to violence when his UT allegiance is questioned. Suggestions to mediate arguments via a spelling contest are also not typically well received by this fan.

2.) College All Star
This guy went to UT. You can tell it by the way he walks. Everything about him implies an 'I'm better than you' smugness. This is the reason you hate UT. This fan may or may not know his team and watch the games. He will work 'V-Young' into any conversation regarding college football. In his mind, UT has never been legitimately defeated by a better team. He's not as smug as a Hollywood liberal, but he's the next closest thing we can find. The fact he went to UT is his identity. It's the reason he's better than you. It's the reason I'm writing this.

Before everyone gets up in arms, understand I'm not talking about the 'normal' UT fans. Not every ATM fan is a 12th man corp. cadet that thinks Reveille is John David Crow reincarnated. Not every SMU fan is a trust fund baby w/ a $5,000 a week coke habit whose trash talk at tailgates consists of "I could buy you, and possibly your dad." Not every Tech fan is an 8th year senior with a tough guy chip on their shoulder. Point is every school has normal people who are passionate about their school and those people shouldn't take offense to this. The fact of the matter is, we're not playing those schools this week or I'd be talking about why I hate them instead of UT. And as much as I hate to admit it, despite how much I enjoy talking w/ the average TCU fan on the street, whose team knowledge typically extends far beyond "LaDainian Tomlinson sure was good," we could probably use some of the fans described above at our games, supporting our team. I was friends w/ UT nation before our game against Baylor last Saturday, and I'll be friends w/ UT nation after our game w/ them this week, but until then, I think my thoughts would best be summed up by Bill Romanowski:

"I felt I could take myself to a place where other guys weren’t willing to go because come Sunday after a game, I already started hating the next opponent. I started hating the guy I was going to go against," says Romanowski. "I hated the coaches. I hated their fans. I hated their family. You name it. And by the time I got onto that field come Sunday, watch out because there was rage."

And while a poor showing in their opening game has the whole UT nation up in arms and actually admitting, for the first time, that a TCU win is "albeit still highly unlikely, but a small possibility"- don't be fooled. This is David vs. Goliath. It's at DKR, w/ no home and home to fall back on, and no rematch for years to come. It's Big 12 officials (I assume. Ark St how was that?). It's BCS and big money and a rigged system versus small town conferences/America and the promise of a dream. It's the gigantic Russian versus Rocky. Good versus evil. It's the controlled and polished Mack Brown, with his politician-like demeanor, versus the fiery intensity of a regular good ol' fashion football coach, Gary Patterson. It's a roster filled w/ talent that wouldn't even give TCU's campus a visit. It's the perennially top 10 ranked UT Longhorns and all of their fandom I despise. It's a school w/ 50,000 total alumni versus a school of 50,000 undergrads. It's it. It is what Gameday is all about. If this sounds like vitriol, passion, or hate, well it is. This is all of them. This is Gameday. This week we play Texas. This week, WE READY.

Picture of the Day

Lumberjack anyone?

Pine, at least he's sitting next to the fire as opposed to passed out in it.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Road to Respect

Underappreciated TCU looks to make statement vs. UT

Good article on

Sports Illustrated

We are picking up some serious press today, front page of SI college football.

Kirk's My Bitch

Here's my email to Kirk Bohls and his response. If you are lost, scroll down and read the Kirk Bohls article.

I enjoyed reading your article, and am a TCU alum (1 year, going strong) but wanted to clarify exactly what you meant by "But after disastrous, short stays in the Western Athletic Conference and Conference USA..." TCU won two WAC conference titles under Franchione in 1999 and 2000, and won a C-USA title in 2002 under Patterson. Is three titles in 4 years considered disasterous? I may be missing the point here, but I would appreciate it if you could elaborate for me.

Thomas Fincher

You're right. i didn't mean it in that context. i meant finding
happiness and stability and a future. You're exactly right about the
winning. i should have been clearer.

Thanks for reading,

Mack the Politician

This was heard on ESPN college football live.

Chris Fowler: I love the subplot of this game with Mack Brown leaving TCU off of his Top 25 ballot last year, which he claims was inadvertent.

Other guy: Mack voted TCU top 10 in the country in last week's ballot.

It sounds to me like Mack is cleverly trying to cover his ass should the mighty horns fall to the lowly frogs this weekend.

TCU Eyes Rare Chance To Be State's Lone Star

TCU even getting buzz in the Washington Post, who refers to the Texas as a "state where football is religion".

Big 12 comes begging? Dream on, Frogs fans

Interesting article by Jim Reeves in the Startlegram to read after you read the Kirk Bohls article.

On the Outside Looking In

Kirk Bohl's article on TCU and the aftermath of the the great divide of the Southwest Conference.

Not a terrible article, but I want to know exactly what he means by,"But after disastrous, short stays in the Western Athletic Conference and Conference USA..." We won two WAC championships in 1999 and 2000 under Franchione and won the C-USA in 2002 under Patterson. Can three conference titles in four years be considered "disasterous"? Or am I missing the point?

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Big 12 admits missing call in Texas-Arkansas St

JONESBORO, Ark. -- Arkansas State coach Steve Roberts says he was told by the Big 12 Conference's supervisor of football officials that game officials wrongly overturned ASU's recovery of an onside kick in the final minute of the No. 7 Longhorns 21-13 victory on Saturday.

"We got a confirmation [Tuesday] that they missed the call," Roberts said.

The Indians were flagged with 56 seconds left in the game for an improper formation. Texas recovered a subsequent onside kick attempt and ran out the clock.

Roberts said the game film showed the Indians had enough players on both sides of the ball before the kick.

"There's nothing you can do about it now," Roberts said. "I don't have a reaction because a reaction's worthless."

The Big 12 Conference said officials coordinator Walt Anderson was not immediately available for comment Wednesday.

ESPN Preview of TCU v. UT

TCU-Texas Preview
Top 25 Overview
Austin, TX - 7:00 PM ET

TCU vs Baylor Highlight reel

If you don't remember some/half of the game, here are the highlights. Thanks Threadgill for finding it.

Patterson Meets With Media to Discuss Texas

Check out Patterson's reaction to questions from the media yesterday regarding the Texas game.

I love that Andy Dalton was studying film all by himself on Monday when the team was off. I'm slowly starting to believe Marcus Brock's praise to Dalton when he compared him to the likes of Peyton Manning.

Another good article in the Star Telegram:
Patterson Pleased With QB

Battle of the Helmets Rd 3

Here are the top three vote getters, vote for your favorite, and depending on the numbers we might have a championship round.




Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Mack Brown's Post Game Press Conference

Go check out Mack Brown's post game press conference after barely squeaking by the mighty Indians of Arkansas State. The part that kills me is that the first thing he says to his players after beating a team by 8 when they were favored by 39, is that they need to hold their heads up because 50% of the teams that played this weekend lost. I don't care what you say about Mack Brown, but I happen to think he is a total pussy, and I completely disagree with his coaching philosophy.

When you compare the coaching staffs of the Horned Frogs and Longhorns, I have to give the advantage to the Frogs. Gary Patterson brings intesity and coaches perfection, while Mack is an overly positive pushover with no guts. Mike Schultz has an imaginative style of offense, and while I don't always agree with his play calling, he is miles over top of the play calling of the Longhorn's Greg Davis.

I don't think I need to even state my case on the defensive side.

Read through the interview, there are alot of props given to the Frogs by Mack Brown. Great humanitarian, average football coach.

Gameday Afterthoughts

For being the first gameday of the new season, I thought things went pretty well. We ended up pulling a great tailgate crowd, despite our total lack of organization and a broken tent. It still amazes me that we all agree to "take it easy" on Friday night so we will have plenty of energy on Gameday and then proceed to get annihilated beyond belief at 7th Haven.

After watching the game on CSTV being replayed at 3 pm on Sunday, I feel like I have filled in enough of the "holes" to actually comment on the game. I was impressed with the way the Frogs were able to handle business while not showing Texas much for next week.

Andy Dalton had the kind of start he needed to start to build confidence week by week. I wouldn't say he was astonishing, but there were several plays that showed a sign of maturity that you don't typically see in a redshirt freshman in his first start. Specifically, he had a pass in the 4th where he felt pressure, found a lane, and threw a strike to Ervin Dickerson for a 14 yard touchdown.

Our defense played incredible and didn't show any signs of missing Tommy Blake. They put together a very impressive second half with 3 picks and only gave up 78 total yards to the cubs. Our incredible speed on defense allows us to blitz with alot of different looks and still be step for step with the receivers.

I have to wrap this post game analysis up short to go beg the dentist to fit me in today. For those of you who don't know, this win came with a price...for me. I decided to meat out and attempt to get my brother to fight me but all I ended up with was a chipped tooth and a scraped face (I look really professional today in the office). It's the price you pay for Gameday...i guess.

I look about as cool as Dumb and Dumberer's version of the one and only Lloyd Christmas.

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Good win

Whats the deal with Aaron Brown? How long will he be out?

Thats was a solid victory. I had a bad feeling we were going to be too focued on UT to show up and play at 100%, but I was wrong. Maybe 3 or 4 years ago that could be the case, but I think it shows how much we have matured as a program that we took care of a shit talkin Baylor program in such an easy way. It makes me feel good.


And I Thought I Had No Soul

"I wish Virginia Tech's offense wan't so gun shy, maybe they should try the run and shoot" May Jeador